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Great Collection of Thor Artworks

Great Collection of Thor Artworks

Since the announcement of Marvel phase 2 many fans are waiting for what ideas the Marvel studios will come for the next movies. We already saw Iron Man 3 Movie this year and now we got Thor: The Dark World to be released on early November. Since I'm a comics addict I couldn't help but to make this post with some awesome Thor artworks from many different artist and designers, hope you guys will love it. Ken Taylor nesmosfactory Negritoo MARCIOABREU7 luca540 Cris-Art YamaO Diego Leal Daniel Clarke Adam Hastings nicebleed Reda Izo Chuckdee DAVID-OCAMPO Meredyth cheeks-74 AndyFairhurst nebezial anklesnsocks Pulvis

Stunning Collection of Kick-Ass Artworks

Stunning Collection of Kick-Ass Artworks

The legendary writer Mark Millar and "The Marvelman" John Romita Jr. made this awesome comic book called "Kick-ass" back on 2008. The general reception was quite good for a debut comic and so we had the movie adaptation on 2010 and now the sequel. I don't know about you guys, but right now I'm super excited to see the new movie, some new characters and a whole new story to see. But for now let's see some super cool artworks from a great range of artists. Katlyn Richards DanLuVisiArt Ricken-Art Miguel Co John Pabrua Christian G. Marra Christian G. Marra 3yen saadirfan Ricken-Art emmshin Orathio knaicha ironblade87 Ricken-Art ELJolly chikinrise killy3time vassdeviant shoze

Outstanding Collection of Superman Artworks

Outstanding Collection of Superman Artworks

After all the buzz around Zack Snyder's "Man of Steel" I think it's time for we pay our tribute for the most commented superhero of 2013 (and probably the most iconic comic hero ever). So here's a beautiful collection of artworks based on Superman by many artists, illustrators and designers out there, hope you appreciate it. Unless you just arrived on earth right now, you probably know it's Superman, anyway let's put here a brief description of it: Superman is a fictional character, a superhero that appears in comic books published by DC Comics, and is widely considered an American cultural icon.[1][2][3][4] Superman was created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster. Superman first appeared in Action Comics #1 (June 1938) and subsequently appeared in various radio serials, television programs, films, newspaper strips, and video games. Superman's appearance is distinctive and iconic. He usually wears a blue costume, red cape, and stylized red-and-yellow "S" shield on his chest.[7][8][9] This shield is used in a myriad of media to symbolize the character (Wikipedia). everyonesname Fikkoro Jackademus paint4you PhantomxLord SaiyaGina Superman8193 Rennee FionaMeng ronsalas The origin story of Superman relates that he was born Kal-El on the planet Krypton, before being rocketed to Earth as an infant by his scientist father Jor-El, moments before Krypton's destruction. Discovered and adopted by a Kansas farmer and his wife, the child is raised as Clark Kent and imbued with a strong moral compass. Very early he started to display superhuman abilities, which upon reaching maturity, he resolved to use for the benefit of humanity. Superman resides and operates in the fictional American city of Metropolis. As Clark Kent, he is a journalist for a Metropolis newspaper called the Daily Planet (Wikipedia). Medusone Roberto-Flores mikemaluk marespro13 JPRart nefar007 CyrilT samrkennedy BlondTheColorist pujaantarbangsa

Game of Thrones Collection

Game of Thrones Collection

From time to time there's a TV show that everyone enjoys. It might be about a group of friends living together, a crazy doctor, a teacher breaking bad, or an epic story of a long forgotten land where winter lasts years. Game of Thrones is a captivating show. Whether you root for the Lannisters or for the Starks, or, in a third [and most probable] option, you root for the last Targaryen alive and her dragons, you will have to agree with me, that no matter what the kind of GoT art you encounter, you'll go crazy about it. Thinking about that, I've made this enormous collection post. I used to make more of these in the past, but collections consist in much content for a much beloved subject, and it's kind of hard to decide the subject of these. So here you go! These are the work of many talented artists... for more of their work, visit their portfolios by clicking each image. I hope you enjoy my selection. Cheers! ;) Mercedes deBellard iamacoyfish Amys Angela Rizza Yvan Degtyariov Liza van Rees Sasha Vinogradova Massimo Carnevale Sasha Vinogradova iamacoyfish Magdalena Sasha Vinogradova Kristen Woo Yvan Degtyariov Sasha Vinogradova Richey Beckett Mike S. Miller Sasha Vinogradova zeeko lee Yvan Degtyariov Mercedes deBellard Christian Gerth Yvan Degtyariov Magdalena PattyMcPancakes Mark Hammermeister Yvan Degtyariov Mike S. Miller Briana Juan Carlos Andrades Lorenzo Fruzza shoze Magdalena Kumagorochan iamacoyfish Munkell Lynne Yoshii Mikuloctopus Kai Huang Magdalena Sasha Vinogradova

The Type Collective Project

The Type Collective Project

The Type Collective is a type and lettering project. It was born in the summer of 2012 when a few designers met up in Bucharest. They felt the need to sharpen our skills and share the results with everybody. By working together and challenging themselves they’d have more to gain in experience and exposure by making something unique. In short, 8 designers gathered to play and experiment with type — Andrei Ogradă, Alex Beltechi, Felix Hornoiu, Vlad Neuman, Koma, Nicu Duta, Octavian Budai & Vian Peanu. All the work featured on the site is original, created by one of us. We try to update it almost every week with sketches, explorations or finished work. For more visit Best friend by Koma Sinistro Bold gold by Vian Peanu Chemistry by Vian Peanu Chill by Koma Sinistro Honey B by Felix Hornoiu Just Don't by Andrei Ograda Looming Deadline by Alex Beltechi Love Hotel by Octavian Budai S by Vlad Neuman Type till I die by Vian Peanu Type writer by Felix Hornoiu Ages by Octavian Budai For more visit

Awesome Collection of Super Mario Fanart

Awesome Collection of Super Mario Fanart

I think I never heard of someone born between the 80's and 90's that never played one of Mario's video game, maybe because pretty much everybody loves Mario. He's undeniably the most famous video game character, so here a little tribute from us to this icon. Hope you guys will enjoy this collection, I tried not to stick with the classic Mario look, so I looked for some really alternative versions of our most beloved Italian friend. BenHickling living-oxymoron Robotpencil ultimatesol mario-freire D-MAC Vantasy kichisu am-bearre dhstyle Mario is depicted as a short, pudgy, Italian plumber who resides in the Mushroom Kingdom. He repeatedly rescues Princess Peach from the turtle-like villain Bowser and stops his numerous plans to destroy him and take over the kingdom. Mario also has other enemies and rivals, including Donkey Kong and Wario (Wikipedia). Chowdown MaroBot Ry-Spirit torokun Darq-V TVsKyle MistyTang Torogoz pnutink kevinbolk

The Beatles Collection

I can't remember the last time I had a collection post published. These posts are really fun to do, mainly because they're about things people totally love, and for this one, I was trying to figure something like that, and then it came to my mind. The Beatles. People love them. I that's enough for me. And it should be enough for you too. Here, enjoy some Beatles. And don't forget to visit these pages for original works. And since the Beatles don't need introduction, I'm done with this paragraph, so here's some lorem ipum to fill it: dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Cheers! ;)

Amazing Hello Kitty Collection by Joseph Senior

This is a completely unexpected theme for me, but it came out so good I just had to post it. Illustrator Joseph Senior came up with tons of different Hello Kitty designs inspired by pop culture. Amazing. Joseph, illustrator based in New Zealand, takes his Hello Kitty seriously. And it's funny because it's seriously cool. These are only a handful of his collection. I totally recommend you to check his flickrstream to see the whole deal. There are some fantastic designs there, like Darth Vader and Hit Girl. Go check it out. I hope you enjoy these! Cheers! ;) Hello Raphael Hello Donatello Hello Michelangelo Hello Leonardo Hello Loki Hello Thor Hello Green Lantern Hello Dark Knight Hello Buster Kitty Hello Comedian Hello Rorschach Hello Night Owl Hello Silk Spectre Hello Dr Manhattan Hello KISSy GENE Hello Optimus Hello TRON 2010 Hello Daft Punk GUY Hello Daft Punk THOMAS Hello Boba Kitty Hello c3po Hello Storm Kitty Hello BuzzKitty Hello Gundam Hello Clockwork Orange Kitty

Awesome Supergirl Collection

We had some awesome superhero round-ups here at Abduzeedo, and today I was really in the mood for some Supergirl love. She's a super-cute character and really deserves her own post, right? So I've searched for awesome Supergirl illustrations and found lots of great pieces, so I had to select only a few of them. Here's my selection of the best of them. For more great works from these guys, you should really visit their portfolios! It's worth the visit. I really hope you enjoy these! ;) PS.: How about some Power-Girl next week? ;p 89g Batuhan özer Stefani Rennee Lines by Márcio Takara, colors by Eric Spacecowboy Lines by Dagger, Colors by Eric Spacecowboy Lines by Michael Dooney, Colors by Joe User Krystal Lines by Márcio Takara, Colors by Eve Orozco Lines by Randy Green, Colors by Eric Spacecowboy Rodin Esquejo Lines by Carlos Gomez, Colors by Ruben Tomás Justin Coffee Adam Withers Justin Coffee Damion Ryan Ottley Dave Hoover Dave Hoover Lines by Richard Samuraiblack, Colors by Gaz Hunt Abraão Lucas Márcio Takara Felipe Massafera Brianne Drouhard Adam Hughes Cedric Poulat Linda Luksic Sejic Migs Abarintos Yildiray CINAR Jeremy Roberts

Best of 2010: Sites of the Week

2010 was awesome, we discovered a lot of great and beautiful sites, and we tried to share here with you on every single Friday. So today, the last Friday of 2011 we have selected the best sites in our opinion and that we really recommend that you check them out again. Hope you love it! For 2011, you can keep sending me your suggestions via Twitter or, and include #abdz_sites in the message. DESIGN / CSS Cascade Brewery - Cascade Brewery is Australia's oldest operating brewery established by Peter Degraves in 1824. Producing beers of the finest quality at the foot of the majestic Mount Wellington in Tasmania.Digital Podge - 2009 has been a year of unique challenges for the entire creative industry and is has been pretty clear that the digital market has been boosted by its ability to be immediately measurable. So with that said, we celebrate the facts and figures that continue to make this accountably, measurably and undeniably Digital Podge.Tapmates - We are not a huge company, we are an innovation software garage. We love designing easy to use utilities and applications for your iPhone, Mac and iPad with beautiful user interface. Our team is passionate about creating great piece of software for your enjoyment.Future of Web Design - The Future of Web Design is coming back to London in 2010. The newly revitalised event has evolved into a beautiful three full days of essential web learning. With a new event comes brand new venues for both the conference and workshops, so there's a load of stuff you need to know!Neutron Creations - We build web sites and applications with fanatical attention to detail, and offer a range of development services.We pride ourselves on using a modern agile workflow and industry best practices to craft modern solutions to our clients’ problems that are as elegant as they are enjoyable to use.Skyskraper - A tall building with many stories.Bounty Bev - Great American craft beer. It's what BountyBev believes in; what we live and breathe. Let us bring our passion to you... follow the road to discover better beer.Cutler - Cutler is the Web and digital communications agency that speaks the language of new technologies and easily accessible. From the first meeting to delivery of the project's customers Cutler always have a picture of the situation understandable and detailed. (Via Google Translate)@Anywhere - Integrate Twitter seamlessly into your site with just a few lines of Javascript.A Modern Eden - Share the love. You'll adore A Modern Eden just as much as your child. Endearing animals and engaging games for them. Classic design and peace of mind for you.Never Mind The Bullets - As the web and its technologies continue to evolve, we prepare to enter the age of HTML5. Created for «Beauty of the Web» in honor of the launch of Internet Explorer 9, «Never Mind the Bullets» offers the traditional comic strip experience enriched by the effects of parallax.Ad Packs - Our hand-picked and perfectly priced ad packs have the right punch for your campaign. We connect digital influencers and quality brands through one, single, high-impact ad per - Ambata 1 - The more detailed statistics, graphs and the last sorties of the number 1. (By Google Translate) Ben the Bodyguard - Ben the Bodyguard for iPhone® and iPod touch®: the personal guardian for all your most sensitive and secret on-the-go data. With his expertise in security and encryption techniques, Ben protects passwords, contacts, text, reminders, photos and videos.APP / WEB APP Upload Pie - Upload Pie is a simple no fuss tool for temporarily sharing images and text files, allowing you to view the files within a browser window for a chosen amount of time.KaffeeBreak - Welcome to KaffeeBreak, a fuss free, simple and time saving accounting package. Everything you need and nothing you don't.Kodu - Kodu is working on developing applications that follow the same principles that have given the iPhone its success, a strong focus on usability, great interface design and reliable code to back that up. Movies Now! the simplest way to buy movie tickets on your iPhone or iPod Touch.Refilmagem - A 'must have' guide for those who can't stay a weekend without going to the movies to watch a film with the friends.Robocat - We're a bunch of nice guys based out of Copenhagen, Denmark. At night we drink coffee, design and code iPhone apps. At day we drink tea and dream of fame and glory! - allows anyone to create an elegant, single-page website using personal content from around the Internet.Transmit - You need to transfer files. Maybe to an FTP or SFTP server, or the cloud via Amazon S3, or using WebDAV. You maintain a website, do backups, or upload photos. You need Transmit, the #1 Mac OS X FTP client.¹ Now, in Transmit 4, we took everything good about Transmit, and added a dollop of unbelievably great.Kaleidoscope - Use Kaleidoscope to spot the differences in text and image files. Review changes in seconds with the world's most advanced file comparison application.MailChimp 5.2 - There are real people behind all those email addresses on your mailing list, and MailChimp's new features will help you get to know them. Whether you use our AutoConnect templates to engage your readers, or Social Pro to learn more about them and provide relevant content, MailChimp helps you treat your subscribers like the humans they are.iFontMaker - FontMaker™ is the first font editor exclusive for iPad™. With iPad touch interface, your 100% original hand typeface can be done in 5 minutes.fflick - fflick is movie reviews by you and your friends.Mechanical Pomodoro - The Amazing Mechanical Pomodoro is an app for the iPhone/iPod Touch that helps you implement the Pomodoro Technique (TM) for increasing productivity.Alfred - Alfred is a productivity application for Mac OS X, which aims to save you time in searching your local computer and the web. Whether it's maps, Amazon, eBay, Wikipedia, you can feed your web addiction quicker than ever before.Geckoboard - Together at last! Web analytics, CRM, support, infrastructure, project management, sales... all in one place. Geckoboard is a hosted, real-time status board serving up the indicators that matter to you.Facecard - Put Christmas stickers on any face without having to move or resize the items. You don't even have to set face points. Facecard will do it all for you automatically.SimpleGeo - We make it easy for developers to create location-aware applications.COMMUNITY / PORTAL / STORE DesignersMusic - Great design needs great music, and DesignersMusic is all about helping you find new inspration. Find out what other designers are listening to, sort music by job types and share that awesome band no one else has heard of. Stop reading and get started! Sutton West Coast - At Sutton WestCoast Realty you’ll find agents with the experience you need to navigate today’s current real estate market. You’ll also find an organization behind them that is committed to innovation and service excellence.Chirp - Chirp » The Official Twitter Developer Conference. Philadelphia Official Visitor Site - Official visitor website for Philadelphia travel and tourism information including hotels, restaurants, things to do, history, events, museums, nightlife, shopping, attractions and more. The Design Buzz - The Design Buzz is a place for creative people to discover and share creative news and articles written by designers and developers. The Design Buzz feature the best articles hand-picked by us and voted on by our users to ensure the highest quality!StickerMule - Sticker Mule is the easiest way to buy custom stickers & skins. We fix artwork problems for free and provide free shipping to anywhere in the US. Our products are made using the world’s most advanced printing technology. The result? High definition printing at really low costs. Whether you need 50 or 500,000 stickers, nothing beats the mule. Dribbble - Dribbble is show and tell for designers, developers and other creatives. Share sneak peeks of your work as “shots” — small screenshots of the designs and applications you’re working on. vtravelled - vtravelled is all about dreaming, sharing and planning travel. Sound like fun? Well, we believe travelling is and always should be fun. vtravelled exists first and foremost to help you imagine and fall more in love with travel; not only by yourself but more importantly with other passionate travellers. It's all about inspiration, inspiration, inspiration! Quantify - Advanced user interface brings a whole new experience to online task management.Where They At - “Where They At,” or “Wha Dey At,” is the title of a song generally recognized as the first bounce release, recorded in late 1991 as a cassette-only release by rapper T.T. Tucker, with the late DJ Irv.The IdeaLists - The IdeaLists is an experiment in social networking applied to communications solutions, a more efficient agency model, and most importantly, a chance to increase your ratio of good idea conceptualization to good idea realization. Pinterest - Pinterest is a free service to share collections of things you love—whether that's food, art, clothing or books. Join our waiting list to request an invitation today. The Combine 2010 - The Combine is a display of talent, entrepreneurship and innovation. It’s an event about tech, specifically the people, ideas and environments that drive technology. STUDIO / PORTFOLIO / BLOG Design Wise - DesignWise is a creative services studio located in Yorktown, Virginia. We create websites, print graphics, and logo & identity branding both locally and nationwide.Oliver James Gosling - You've found yourself at the online home of Oli Gosling, a Web Developer & Internet Specialist based in Bristol. Here you’ll find a selection of my latest work and stats about my skill.Mambo Industries - Mambo ® Industries is a young creative workshop that deals with the design of corporate communication. Its activity is spread in multiple directions, from the creation of logos, catalogs, brochures, leaflets, flyers, business cards, packaging design of websites and MySpace profile. (by Google Translate)Jeroen Homan - Hi and welcome! My name is Jeroen Homan, I am a Webdesigner/Front-end Developer from the Netherlands. I design clean, smart & effective websites, I love minimal design, develop amazing wordpress themes and code clean xhtml & css.ColorCubic - Colorcubic is the multidisciplinary creative studio of Michael John & Christy Lai in Portland, Oregon. We spend most of our hands-on time making and curating things we love for both client and studio projects.David Hellmann - I am a graphic designer, web designer and web developer from Cologne. I like WordPress, am incredibly excited and fascinated by technology jQuery. To learn more about me there here. If you have any questions, please let us talk about it! Use best the contact form.Digital Labs - Digital Labs is the personal portfolio of Tomas G. senior user interface designer at August Interactive.MassiveBlue - Hi, my name is Sam and I am a freelance interface designer and web standards developer from Edinburgh, Scotland. Browse my portfolio and be sure to contact me about your next projectMCQ - To put it simply, I am an artist. Not-so-simply put I am a Graphic Designer, Illustrator and a Art Director. I live for those small moments of joy when a good idea overwhelms you with child-like excitement.Collision - Collision is about building things, things that work flawlessly, things that kick ass. We have an enormous wealth of talent and resources, and we're always on the lookout for something to build. Ideas come and go, but we're all about acting on those ideas here.Tuispace - We feel that branding, design, social marketing and online technologies should all come together into a seamless “success machine” for our clients. Take a look at the services we can provide for your business.Cassius - Cassius Design is a Freelance Web Designer and Freelance Graphic Designer based in Melbourne/Sydney, Australia. Specialising in Web Design Standards, Search Engine Optimisation and Usability/Accessibility Consultancy.Just Dot - The creative team JustDot sets new bases in the area of web business, IT and Marketing Services. Our goal is to implement innovative ideas in the constantly evolving world of internet communication via websites, software, web applications and i-phone applications. (By Google Translate)FHOKE - We are an award winning creative agency focused on putting quality back into web design and development. We also love branding and print.Fixel - We are a small design agency that puts out top-shelf work. Our team of designers, developers, and creative thinkers can help you unlock the potential of your brand.TEMPLATES MyStream - MyStream is a flexible and extremely customizable personal blog theme with massive social media & lifestreaming influences. Change the background to your visual identity, move the many available widgets around and VOILA: you have YourStream.Thick - THiCK is a super-personal theme that focuses on you: the blog owner. With both clean & grunge, dark & light styles, as well as 5 colour schemes for each, you’re sure to find one you like. The theme also includes a bunch of custom widgets to make it a truly unique experience!Loremo - The “Loremo” psd site is clean and crispy. Layout is designed to promote mainly freelancer web sites or design agencys. Black Board - Black Board Portfolio PSD Template is perfect for cool looking presentations in the web. There are great chalk graphics included. Foliogrid - celebrates it's launch in style by offering you this Wordpress Portfolio Theme absolutely FREE! Cinch - Cinch is a classy & feature-rich tumblog theme built for WordPress. Incorporating awesome advanced QuickPress functionality (exclusive to WooThemes) and an amazing design (with added jQuery awesomeness), Cinch is most definitely the tumblog theme that you want to use!BigBiz - BigBiz is aimed at those of you who want a striking CMS orientated theme which you can use to showcase your products, portfolio or services. Simplefolio - Your work speaks for itself, so let it take center stage. Each project has a discrete, dedicated page that provides further details on the project and how you were involved. Simplefolio recedes smoothly into the background and allows you to showcase your best projects.Nautical - A sepia respite from the shiny web. Nautical’s bespoke textures and woodcut illustrations make an excellent notebook for your journal of wandering ideas. Nautical also makes a great starting point for buccaneers and other rogues interested in exploring social media. MyApp - With the popularity of mobile appliations increasing, more and more people are looking for an easy way to create an online home for their software. MyApp was created to make it easy to publish and promote your app, and has been tailored specifically for the mobile market.Box & Cube - The Box & Cube theme is a great premium 1 Page PSD template that focuses on icon and general work submission. 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40 Years Without Jimi Hendrix

