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Fantastic Illustrations by Benjamin Güdel

Benjamin Güdel is a very talented illustrator and comic artist based in Zurich. He has his roots in the underground comic world but he says he became an illustrator in order to earn a living. His dynamic and expressive drawings, which are mostly begun by hand and then finished digitally, can be seen in various Swiss publications such as Weltwoche, Soda and DU as well as gracing posters for the Berlin avant-garde theatre, the Schaubühne." "Benjamin Güdel is a freelance illustrator and comic artist based in Zurich, Switzerland. His bump and grind style is reminiscent of pulp fiction covers and cult film posters of the 1950s with a distinct contemporary, politically incorrect edge. Güdel's striking drawings are collected in Blood, Sweat and Tears, a rollicking romp through pop art portraits, pin-ups, pirates and more. Featuring commercial illustrations for clients including Berlin's renowned Schaubuhne Theater, Burton and innovative Swiss magazines "Du" and "soDA" as well as personal projects, this book is an entertaining whirlwind ride through Güdel's work." For more information Benjamin Güdel: