Letters Can Kill 2

Our friends from Lightfarm Studios strike again with the volume 2 of the series Letters Can Kill. The campaign highlights the risk of text messaging while driving. These images were made by mixing CGI letters with photographic portraits. For more information bout Lightfarm Studios visit

Unbroken Visual Effects by Rodeo FX

I haven't seen the movie Unbroken yet but as a fan of the genre I look forward to checking it out, especially after seeing some of the behind the scenes of the special effects.

Papercraft and 3D Works by Noelia Lozano

Noelia Lozano is a freelance designer based in Madrid, Spain; she is primary working in Papercraft, CGI and 3D. With a background in journalism, telecommunications, computer systems and spent a time at Serial Cut Design Studio, Noelia has worked with international clients such as: Havaianas, Vodafone, Computer Arts and more. Enjoy this refreshingly and creative collection! All Rights to Noelia Lozano

3D Futurist Works by Stefan Morrell

The weekend is here and to celebrate it, an awesome set of 3D works! Let's check the futurist vision of Kiwi artist, Stefan Morrell. He's got a fantastic set of works! Here you can see his vision of a technological future. Sometimes very green and peaceful, other times kinda messy and super crowded. I must say I really enjoy this last one better, because it reminds me a lot of Blade Runner. How do you like his pieces? For more of it, please visit his portfolio at CGSociety!

Stellar 3D Artworks by Maxim Goudin

I really enjoy the work of people who master computer graphics. Since 3D early days, I've been a aficionado for this fine, tricky art. Maxim Goudin, a designer from Mother Russia has got a super amazing set of 3D works, worth checking out. Here you can see some of his commercial works. All of these are stellar, but my favorite is the city model... I would more than happily play a city simulator game developed by him. It looks better than Sim City! It would be insane.

Nike RED Laces Case Study

When we talk about photo-manipulation we almost think about incredible compositions, like fantasy scenes, or crazy manipulations. Sometimes the most amazing work of this kind is so real that we cannot even perceive it as CGI. A great example is the Nike RED campaign created by Souverein where Drogba, the soccer player, creates the Nike symbol and a soccer ball using just laces.

Insane 3D Artworks

It's been some time since we last checked the insanely good artworks from the guys at the CGSociety. It is a never-ending source of mesmerizing 3d pieces, which we are very pleased to share with you! This time we chose some great examples of recent artworks and more! As the days pass us by, these are getting more realistic... I wonder who long will it take for us to have all of these looking like perfect photographs. Maybe not that long, right? In the meanwhile, check each artist's portfolio for more (simply click each image).

Melting Cars in CGI

Have you ever seen a car melt down like an ice cream? Well, here is your chance, this CGI work is totally amazing and the melting cars look so real. Enjoy!The melting parts of the cars were created by us in 3D, the cars were shot in a studio and everything was put together in post. CGI and postproduction done by Souverein Weesp, shot by Maarten de Groot

Digital Motion in Air

This series of images freezes a moment of time in each dancer's aerial maneuver, and turns their movements into static sculptures that represents their motion and style. Original shots were stock photography and stylized to fit within the scene, sculptures and sets created entirely CGI. This amazing work was done by Mike Campau

Impressive CGI Works by Air CGI

Air CGI is an image production studio and animation company from Worcestershire, UK. They are experts in CGI image production, in which they can successfully bring together photography and CGI to produce some of the finest quality images, animations and campaigns, paying meticulous attention to detail and realism. Because of that they have big names in their list of clients including brands like Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Volvo and others. For more information about Air CGI visit his Web site at

Effective Photo Retouching and CGI by Happy Finish

I am always impressed with what we can do in terms of photo manipulation, retouching and CGI. Then I received an email suggesting me to take a look at the work of Happy Finish, a studio specialized and retouching and CGI from London, UK. After checking their site out, I have to say, they have some very effective works. They handle project from large corporations to individual photographes with a impressive team of retouchers and CGI artists. Their portfolio is really impressive, with big names such as Vogue, Dazed, Esquire, Sony, Canon,TWA and others

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