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Crazy Cool Collage Works by Michele Senesi

Over a year ago we had a nice post featuring some collage works that were pretty sick. After that, we didn't have much more of those here in Abduzeedo, but we got to know the work of Michele Senesi. Michele is an Italian designer that makes some crazy cool collage work, that I think are really refreshing, since we don't get to see much of collages out there... and my question is: do you guys know other cool collage designers? We'd love to see more of these more often! Let us know! And please, don't forget to visit Michele's portfolio. Hope you like it. Cheers! ;)

Web Design: Collage Sites

Collage is a cool style that deserves attention. Assembling random images to built a good looking site is one though task, but there are those who manage to do a fantastic job, worth of being showcased here. These examples bellow are really awesome, and show us the wide range of styles we get within collage. And please, don't forget to visit them!! They'll appreciate it. Cheers! ;)

Inspiration: Artur 'Kjá

Collage works are pretty cool. People can go crazy and still, their pieces are most likely to become some awesome stuff. This is the case of Artur 'Kjá, a Brazilian creative who's been doing some cool collage work. If you got your own collages, please, drop a comment linking it!! Thanks The Coke Side of Life Red Book Red Book 2 Sking Love Fragmentos Newz Project for a HardCore band Some Old Bullshit Some Old Bullshit More references:

22 Awesome Collage Works

I remember when I was a little boy that I would make some collages to use as book cover. And I used to make some pretty cool stuff, but this dude makes some awesome stuff. His name is Greg Gossel, and was born in Wisconsin in 1982. I've been looking at some cool collages recently, but this dude's work is impressive. And, if you really enjoy it, you may take it home with you, because these are actually for sale! Enjoy! You may visit this links [#1, #2] for further information about the artist. AUTHOR: PAULO ANTUNES!!!!! | If you want to write an article and have it published here send it via email to abduzeedo[at]