Tomorrow, September the 18th, will complete 40 years that rock legend, guitar hero Jimi Hendrix died at age 27, in London. This crazy talented man inspired many of the guitarists we've seen after him, and will inspire many to come. Mr. Hendrix, we salute you. Rock on. To remember his passing, nothing more appropriate to a design blog than to post Jimi Hendrix inspired work, from stencil to painting, illustrations and sculptures. These are badass and I hope you enjoy them. Cheers! ;) Erika Iris Simmons Andrés Yeah Emiliano Quintana sot Jef Aerosol Eduardo Kobra Jenson Lee Paul Green LBeto Arthur Gugick Nicholas Breslow Erika Iris Simmons Gary Jones Izolag Armeidah Bruno Leyval Steve Epiclectic Jef Aerosol Rebecca Fin DAC Mark Hammermeister Pablo Lobato Fabio Venni Brett Kropp Jeff Hopp Fin DAC Izolag Armeidah mc 1984 René Kasman Emi Renzi scienceduck calumwl B. Broughton

Awesome Collection of iPad Cases

I recently got myself this sweet gift called iPad and I love it, specially if you navigate on abduzeedo it's simply beautiful. But I also need a nice case to go with it, to keep the ipad nice and secure so I did a good research and I'm sharing the results on this post with an awesome collection of iPad Cases. Gray Corduroy iPad Case | $25.00 iPad sleeve - Penguin | $62.00 The Leather iPad Case | $108.00 Water Resistant Padded Case-Americana | $28.00 Lynx Fur iPad Case Sleeve | $34.00 iPhone 4 Case Outfit Army Handmade | $135.00 Sleevy for your iPad | $67.00 ecycled Jeans Eco Friendly iPad Case Sleeve | $29.00 iPad Case Skully Extra Padded | $30.00 iPad sleeve - Owl | $62.00 Letter from Paris iPad Sleeve | $20.00 Monster iPad Sleeve | $30.00 Mix Tape Ipad Case | $110.00 Newspapers iPad Case | $28.00 Top Upper Cow Leather Case | $69.00 Pad Case Sergeant Handmade | $105.00

