Tropically Yours Identity by Wedge & Lever

Wedge and Lever was founded by three Art Directors and currently located in San Diego, California. So the folks at Wedge & Lever got approached by Dave Malcolm to create an identity for his feature surf film. A mixture of surf, waves and light definitely creates a beautiful vibe and pineapple! Tropically Yours Trailer

Spiff Branding & Identity by Oliver Lo

This is a great school project made by a student from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. A branding & identity for a men's shaving products inspired by the 1950s, introducing Spiff by Oliver Lo.Branding and package design marketing traditional men's shaving products to a wider, contemporary male audience. Packaging features a 1950s-inspired look, partial reveals, and a memorable opening ceremony.

Stylish Illustrations by Kevin Dart

This afternoon I was checking some blogs trying to find inspiration for a illustration project I am working on when I came across Kevin Dart's web site. Kevin is a freelance illustrator living in Southern California, and a co-owner of Fleet Street Scandal. He's style and color usage is really nice and have that sort of vintage feel to it. For more information about Kevin Dart visit his Web site at, you will be able to see his full portfolio as well as some sketches, totally worth it.

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