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Breathtaking Landscapes from Old Books by Guy Laramee

What do you do with your old books? We mostly see them in libraries, garage sale and more. Nevertheless old books tend to get dirty, useless and dusty. But this artist originally coming from Montreal, Qc of Canada, founded another way to give a new life to these old books. His name is Guy Laramee and his collection of breathtaking landscapes from old books. Guy Laramée is an interdisciplinary artist who, in the course of his 30 years of practice, found his way through such varied and numerous disciplines as : stage writing, stage directing, contemporary music writing, musical instrument design and building, singing, video, scenography, sculpture, installation, painting and literature. He received more than 30 grants and was awarded by the Canada Council for the Arts the Joseph S. Stauffer award for musical composition. His work has been seen and heard in Canada, United States, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan and Latin America. To get more information about Guy, you check out his website at

Montreal Meets 2012: 3 Tickets Giveaway - Winners

On last January, Montreal Meets had their first edition with two truly amazing speakers including our beloved founder Fabio Sasso here at Abduzeedo and James White from Signalnoise. For April 2012, Montreal Meets will be back with MMTWO and we are doing a ticket giveaway for you guys. We have 3 tickets to giveaway. To participate is very simple, just leave a comment in the comment box below with a valid email so we can contact you. Update Big congrats to Catherine Lévesque (cath_levesque(at), Noémie Beaulieu (noemie.beaulieu(at) and Liz (l4guil4r(at) who will receive their free 2 Day Pass for the Montreal Meets 2 (MMTWO). Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everybody for participating! Official Poster for MMTWO Giveaway If you're not able to come to Montreal, Qc in Canada, we'll be happy to give the official 18" x 24" poster of MMTWO in compensation. So everybody has a chance to win. So drop those comments and best of luck to all of you! About Montreal Meets The idea is simple. To connect with the creative world. This is our main goal. To create events that will make people get inspired by the design industry. Especially by the people mastering their vision. We want you to joins us on the exploration of the unknown. It's also an opportunity for you to learn from the people of the industry. It's their gift to us. It's our legacy! Find out more on Montreal Meets at or simply follow them on Twitter @montreal_meets . About MMTWO We're back for 2012 with another Montreal Meets! With another location, more speakers and as you can see, the event is now during two days! Don't miss this great opportunity to the visionaries of our creative world. It will take place on April 7th and 8th in Montreal, Qc of Canada. About the Speakers Make sure not to miss this amazing line-up of talented designers that truly made changes in the design industry. The 'ALL-STAR' Speakers! From Porte Alegre, the true spirit and founder of AbduzeedoFabio Sasso Coming out from Halifax, Nova Scotia, the man behind SignalnoiseJames White The award winning art designer, designer and illustrator from London, UKRadim Malinic Creator of with alias WANKENShelby White Talented visual retro artist and amazing performer known as TychoScott Hansen Links For more information - To buy your tickets - Montreal Meets on Facebook - Montreal Meets on Twitter -!/montreal_meets

Inspiring Works by Spy Films

Here on Abduzeedo, we publish a lot of cool content on Design, Photography, Illustrations and a lot more. But already said that, we don't really publish much content on videos other than the Weekly Video Inspiration. I decided to share some videos from a Canada based production house called Spy Films. Totally impressed by their versatility and their client list that goes all around the world! For more information about Spy Films, check out their website at Be a Fan on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @spyfilms. Sony - Two Worlds Sony - Two Worlds - Making Of Cadillac TIFF Campaign Strange Talk - Climbing Walls Adidas Adizero - Eric Berry 6.9 ADCC - Love & Hate Nissan X Trail - The Way You Move Scion - Scanner Symphony Yeasayer O.N.E. Nuit Blanche Nuit Blanche - Making Of Alfa Romeo Mito - Space Invaders

