Surreal Collages by Eugenia Loli

It's been some time since we've last seen some crazy good collages here. Eugenia Loli is an artist dedicated to the making of awesome surreal collages! Here are some examples of her fantastic artworks. For more of it, please visit her portfolio/store at Society6! I hope you enjoy these. Cheers! ;)

Cooollage - Collage experiments

Collages became quite popular in late 80s and 90s in the print world, with David Carson being one of the exponents of the trend. In the late 90s and early 2000s it was big on the web as well. After that it seemed to fade away. Nevertheless, it's always awesome to see people playing with the technique. In my opinion this style will never cease to amaze me. The work of Viet Huynh is a good example, just check out after the break. An experiment through scanned images.

Nerd Love Collages by Meghan Stratman

Is not that usual to see collage works around here, mostly because it's kinda hard to find really good works like these by artist Meghan Stratman. These are pure awesome! Meghan really shows us her nerd-self in these fantastic pieces of collage. From Adventure Time to Portal, she has covered a lot of great things from the geek/nerd world. But these are only a handful of her works... there's so much more to see in her portfolio and I really recommend you to go there to see it.

Retro Collage Inspiration

I love to see some old collages with a retro style, without any use of computer. Muharrem Çetin is an excelente artist and his work has that retro feeling with a good mix of photo and type collage making some really cool compositions. Enjoy!

Awesome Collage Artworks by Sammy Slabbinck

It's been some time since I've seen some nice collages like these, by designer Sammy Slabbinck. It reminds me that collages that are an awesome style that I'd like to see more often around here.

Spiritual Digital Collages by Luis Toledo

Luis Toledo is a graphic designer and illustrator from Madrid-Spain who also works under the name of LaPrisaMata. Creator of spiritual digital collages, work that has caught the eye of many big clients and lots of people. Luis creates his images "grain by grain", filling them with symbols and meanings. "I add lot of detais that´ll be discovered over time: some surprising; some mysterious."

Beautiful Collage Portraits by Ann Marshall

We've already seen some crazy collages here at Abduzeedo, but I don't remember seeing such delicate portraits like these, done by artist Ann Marshall, which are simply amazing. At first I thought they were paintings, but then I realized they were collage. Awesome!

Beautiful Collage Works by Derek Gores

Collage is a great style and we've seen some great examples of this art here at Abduzeedo, but we can't get enough of it, so today we feature the beautiful works of artist Derek Gores.

Collage Illustrations by Heymeca

Heymeca is also known as André Meca, a very talented portuguese graphic designer and illustrator. Who's currently a student of Graphic Design and a Freelancer, and on the free time works on his "Make Something Cool Everyday" project which is what we looking at here.

Beautiful Graphic Design Work by Max-o-matic

Máximo Tuja also known as Max-o-matic is a graphic designer and illustrator currently based in Barcelona, Spain. His work is very stylish pretty much based in callages with a sort of vintage feel. As he says, he tries to create an imaginary world from torn pieces of the real world. For more information about Max-o-matic we highly recommend that you visit his Web site at, there are lots of works, it's really impressive and inspiring

Art & Illustrations by Julien Pacaud

When first exposed to the work of Julien Pacaud I immediately took a liking to it on the basis of the illustrator's quirky style, vivid imagination, and his ability to stop the viewer in their tracks with dynamic imagery rich with story and emotion. I enjoy this aspect of his work beyond even, a literal interpretation. Reminiscent of James Rosenquist's work from the 1960's you get the sense that Pacaud is, among other things, a fantastic visual storyteller with a great sense of humor - even if you only see one image out of a set.

Collage Artworks Inspiration from Kohlage

According to Wiktionary: a collage (From the French: coller, to glue) is a work of formal art, primarily in the visual arts, made from an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new whole. David Lynam is a web developer from Seattle who founded Kohlage, a site dedicated to the expressive art form of collage. Kohlage is a place where artists can go to showcase their works and/or find inspiration in the work of others.

Unique Illustrations and Artworks by Mario Wagner

Mario Wagner was born in 1974 and works as an artist and illustrator in San Francisco/USA and Cologne/Germany. His unique illustrations and artworks are commissioned by the most popular magazines like Playboy and the New York Times Magazine or clients like Adidas or Cheerios. Wagner’s work is made analog, he uses old magazines, scissor, glue and acrylcolor, even for his about 6,5 feet large artworks.

Inspiring Compositions from Patrick Winfield

Patrick Winfield is a graphic designer and a very talented artist that creates compositions putting together single pieces of Polaroid integral film. Patrick, who works as a graphic designer, started off creating collage and eventually started photographing the pieces on polaroid film. While experimenting with working polaroids into grids and composites, he ended up building more and more layers of his film collage. Patrick Winfield creates his large-scale grid composites from single pieces of Polaroid integral film.

55 Crafty Scrapbook Pages

Today I wanted to shift to the other side of the design spectrum for a change and show you something a little different: arts & crafts, or more specifically, scrapbooking. There's so much room for creativity in scrapbooks because it's simply for you. You don't have to worry about the needs of the client or audience, you're completely free to experiment to your hearts content. It's an opportunity to let your personality shine through and, not to mention, an excellent way to remember the good times in your life.

45 Cool Vintage Collages

I really love vintage styled images and I love it when people do unconventional things with it, like cut out animal heads and put it on human bodies and just experiment with cut outs in general. Today I bring you some cool vintage collages that I came across while surfing behance. Enjoy! And as always, you can send me your feedback and suggestions through twitter and facebook!

Crazy Cool Collage Works by Michele Senesi

Over a year ago we had a nice post featuring some collage works that were pretty sick. After that, we didn't have much more of those here in Abduzeedo, but we got to know the work of Michele Senesi. Michele is an Italian designer that makes some crazy cool collage work, that I think are really refreshing, since we don't get to see much of collages out there... and my question is: do you guys know other cool collage designers? We'd love to see more of these more often! Let us know!

Web Design: Collage Sites

Collage is a cool style that deserves attention. Assembling random images to built a good looking site is one though task, but there are those who manage to do a fantastic job, worth of being showcased here. These examples bellow are really awesome, and show us the wide range of styles we get within collage. And please, don't forget to visit them!! They'll appreciate it. Cheers! ;)

Inspiration: Artur 'Kjá

Collage works are pretty cool. People can go crazy and still, their pieces are most likely to become some awesome stuff. This is the case of Artur 'Kjá, a Brazilian creative who's been doing some cool collage work. If you got your own collages, please, drop a comment linking it!! Thanks The Coke Side of Life

22 Awesome Collage Works

I remember when I was a little boy that I would make some collages to use as book cover. And I used to make some pretty cool stuff, but this dude makes some awesome stuff. His name is Greg Gossel, and was born in Wisconsin in 1982. I've been looking at some cool collages recently, but this dude's work is impressive. And, if you really enjoy it, you may take it home with you, because these are actually for sale! Enjoy!

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