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Beginner Tutorial: Easy Clock Icon on Illustrator

Hi everyone, today we're going to do a really simple exercise on creating this slick clock icon on Adobe Illustrator. If you're beginning in using this software, well this tutorial will be very suitable for you, so let's begin! Just a little reminder: this is a beginner tutorial, even though some of you are really skilled with Adobe Illustrator, I would recommend to take the time to read this as you can get some insights and ideas out from this tutorial. Please comment If you have any questions, problems or doubts, have fun! Step 1 Let's open Illustrator and make a 15 x 21 cm canvas. Using the ellipse tool (L) and make a ellipse on the center of the canvas. Let's fill it with a radial beige gradient. Then duplicate it using the selection tool + alt or by just pressing command + c / command + v (ctrl + c / ctrl + v). Enlarge it proportionally by holding shift + selection tool. Now apply a metallic linear gradient over it. Make another ellipse using the same gradient, but this time change the gradient direction to give the sensation of depth. Make a circle inside the beige one, adjust the stroke to about 90 pt or more, it need to cover the whole circle. Then access the strokes panel and set a dashed line with 9,3 pt of dash, then go to the transparency panel and choose the blending mode to Soft light. Make a semi circle by using a circle and a square in the middle of it, select both and use the pathfinder option called Minus front, that must give you a semi circle. After that go to the gradient panel and make a white gradient with 0% of opacity on one of the sides. Then duplicate your semi circle and flip it to the other side. Let's make some golden dots to indicate the hours. Use some golden radial gradient on it, duplicate and adjust the position by using the align panel. Duplicate the first four and then make a rotation. Do it twice till you got the twelve hours of the clock on the desired position. I decided to simplify and use a common serif font (Capitals), let's make a classic hard shadow effect. First make the number using a grey color. Then duplicate it and put a white color copy over it. Step 2 Let's make another fading gradient, this time using black on one of the extremities. We're going to make this ellipse and fill it with this radial gradient. Let's create other ellipse on the top of this shadow using the ellipse tool (L) , let's add a red radial gradient on it The second arrow can be achieved by using the pen tool (P), just remember to create ellipse on the bottom of it and blend both using the pathfinder option called Unite. Using the ellipse tool (L) make the minutes pointer, adjust the vector points using the direct selection tool (A). Add a grey gradient, adjust the darker area to be next to the ellipse, so it will look like a shadow. Duplicate the previous shape, re-size it so it can fit inside the pointer and then add some golden gradient on it. Duplicate the big pointer and send it to back. Use a dark grey fill on it then go to Effects > Blur > Gaussian Blur. Set the radius to 7,4 pixels. Repeat the same procedures on the other pointer. Step 3 Let's make the legs, first make a rectangle and rotate it a bit on the bottom of the clock, don't forget to send it to back. Make another rectangle and adjust the two vector points of the bottom using the direct selection tool (A). Make a ellipse on the extremity. Add some grey metallic gradient on both three, make sure they're all in the same direction. You can also add some shadows over it by making a rectangle with a black fading gradient and then using the blending mode called Multiply, quite easy. Let's make a shadow bellow the clock, use the ellipse tool (L) to make a grey to white gradient. Step 4 Let's make the bells, first make ellipse and add a gradient with the darkest part on the top. Create a rounded rectangle, click on the icon to adjust the corner radius, set it to 1 cm. Now make a rectangle crossing on the middle of it, then go to the pathfinder panel and choose the option called Minus front. Adjust the remain piece and choose a metallic gradient to put over it. Make a little rectangle on the top of the rounded shape an then a bigger rectangle over it. You should be pretty cautious while trying to create the gradient for the clock pin, so it should look like it has some sort of slots to adjust, so make a complex gradient. Okay now we just need the ring breaker, this should be piece of cake. Using the pen tool (P), make a shape then just duplicate it and reflect to the other side. Final Result Download the Illustrator File Click here to download the Illustrator file used for this tutorial.