Poster Giveaway: Beyond Earth by Stephen Di Donato - Winners

Dreams are something that should be part of our life goals. When you truly love and passionate about something, nothing should stop you to do anything possible to realize your dream. Montreal based graphic designer named Stephen Di Donato, realized one of his dreams and create this beautiful series of posters entitled: Beyond Earth A series of posters greatly inspired by the retro of late 1950's and mid 1970's. We have 2 Beyond Earth posters to giveaway of your (4) choice and also 2 sets of Beyond Earth postcards to giveaway also. To participate is very simple, just leave a comment in the comment box below with a valid email so we can contact you. Update The winners of the poster (of your choice) are Marin Martinovic, Simon H ( And the winners of the postcards are 1125kyle ( and Nicole ( Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everybody for participating. I'll contact the winners and we'll send you your posters and postcards in the mail! After recently finding old science fiction magazines dating back from the 1980’s, it reignited my childhood memories of my curiosity of our solar system and of limitless imagination. I began researching heavily on NASA missions and came to the realization that the late 1950’s to mid-1970’s were exciting times for new discoveries, for real photographic images of planets and for limitless possibilities. This gave me the incentive to start a personal project based on what I knew very well as a child (creating simple ideas/drawings from imagination) and what I recently researched (the execution of early NASA missions in the infancy of space travel). Stephen Di Donato About Beyond Earth on Kickstarter Kickstarter is the largest funding platform for creative projects in the world. Every week, tens of thousands of amazing people pledge millions of dollars to projects from the worlds of music, film, art, technology, design, food, publishing and other creative fields. The Beyond Earth Project on Kickstarter. For more information about Stephen Di Donato, you can visit his website at StephenDid.It or simply follow him on Twitter @sdidonato .

Habitat '67 by Moshe Safdie Architects

When I saw this project the first thing I thought was: How do they manage to build something so disconnected and without modulation? How people can live there? Somewhat strange, I present you guys the Habitat'67, by Moshe Safdie Architects. Located in Montreal, Canada, this building was created for the 1967 World Exposition that happened in Montreal. It was developed with three-dimensional prefabricated modules in order to house a total of 158 residences. The units are connected by high tension bars and welds, all combined to create a continuous suspension system. Visit Sadfie Arquitetcts to see more details about this project! Update: Take a look on these amazing other pictures on Flickr. (Thanks to Etienne Coutu). Three elevator cores direct vertical circulation throughout the complex, with elevators stopping at every fourth floor to serve pedestrian streets. Every part of the building, including the units, the pedestrian streets, and the elevator cores, participate as load-bearing members.

FITC Toronto Conference 2011

Recently I've attended to the FITC Toronto 2011 (10th Anniversary) that was happening on May 2nd till May 4th. It was my first experience attending any large design event and I must admit that it was overall an incredible experience. So this is the recap of the presentations I've attended and the things that caught my eye at FITC. The FITC Toronto 2011 Festival took place May 2nd - 4th with over 1100 attendees and featured over 75 design & technology presenters including MK12's own Ben Radatz and Shaun Hamontree, as well as legendary Kyle Cooper and many others. About FITC FITC has produced over 50 events since 2002, with over 20,000 attendees through 19 cities around the world including Toronto, Amsterdam, Tokyo, San Francisco, Chicago, Seoul, New York, Los Angeles, and many more. From Flash to Motion Design, FLEX to AIR, Mobile and more, each FITC event stands as a unique and exciting experience that inspires, educates and challenges. For more information about FITC, you can visit , be a fan on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @fitc . FITC Toronto 2011 Titles by MK12 FITC Toronto 2011 Titles from FITC on Vimeo. Back to the Future II by James White aka Signalnoise image by Steve SchiavelloI arrived just in time for my first presentation of FITC and it was with James White. James told us the story of when he started at the age of 4 and his progression as an artist right until now. He also shared some pretty funny stories, what inspires him and advices on his experience along the way. His parents were also present in the full room of 200 people, which gives such a great personal touch to his presentation. FITC started strong with James and right on the first day! How do your turn this thing on? by MK12 image by Greg DavidsonThe hilarious folks from MK12, a motion graphics company from Kansas, MO in the US; talked to us about how they started in the business and share some really nice footage from movies such as Stranger than Fiction to the latest James Bond Movie's Quantum of Solace and more. They also have such a tremendous unconventional way of working so that makes them pretty unique in what they do. MK12 Summer reel 2010 from MK12 on Vimeo. Tron GFX by GMUNK image by Steve SchiavelloThe title of this presentation says it all so in consequence a full room attended this amazing talk from GMUNK, he shared with us the work he has done with his team on the Disney's Tron Legacy movie. He showed some really awesome footages of the work behind many effects of the movie, he was pretty funny as the way he talked us through different important elements of his work along the movie. Making Contrast with Details by McBess image by Steve SchiavelloA very interesting presentation by McBess, a french illustrator living in London. He showed us some of his work and process behind some of them. I was really impressed about the quality of his contrast of the black and white. He also some really awesome work on his band called the ''Dead Pirates". FITC 2011 in Pictures image by Steve Schiavello image by Erick Von Stackelberg image by Saajid Motala image by Spencer image by Michael Sheedy To Japan With Love Art Show at Function 13 image by Steve SchiavelloTo Japan with Love was an art show by Linda Nakanishi , a Multimedia Art Director/Designer from Toronto. She created this art show in goal to raise some funds for helping Japan from the tsunami disaster. The art show featured designers like James White , Nick La and many more. For more information about TJWL, you can visit , be a fan on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @2japanwithlove . image by Steve Schiavello image by Steve Schiavello On a personal note, I'd love to thank Steve Schiavello for providing me most of the pictures for my post. He's an amazing photographer from Toronto and you can follow him on Twitter @SchiavelloPhoto

