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Cartoon Characters by Shane

Cartoon Characters by Shane

Shane is a young Illustrator from Paris with some amazing skills. These cartoon characters look like tattoo designs and each piece has something special. Check them out. For more from Shane visit

Characters Portraits Project by Mike Mitchell

Characters Portraits Project by Mike Mitchell

Mike Mitchell is definitely one of my favorite artists out there. He's one of those artists that you should always keep an eye on, because when you least expect, BOOM, there's an awesome new project. This time he's releasing around 30 new pieces, portraits of famous characters from movies and TV. I always thought that his comic-like art was pretty awesome, but I didn't know he was so good in other styles, like the one below. These are a few pieces of this new project, but you can visit the exposition at Mondo Gallery, in Austin, TX. It opens today, April 26th, and closes on May 25th. Check out his portfolio for more information! I hope you enjoy these Cheers! ;) Igor - Young Frankenstein Django - Django Unchained Bill "The Butcher" Cutting - Gangs of New York Jimmie Dimmick - Pulp Fiction Tyrion Lannister - Game of Thrones Judge Dredd - Dredd R.J. MacReady - The Thing Driver - Drive Mr. Pink - Reservoir Dogs Marge Gunderson - Fargo Dae-Su Oh - Old Boy Jacobin Mugatu - Zoolander Thomas Jerome Newton - The Man Who Fell To Earth Nada - They Live Veronica - Heathers

Famous Characters by Josh Sumamana

Famous Characters by Josh Sumamana

I always impressed about artists that get to make illustrations about famous characters, it's really fun to see their personal touch on their versions. I stumbled on the work of Josh Summana while wandering through DeviantArt galleries and I gotta say I'm still quite impressed with the level of detail and with the style of the versions he made. I also posted two videos of the process he did to create his illustrations, hope you guys catch some ideas from it. You can see more awesomeness from Josh at his DevianArt profile.

Character Anatomy Sculptures by Jason Freeny

I really love the creativity of artists that find new ways to present us famous characters. Among the best and most creative ideas is the anatomy cut, which happens to be Jason Freeny's speciality. These are awesome! From Mickey Mouse to Mario Mario, Jason has done the anatomy of a great amount of characters. Here you can a find a brief selection of his pieces, but for more of it you should really check Freeny's portfolio at DeviantART or like his Facebook page. I really hope you enjoy these, and don't forget to comment. Cheers! ;)

Incredible Character Illustrations by Tiago Hoisel

Tiago Hoisel is a super talented illustrator from São Paulo, Brazil. You have probably seen some of his work in sites such as FFFFound, Design You Trust and of course on our Daily Inspiration. One that is pretty popular is the Davy Jones character illustration and he has so many more amazing pieces that we were really surprised that we haven't had featured him before. For more information about Tiago Hoisel, visit, it's fantastic and definitely worth to checking it out. I also would like to thank Marcelo Souza (@msouza3d) for the heads up about Tiago.

Fantastic Illustrations by Eamo Donnelly

Eamo Donnelly is an Australian based illustrator who is best known for his intricately hand inked, character driven illustrations, infused with an eclectically dynamic color palette with a true blue Aussie cheekiness. Eamo has illustrated for PLAYBOY, VH1, CBS Interactive,, Maxim, Nike, Mountain Dew, ESPN, Complex, GQ, Men's Health, Runners World, Blender, King magazine, Redbull, Radar magazine, RipCurl, Monument, Jmag and Golden Plains. As well as commercial commissions, his love affair for Australian eighties nostalgia prompted him to create personal works that reflected the beauty and uniqueness of the culture he grew up in. These works have been seen on Jeeps for Mountain Dew, wallets for Poketo in L.A, shoes for String Republic in France, t-shirts for Owl Movement, esky's, stubby holders, clocks, bar walls and street posters and in exhibitions in Melbourne, Sydney and in the U.S and the U.K. In 2009 he was short listed for best original illustration in the Australian Desktop Create Awards and in 2010 he will be a speaker at Melbourne's Design Conference AGIdeas. He is also an occasional Australiana reviewer for Melbourne's online sub cultural guide ThreeThousand. For more information visit Eamo's website at Your personal hero? Paul Hogan. YouTube the Paul Hogan Show from the ’70s and you’ll see why. His later works are still up there, but nothing beats his early oils on canvas from the 1976 period, such as “Leo Wanker”, “Donger”, “Getting fit with Arthur Dunger” and “Herb Guthrey, Mongrel breeder”. - Eamo,Design Reporter “Working across many areas has enhanced my career but that was never the intention,” he says. “My intention is always to try new things, to learn and to make work that I like. I suppose by making more work you become more visible, which leads to more contacts and more commissions.” - Interview for Computer Arts Videos EAMO NO COMPLY INKING TIME LAPSE from Jacky Winter on Vimeo. "AUSTRALIA. BE IN IT" Process - Lamington Drive Group Show from Jacky Winter on Vimeo.

Super Cute Star Wars Characters by Xander

I'm a huge fan of Star Wars, that's why I became so excited, when I found this guy on DeviantArt. His nick is Xander, and he is a multi talent. First I ran into one of his custom paper toys, but when I had a closer look at his gallery, I dropped my jaw. He designed tons of lovely Star Wars characters with excellent style. In this post You can find most of them, but visit his DA page for the rest. I'm an artist/animator/character designer from New Zealand! In my spare time I paint and make plush toys with my wife Karla. I run an animation studio called Mukpuddy Animation with 3 of my buddies and we make things that make me laugh!! We're currently in production of our cartoon Sparkle Friends!! Blog: Website: Youtube: Boba Fett Darth Vader Chewie C3PO and R2D2 Wicket Greedo Han Solo Jawas Yoda Emperor Palpatine

Fantastic Illustrations by Gustavo Sobral

Gustavo Sobral is an graphic designer and illustrator from Brazil with such a great talent in creating characters. But his work is much more than that, we can see posters, ads and some amazing illlustrations. We highly recommend that you check out his Flickr page, and below we will list some examples of his work. I'm from Mogi-Mirin, São Paulo but now I'm based in Campinas-SP. I've been drawing since I was kid and now I'm taking Visual Arts at UNICAMP. Also I've been working as creative director for an agency called Ponto de Criação. Besides that I work as illustrator and have created some illustrations for companies such as Duracell, Ariel, Ace, UOL, Hipercard and Jeep..... I try to vary my style either in illustration or design, I think it's important because you will be able to fit with the market's necessities and not got stuck in a certain trend. If you want to have your work feature here on Abduzeedo, just let us know, send and email to or via Twitter at