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The Best Chun-Li Illustrations

One of the best thing about video games is the legion of fans. There are people so fanatic about some games that they'll just do anything to show their love for it. Street Fighters fans in general love Chun-Li, and thank God for those who are awesome illustrators, and just deliver us some eyecandy pieces! There's not much to say about Chun-Li, the only thing to know right away is that she's totally famous for her legs, and that If you keep fooling around too much, she'll freaking Whirl Wind Kick you right under your nose. Anyways, some awesome artists have painted her, and here is a selection of the best! But if I missed any, please drop us a link! And please, visit these guys portfolios! Hope you enjoy, these! Cheers! ;) Adam Hughes! Daniel Chou Omar-Dogan Joy Wong HecM Fabian Schlaga Seth Jones Artgerm Lavah Joanna Admira Wijaya Clonerh! Raphael G.T. Neo greyhole Pencils by Alvin Lee. Colors by MasterX