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Chrome Round-Up

Everyone knows that Google has released his Web Browser called Chrome. Almost all blogs around the globe at least has mentioned this big news. That's why we would like to share with you some of these good sites, that we visit every single day, and let you know what they think about the google browser, and of course the great illustrations around the buzz. Take a look and let us know about other sites writing about Chrome. Also if you have already played with Chrome, we would love to know your opinion./> Google Chrome, Google’s Browser Project by Today there was a comic book in my mail, sent by Google and drawn by no less than Scott McCloud, creator of the classic Understanding Comics. Within the 38 pages, which I’ve scanned and put up, in very readable format Google gives the technical details into a project of theirs: an open source browser called Google Chrome... /> Meet Chrome, Google’s Windows Killer by Make no mistake. The cute comic book and the touchy-feely talk about user experience is little more than a coat of paint on top of a monumental hatred of Microsoft. ... /> First Images of Google Chrome by Google appears to have soft-launched this site for Google Chrome, its open source browser, which is slated for release on Windows tomorrow... /> Google to Launch Webkit Based Web Browser Called 'Chrome' [Available] by Google announced today that they would be releasing a new open source web browser called Google Chrome. The new browser will be available for download as a beta starting tomorrow.... /> Google Chrome by Google Chrome is finally here. This kinda reminds me the old days where you’d have to pick who’s side you were on – Netscape or Explorer… At least now the rendering issues are obsolete, and the browsers are competing for functionality and ease of use, both of which are celebrated in this new browser... /> Google to Offer its Own Browser: Chrome by Google watchdog Phillipp Lessen has scanned and posted a printed comic he says he received in the mail from Google today describing the company's forthcoming open source browser Chrome. The link to Chrome is currently a 404. Lessen's slide show is loading very, very slow. We've got another copy of it that loads much faster here. Long rumored to be in the works, this appears to be the first formal acknowledgment that Google really is working on its own browser - and it looks very cool... /> Chrome: Test it With Us Live by Update: we'll be posting a recording of our live unboxing of Google Chrome as soon as it's ready, hopefully in minutes. Google is releasing Chrome, its new open source app browser today, with "Another One Bites the Dust" playing while we waited on the press call. Can Chrome kill IE? Will it kill Firefox? Or will it go the way of Google Base, Google Sites and other Google Flops? The browser will be available for Windows users in 100 countries and 43 languages today... /> Google Chrome, Google’s Browser Project by An open source browser called Google Chrome will be making an appearance soon. Google Chrome is said to be an open source browser project. As rumored before under the name of “Google Browser”, this will be based on the existing rendering engine Webkit. Furthermore, it will include Google’s Gears project.... /> Google Chrome by Das jüngste Google-Baby ist ein Open-Source-Browser namens Google Chrome. Vorgestellt wird es aktuell von Google unter Zuhilfenahme eines Comic-Strips, was ungewöhnlich und gefällig zugleich ist... /> Google Chrome - The Comic by It's unlikely you're going to get to the end of the day without hearing about Chrome, Google's straight-out-of-nowhere web browser that looks to me like it's made of awesome. What you're less likely to hear about is the 38-page comic they've produced with Scott McCloud, which explains the thinking behind Chrome and the work that's gone into it. It's deeply geeky in a lot of places, but altogether a lovely piece of work that's got me a lot more excited about a new browser than I'd probably otherwise be... /> Thoughts on Chrome by You've probably heard the buzz - Google is releasing it's own web browser. It's called Chrome, and if you haven't seen it already, you can read their introduction comic here. It's definitely worth a read as it illustrates beautifully the different problems Google identified in today's web browsers, and what their proposed solutions are... /> Your new favorite browser by My friend turned me on to Google’s entry into the browser market today and I have to say I am pretty impressed. Chrome is a lightweight, search-centric take on the web browser which aims to speed up the browsing experience. So far it’s lived up to that lofty goal for me, all while taking up only 34MB in memory (less than half that of FireFox)... /> Google Chrome by First of all, the good news is they’re using Webkit. I remember John Allsopp joking about how great it would be if there was just one rendering engine, that was downloaded just like the Flash plugin. It’ll never happen, but the rapid adoption of Webkit outside Safari is getting to be the closest we’ll have to that. I had expected them to go with XUL and Gecko, in order to support other platforms with ease, so a voice at the back of head says this will be Windows only... /> Initial thoughts on Google Chrome by When I wrote the last post, Google Chrome seemed like vaporware, but just as I hit publish, a release time was announced for later that day. Now that I’ve had a chance to have a play with the beta, here’s a brain dump of initial reactions:... /> Google apresenta Chrome, browser de código-aberto baseado no WebKit by Um dia antes do lançamento público da 1ª versão beta do Google Chrome para Windows em mais de 100 países, a gigante de buscas liberou informações preliminares sobre o seu primeiro navegador oficial para a web. A forma escolhida? Um livro de histórias em quadrinhos de 38 páginas, desenhado pelo famoso Scott McCloud... />