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Feodora, a dystopian-inspired art series

Whenever I stumbled across a dystopian-inspired art series, It gets hardly overlooked and always to pleasure to feature on abdz. Let's feature the work of Thomas Dubois, a visual development artist & architect from Montpellier, France. I guess his background in 'architecture' has been striving for his efforts to create experimental concepts. You can surely appreciate his 'art direction' inspired by sci-fi cult movies.

Neo-noir & Cyberpunk Photography

Dale Anne Scogings is a photographer and creative director based in South Africa. We are sharing her photography inspired by the off-world of Cyberpunk and neo-noir culture that we dearly love on abdz. Dale does an excellent job to capture moments from the streets of Japan, a country where she spent a couple of years living and also through her traveling across Asia.

EDISON 333, a Cyberpunk Story

I am sharing this project by colorsponge . for two particular reasons. First of all, the project I am featuring is what I called: 'A cyberpunk story' which is something I love dearly and second of all after taking a closer look. It's made entirely in CGI! Really! I would never think this would be made entirely in CGI but it actually is. It's quite expressive, I especially love how colorsponge . visually approached the main character and obviously the car.

MINSK3049: A quarantine homage from Belarus

What can I say, the recent news is really taking its exaction on the entire world. It has been touching us somehow and it's really important to keep the spirit up during these very hard times. Try to keep yourself informed during 'allowed timeslots', don't you just spend the entire day watching the news. It's unhealthy for your mind. Let's take Ilya Volgin for example. He has been creating a series titled: 'MINSK3049' in homage of his marvelous city of Minks during this quarantine period.

Lisbon 2049 series by Max Bedulenko

As currently living in Europe, it totally brings some sense of quirkiness when you start envisioning 'cinematic scenes' from popular cult movies like 1982's Blade Runner movie for example. It's hard not good and it's at the same time a fun photo challenge. This is the feeling I get when I am looking at the 'Lisbon' series by Max Bedulenko. Seriously there is some resemblance shown in both worlds so that's why I added the '2049' to the title. Hope you will dig it.

An homage to Syd Mead, the visual futurist behind Blade Runner

As many of us have been celebrating the arrival of a new decade, the last moments 2019 have suffered some sad news with the departure of Syd Mead at the age of 86. Syd's work is legendary and will forever be part of his legacy for this and the next generation. For those who aren't familiar with Syd's work, he is commonly known as a concept artist, industrial designer, and futurist. His work has changed the outcome of cinema and its sci-fi genre through achievements for movies like Blade Runner, Tron, and Alien.

The era of Blade Runner is here, introducing Tesla's Cybertruck

Well it is November 2019 and carmakers from Tesla didn't hold back and introduced the Cybertruck. What was your first impressions? At first, I didn't like the design (still don't) but it definitely looks straight out of the 1982's Blade Runner which is pretty dope if you ask me.

Los Angeles: November 2019 - a Blade Runner tribute

Here we are. We are finally living in the future of the iconic opening scene for the 1982's Blade Runner. It's pretty crazy to see how the filmmakers envision what could have been the future, about 30 years ago. Welcome to the future promised by the past. What do you think about your present? For those who have lived through this cult culture (like myself), how we would envision this present and how did it reflect it in reality? One thing for sure, we are definitely not dressed like in the movie. Maybe some of us. Haha.

Hello Carbongrad 1999 - Digital Art inspired by Cyberpunk

We have featured the unique work from Evgeny Zubkov before on ABDZ. A parallel reality in Russia 2077, now he is back with another series just as good titled: Carbongrad 1999. Keeping the very same Cyberpunk aesthetic and moody atmosphere, I plain simple love his digital art. It's genuinely so creative and quite real as well, I wouldn't be surprised knowing this might be happening for real in the near future.

Blade Runner 2049's beautiful Screen Graphics and UI Design

Starting off our week here on Abduzeedo with the work of Andrew Popplestone on his work on the outstanding Blade Runner 2049. More precisely on his work (and cie) as creative director on the Screen Graphics & UI design, make sure to give a watch to the videos. Andrew is a creative director, titles designer and concept artist based in London, UK. If you haven't watched the movie yet, this feature won't reveal any spoilers.

Behind the Art Direction & Brand Identity of Blade Runner 2049

Seriously bummed that the movie Blade Runner 2049 didn't perform well as expected. With a settlement of a high score from most well-known movie blogs and critics out there but still wasn't enough. On the other hand, I was always intrigued by the team who collaborated on the art direction & whole brand identity; behind such a great movie and at this scale as well. We are taking a look at Stanley Sun and his team over at Concept Arts Studios.

Art Tributes for the upcoming Blade Runner 2049 movie

Alright, gloves off. The sci-fi sequel movie who has been in the making for the last 30 years is coming to theaters (this week). Let's welcome Blade Runner 2049! Bringing us back in the futuristic universe of replicants, we also get the return of Rick Deckard played by Harrison Ford himself. I can't wait watch this movie, the first mastery definitely changed the genre. By the meantime, let's take a step back and enjoy these art tributes!

A Peek inside the Cinematography of Blade Runner 2049

Cinematography is part of being an art, being able to create a synergistic atmosphere for the audience is key to a motion picture. Yesterday, we were totally stunned with the release of the first trailer of anticipated Blade Runner 2049 movie. A sequel from the 1982 film and now directed by Denis Villeneuve (Arrival); we are taking back to the future where the movie is taking place 30 years after the first movie.

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