New Caricatures by Jason Seiler

Jason Seiler is an amazing illustrator from Chicago and creates the most amazing digital painting caricatures for the biggest newspapers and magazines in the country. From Obama to Kim Jong, nobody is safe from his amazing artworks. Enjoy! For more from Jason Seiler visit and

Happy Birthday George Washington: A Caricature look at some famous presidential faces

As a tribute to George Washington's Birthday, the first President of the United States, we put together a quirky little gallery of caricature portraits featuring some of America's famous presidential faces. A caricature is a simple image showing the features of its subject in an exaggerated way. In addition to exaggeration, caricatures differ wildly in style and technique but there are generally two additional elements transcending style and medium that must exist: likeness and statement, meaning the caricature must editorialize in some way.

Amazing Caricatures Using iPad by Alex Leao

We have been posting about illustration and illustrators for over 5 years and every time we think we have seen it all, there's something new that blows us away. That's the case of Alex Leao, an illustrator, designer and art director from Brazil. His portfolio is incredible but we would like to feature his caricatures and illustratios done using the iPad. For more information about Alex visit his website at

Special Soccer Players Caricatures

This is an awesome set caricatures of some of the most famous soccer players of the world. An excellent work done by the illustrator Sakiroo Choi from South Korea. These illustrations are just amazing, take a look and have a laugh. Enjoy!

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