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Industrial Design: Boosted Backpack

A look at the work from Levi Jacob Price who is an industrial designer based in beautiful San Francisco, California; he has worked on the latest from Boosted Boards, the boosted backpack. It was designed to first-of-all, to be an adjustable board carry system and also an outer storage for the remote.

Product Design: Boosted Boards

We love interesting products here on Abduzeedo and this one definitely has the  cool factor all over. I remember the days where we used to have pads, helmet and shoes gently swiping the floor as a use of transportation through the city. Now it's electric?! With a remote?! If you're a fan of Casey Neistat, you must have seen it in action. This seems to be like a fun gadget to have if once in the past, you were a skater.

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