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Design Resources: Brushes, Mobile UI Kits and More

Design Resources: Brushes, Mobile UI Kits and More

Time to update your design resources library! From time to time we get to share with you some super neat items that will look amazing in your next project. From icons to mobile UI kits, here's a nice list that will get any designer inspired for a cool new job! I hope you enjoy our picks! Cheers! ;) Icons Isometric Design Icon Set Simple Line Icons Avatar Icon Creator Fonts Humblle Rought Skybird Rough Mobile UI Kit Ventas Mobile App PSD Clean & Modern iOS UI Kit Mockups Easy Mockups Galaxy S7 Mockup Brushes Vector Brushes (chains, wood, ropes, plumbing & others) Photoshop Brushes

Great Photoshop Brushes Freebies

Great Photoshop Brushes Freebies

As a designer sometimes it gets frustrating to come up with new pieces with the same old brushes all the time. For that we have some very generous designers sharing great Photoshop brushes for free! Kudos for these guys for sharing such great presets. Here you can see a nice selection of some super useful brushes. To download these freebies all you have to do is to click each image so that you can see the download link at Dribbble. Also, if you got your own design resources, we'd love to know! I hope you enjoy these. Cheers. ;) Element Photoshop Brush Set Winter-Pak High Res Fabric Textures Photoshop Brush Set Scratchy Free Grunge Brushes 25 Ink and Watercolor Photoshop Brushes No.3 50 Watercolor Photoshop Brushes Noise effects Spray Splatter Photoshop brushes Speckle Brushes made of Cocoa Subtle Brush Set 3 Brush set from Function Dirtbag HD

10 Awesome Free Photoshop Brushes

A good set of brushes can be the big difference when creating a image, that's why I selected 10 awesome brush sets that will take you one level up. Download them all and have a huge resource on your photoshop to help you improve even more, check them out. To download click on the image of the brush you like and click download on the left side, make sure you read the terms of use of each one of them and give the right credits to the author. ULTIMATE BRUSH PACK NO.4 by Axeraider70 41 Grunge Brushes by KeepWaiting Real Brush Strokes Set by doodle-lee-doo Simply Lovely Brushes by differentxdreamz BRUSHES PACK 3 by rubina119 Cloud Brushes by Kerovin Spraypaint Splatter Brushes by KeepWaiting 28 Abstract Curves by freshemedia Bubble brush by FuelFireDesire Dreamon Shape Brushes 02 by dreamon72

Design Resources - Brushes, Fonts and Icons

Some time ago I've posted a bunch of links to CSS tips and tricks. That day, one of our reads requested a post on design resources, and I just had to post some awesome links that will make designing much more fun for you. Once more, I went thru my Delicous and found some great stuff I had saved there. Today I'm listing some Photoshop Brushes, Fonts and Icons. Probably next week, the next post on this brief series will be textures, photoshop actions and website templates. I hope you you enjoy these and just wait until next week for more!! Cheers. ;) Brushes More Brushes Resources Fonts More Fonts Resources Icons More Icons

Great Abstract Photoshop Brushes for Light Effects #2

One of the greatest things about the internet is the volume of freebies we manage to find all over the place. Textures, wallpapers, stock pictures and of course, brushes! This is part 2 of the best abstract brushes for light effect post that many of you enjoyed. all the brushes are free and be used to create amazing effects as demonstrated in the previews. Quantum Brushes CS4 Brushes Party Brushes Sui Generis Brushes v.3 Unreal Brushes v.4 Unreal Brushes v.3 Fractal Chaos Ultimate Brush 3 Comet Brushes Fly Brushes Abstract 04 Night Light Brush

25 Free Photoshop Brushes

I selected 25 unknown photoshop brushes for you to keep on the side, because you never know when you going to need some brushes and it's good to be prepared, check out the selection and get the ones you like. I wanted to provide the link to download the brushes but I think it's better if you go to the authors page and download it from there, that way you can check out more stuff from the author and give him the credits deserved. To download click on the font you like and the download link will be in the menu on your left hand side. Fractal Brush Pack 02 Xcell Brush Set 9 Tech Brushes Set v5 HighTech Circles 2 BrushPack 01.2 Dreamon Shape Brushes 02 Vector-Grunge Brush Pack shape brushes v1 Swirls - Flourishes II Brushes Arabesque Brushes Floral Brushes Grass brushes 2 Crack Effect Brushes fingerprint brushes tape brushes Smoke and Clouds Brush Brush set 10 Smoke Brushes Set 1 MF Splatter Brush Pack v.01 Splatter Brushes Dripping Ink Brushes Blood_brush SM_splatterisM 1 - ps7 repack Blood Brushes FUR BRUSHES

14 Great Abstract Photoshop Brushes for Light Effects

One of the best ways to create spectacular abstract effects in Photoshop is by using brushes. They save you time and make the process less complicated. However, taking the time to find high quality brushes isn't all that fun, so I've compiled a list of 11 high quality abstract brushes from various designers which I hope will be useful to you. The following brushes were created by =Axeraider70 ~Ghost-001- Edelihu rubina119 JavierZhX Hyper Brushes Galactic Brushes Darius Brushes 900Kelvin Refresh Brushes Abstract 12 Abstract Vol 6 Edge Brushes Brushes Pack 2 Abstract Brushes Vol 3 Abstraction Odysee Brushes Speedy Brushes Light Brushes Editor: David Parrott