The Alternate World of Lissy Elle Photography

As it comes with time, I am really starting to enjoy photography more than I ever before. It fascinates me how people can be very creative with their cameras. I wanna share this collection from a Canadian photographer that opened her imaginary mind for the main purpose to inspire us. Lissy Elle is a photographer based in Ontario, Canada. For more information about Lissy Elle, check out her website her Flickr Account , be a fan on Facebook or follow her on Twitter @LissyElle.

World Collabs 4 Winning Entry Tutorial by Mat Macquarrie

Hello and welcome, this is a quick tutorial on how I created my poster concept for the World Collabs 4 competition. The tricky thing about planning a tutorial like this is, I created the elements with the 3D shapes from Joao Oliveira. As a quick intro to this read, A World Collabs poster begins with one designer supplying some elements and the second designer adding to those elements to create a completed poster. My goal was to use the elements supplied by the collaborator as much as possible in creating my piece. For these steps, all I did was take the shapes, expand and rotate them to start forming my robot and it's environment. Later I pasted a robotic eye that I created for a previous project. A link to a separate tutorial detailing how I made the robotic eye can be found at the bottom of this page. Robot Face I started by trying to frame the environment for the face to hover in. I flipped the shapes around to create what I called a rubber-room effect on the sides. Then I just started layering shapes one at a time until the robot started to take shape. Effects Once the robot was complete, I added a glow effect on the upper left of the skull-plate. I selected a wide circle brush and set the hardness to 0 and 70% flow and threw a quick dot and set it's layer style to Linear-dodge. Final Result I figured the blue/black colour palette would be pretty popular among other entries so I wanted to change it to something else. I opened channel mixer and tweaked it until the dark blues turned to the gold/plum colour that I have now. Then I just layered a quick title and a signature and I'm done. I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial. To learn how I created the robotic eye, I created a tutorial showing the steps in painting it.. Also check out my Web site Download the Photoshop File Click here to download the Photoshop file used for this tutorial

Stunning Paintings by Tara Babando

Tara Babando is an artist based out of Montreal, Canada. She is a fashion designer by day and a painter/ artist by night. Tara finds inspiration in everyday life, in the works of visual artists such as ISO50 and in the beautiful and strong women she surrounds herself with. I met Tara at the Montreal Meets last January and we exchanged our contact infos. I checked her website and was pretty amazed about the quality of her paintings. Her attention to the details and colors are breathtaking. For more information about Tara, you can always check her website at, her Flickr account or follow her on Twitter @TaraBabando

Beautiful Sketches by Chris Olimpo

Chris Olimpo is an Illustrator/Designer/Writer, currently working for Lockheed Martin as a Technical Illustrator. Born in Montreal, Chris has eaten carrots since the growth of his first teeth, to maintain his 20/20 vision in order to keep creating cutting edge designs & illustrations that attract the eye and evoke emotion. His Goal is to attain the creative dream by allowing his surroundings to inspire him into designing creations strong enough to influence current//future reality. I had the chance to meet and talk with Chris while I was in Montreal for the Montreal Meets last January and he gave me his business card and asked me if I could take a look at his work. I really like the sketches and personal work and that's why we are feature him here. Also that's why conferences and events are so cool, we always get the chance to know and meet with very talented people. Some works For more information about Chris Olimpo visit his Web sites at: Behance Network // Flickr // Twitter //