Half-Life Collection

It's been a long time since we had any collection post here. I'm in a Half-Life frenzy these last few days... just finished Episode 2 and went looking for news about Episode 3, and all I could find was some concept arts. That gave me an idea. The concepcts were really... conceptual. You can't understand much, but they do look good (the last few images). So I thought it would be a good idea to find some Half-Life related stuff around the web and make a quick collection post on it, since I love the series and I bet some of you love it as well. So, I hope you enjoy these... and let's all hope for the next episode some time soon. Cheers! ;) Episode 3 Concept Arts

The Awesomeness of Ninjas

As tradition demands, we MUST have fun on friday. We all had a tough week, and nothing better just to chill a little bit, right? Fabio and I were talking about that fun movie Ninja Assassin... we thought it would be a great idea for a post, Ninjas!! So I went looking for ninjas... and as I should have known, they are tough to be found... I mean, they're ninjas, right? I actually found just a few set of great images... illustrations, picture and a sculpture. But all really awesome. So, I hope you all enjoy my selection, and don't forget to visit the artists behind these! Cheers. ;)

The Best of Architecture in 2009

This year I started here on Abduzeedo a series of architecture posts. At these posts we have been showing beautiful offices, crazy houses, famous architects and other inspirations around this field! To celebrate that, I've select the greatest posts of 2009, the most read and commented ones, and made this single article. So enjoy it and be sure that this is just the beginning! Great Offices from Office Snapshotsfrom GisMullr, at April 01, 2009 Unbelievable Modern House Designsfrom Paul0v2, at April 18, 2009 The Unusual Architecture of Dubai - Part 1from MarceloSeferin, at April 30, 2009 Incredibly Great Tree Housesfrom MarceloSeferin, at May 22, 2009 Amazing Architecture from the Netherlands by MVRDV from Fabiano, at September 24, 2009 The most incredibles Museums around the world - Part 1from Fabiano, at October 07, 2009 World's 10 Tallest Skyscrapersfrom Fabiano, at October 28, 2009 The amazing F1 Yas Marina Circuit, in Abu Dhabifrom Fabiano, at November 04, 2009 Architect Day: Oscar Niemeyerfrom MarceloSeferin, at November 10, 2009 Twitter's New Office and Headquarterfrom Fabiano, at November 18, 2009 Architect Day: Tadao Andofrom MarceloSeferin, at November 24, 2009 Google EMEA Engineering Hub, in Zürichfrom Fabiano, at December 02, 2009 Architect Day: Zaha Hadidfrom MarceloSeferin, at December 08, 2009 The Stylish Parliament Design Headquartersfrom Fabiano, at December 09, 2009 Inside the Studio of Design By Frontfrom Paul0v2, at December 10, 2009 A Top View of Tokyofrom Paul0v2, at December 17, 2009 Architect Day: Richard Meierfrom MarceloSeferin, at December 22, 2009 The Beautiful and Productive Facebook Headquartersfrom Fabiano, at December 23, 2009

Homer Simpson Collection

Think about beloved characters. If Homer Simpson hasn't crossed your mind, then I say that there's something deeply wrong with you. Nah, just kidding... but Homer is indeed one of the most beloved characters ever. The whole world just loves his sillyness. So, today thinking about what post I would do, I realized that we didn't have a collection on Homer, which is a real shame! So I started searching for all things Homer J. Simpson, and found a lot of good, funny stuff! I hope you all really enjoy these as much as I did! And don't forget to check out the page of each author. Cheers! ;)

Really Cool Illustrations of Pirates

Another day we posted a really nice collection of zombies. Then Fabio and I started to talk about it, and we realized how cool it would be to have a pirate collection. Then after lots of research, I managed to find 20 illustrations worth of showing you guys. I'm not saying that there are only 20 cool pirate illustrations out there, but during my research at DeviantART, I realized how much people are bizarre. If you look for the word "pirate", you'll find all sorts of crazy, crazy stuff. In summary, people got a fetish for pirates. Bizarre, really... and these were the ones that were "postable". Anyways, I hope you guys like these! Cheers! ;)