Breathtaking Canvas Abstract Calligraphy

Let's give a closer look at the stunning work of Jimmy Alcala, he is a visual artist into modern calligraphy based in Marseille, France. Let's take a moment and admire his stylish abstract calligraphy on a canvas. It's quite unique in his genre and you just gotta appreciate the talent and also patience. You should definitely check out his Behance for more of his projects.

Calligraphy & Print Design: 字體設計

We are starting it off with a combination of calligraphy & print design project by 行行珂 HunkXing, who is a graphic designer based in Beijing, China. To be more specific, it's a summary of some of the typography works from 2017-2018. Even though it's a different language, we still can appreciate the visual approach of the overall design. It's really enjoyable!

2017 Collection of Calligraphy & Lettering by Michael Moodie

Sadly the end of the year is coming up soon enough. We all going to be down this road with putting together our yearly collection. Let's start with this calligraphy and lettering collection of 2017 by Seattle-based designer Michael Moodie. It's great seeing his progress throughout all his projects so far on Behance. Check it out! Michael Moodie is a designer from Seattle, WA, USA. Michael is doing an amazing job at keeping up with his Behance, check it out!

Calligraphy Creates Elegant Wine Bottle Packaging - Design Studio shared a really cool post on their Behance profile featuring wine bottle label design consisted of pure a simple calligraphy work. The result is elegant but also has that rustic feel, which makes it quite unique and special. Check out below the fold the end result as well as a bit of the behind the scenes of how the work was done.

Adventurous Typography Design & Calligraphy

Let's finish off the week with a typography design and calligraphy project that totally defines a genre and style. Overall, It kind of reminds me of the work from the latest Fantastic Beasts movie or even Pirates of the Caribbean. Designed by Hanoi-based Biksence Nguyen, we are taken on this voyage of mixture of lettering, gradients and textures. It's quite beautiful, I personally loved this take on the "Octopus" piece, you'll understand what I mean when you see it.

20 Calligraphers & Hand-Letterers you should Follow on Instagram

There was a time, not too long ago where I was focusing my free time on my  hand-lettering skills. As easy as it seems, it was a hard challenge. I should get my hands back at this medium but right now I am focusing my time on photography. But if you are into lettering or a beginner, and you are looking for artists to follow on Instagram. It's a great to one, get inspired.

The Lettering Work of Ricardo Gonzalez

It's not the first time we showcase the work Ricardo Gonzalez aka "It's a Living" here on Abduzeedo. His typographic work is easily unique of its kind and something quite inspiring that we truly enjoyed to feature. Check out some of his latest work and we would recommend you to to check out his site and follow him on his Instagram --> Itsaliving. Enjoy!

Modern Calligraphy by Pokras Lampas

Pokras is an street artist from Russia who creates some big scale calligraphic compositions within an urban environment and interior, and he's always trying to experiment with forms and volumes of the typography. For more from Pokras Lampas visit

SOL Beer – Chalk and Sign Painting

I love letterings, it brings back great memories from my childhood going to the farmers market on Sundays with my parents not to mention every neighborhood grocery had tons of lettering for prices, promotions and advertisings. It's amazing to see that this craft is getting stronger again and seeing the work that Jackson Alves put together for poster for the Mexican beer Sol is true proof of that. The Advertising Agency Talent from São Paulo (Brazil) hired me to create two handmade posters for the Mexican beer SOL.

Just For Fun Calligraphy by Joan Quirós

Following our post yesterday about ligatures, today we're excited to share yet another article about typography. This time we feature an incredible personal project on calligraphy by Joan Quirós, a graphic designer born in Valencia, Spain and currently working in London. A selection of my personal work done just for practicing and just for having fun. Most of them uploaded on my Instagram account.

Criatipos Jingle Bells

Criatipos' girls did some serious juggling to fill this space of 90 square feet! The project was a temporary store of good deeds by a local mall. Here are the process and the outcome of that challenge, take a look!

Calligraphy Every Day by Jackson Alves

The only way to learn anything is by practicing. The more you practice and exercise, more you become aware of the subtleties of what you are working on. That is very clear in design and more specifically, calligraphy. Jackson Alves has been doing that everyday. To improve my letters, I try to practice every single day on several surfaces with different pens. Bellow there is some calligraphy of my daily practice – ink on paper, ink on glass, chalk on wall – who I call “#Daily Calligraphy”.

Beautiful Calligraphy by Wanda Pot

Wikipedia defines Calligraphy as a type of visual art related to writing. It is the design and execution of lettering with a broad tip instrument or brush in one stroke (as opposed to built up lettering, in which the letters are drawn.). A more contemporary definition of calligraphic practice is "the art of giving form to signs in an expressive, harmonious and skillful manner". That's what the work of Wanda Pot exemplifies at it's best. When I saw these calligraphy examples that Wanda created I had to write a post to bookmark them and share with you guys.

The Sketchbook of Logos

Jackson Alves is a type designer from Curitiba, Brazil. He is specialized in calligraphy and lettering with an amazing set if skills. He is sharing with us his sketchbook of logos that go from the first sketches to the final result, very cool to see these amazing logos go from sketch to final illustration piece. Enjoy! For more from Jackson Alves visit and follow him on twitter @jackdzn.

Beautiful Hand-Lettering by Plurabelle Calligraphy

Calligraphy is one of those things that I've always wanted to be really good at, and to this day I still have those 'Calligraphy for kids' books and kits that my parents got for me back in the day. Unfortunately I never did get very good at it, but here's someone that did. Molly is the Los Angeles-based calligrapher behind Plurabelle, where she specializes in envelope addressing, wedding invitations, greeting cards, personal stationary and even rubber stamps for return addresses (which, if I stayed in one place long enough to maintain a permanent address, I would totally buy!).

Inspiration: Calligraphy

Calligraphy is the art of writing and the best thing is that you just need two things to start learning and improving your skills: a pen and a paper. Here are some examples what you can do with it.

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