New Works by Chuck Anderson

Our good friend Chuck Anderson (NoPattern) just launched his new site with a wholesome of new stuff including client and experimental works.

Life + Limb: A Podcast about Creativity with Chuck Anderson

Our friend Chuck Anderson / NoPattern is a well-known artist & designer based in Chicago, Illinois. Recently, he introduced the Life + Limb Podcast, a podcast where he’s featuring the most interesting, passionate and creative people about their life and career. I personally like to listen to his podcasts, it's a perfect day companion!

Citizen Chicago Street Photography

Oak Thitayarak is a designer and photographer who's recently released Citizen Chicago, a thirty six page book of beautiful images captured from moments of everyday life in the city streets. Street photography and street portraiture is a documentary art form where extraordinary candid photographs are created from seemingly ordinary moments. "This form of photography, and photography in general has shown me a lot about life. It's taught me to live with an open mind, never to pre-judge a person or a situation.

The Cozy CouponCabin's Office

It's been awhile since I've posted about a cool office here, so this week I've selected one which is amazing to show you, is the CouponCabin's office in Chicago. A beautiful and elegant space. The place has a rustic look and at the same time very elegant. This location was formerly a bank deposit, a four-story building built in 1909. So today, completely refurbished and modernized, is the headquarters of CouponCabin and its 50+ employees.

Lost in Chicago eating Chicago-style pizza

Last Sunday I arrived in Chicago and had the opportunity to visit one of the coolest cities I’ve ever been to. It was a very short trip, only 2 days, and I will definitely go back to Chicago again in the future; hopefully the near one Walking around Chicago was great: the skyscrapers and all the history behind them and their architects such as the well known Mies van der Rohe.

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