The #UnsplashAwards 2019 is here. Open for submissions

It's #UnsplashAwards time. It's that exciting time of the year again where we are all coming together to celebrate YOU contributors for the next month. Starting today, you can now submit your photos through 10 categories, we will share them below. The finalists will be announced on November 27th, 2019 and we will make sure to announce them on ABDZ. As a proud partner of the #UnsplashAwards, we love supporting initiatives that pushes everyone including us to create a powerful impact in the community.

#Pride Inspiration: Celebrating #PrideMonth with hand-picked designs from Dribbble

Following the other article, I decided to push forward a #Pride Inspiration roundup of designers celebrating #PrideMonth, hand-picked as always from Dribbble. Having a family member celebrating pride with so much joy, it's a mutual celebration for me as well. During this month, I just love how we are putting an accent on love, awareness and sharing stories that make us proud. It's with a lot of happiness I am making this roundup, please enjoy!

Celebrating Ugmonk's Ninth Anniversary with a Limited Edition Set

Somebody else is celebrating today and it's our good friend Jeff Sheldon from Ugmonk. All in festivities of his ninth anniversary, with the yearly traditional Ugmonk's anniversary set. Every year, it's always a surprising joy to uncover this limited edition set where you will be welcomed with a signature tee, emblem and of course beautiful packaging. Wonder who has the entire collection of Ugmonk's anniversary sets since his beginning. Congratulations to Jeff for Ugmonk's ninth anniversary!

It's #May1Reboot

A little while ago, we've introduce you guys to the initiative #May1Reboot where as I quote: "...a global celebration for every designer and maker. May1Reboot is for the love of design, for the passion of play and commitment to our community." Since it's now May 1st, here's how to submit your portfolio for a chance to be featured.


If you're a designer, maker, developer, artist or anything that is somehow related to design. Whatever you wanna refresh your portfolio or you haven't update it in a while (some ages like me), we should all mark our calendar for May 1st. Why? Because it's the May1Reboot, a day in the year where we celebrate for every makers of the industry by committing ourselves to that date. Presented by Semplice, on May 1 there's no excuses. We should all take part and it's going to be fun.

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