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Hysterical Minds New Exhibition 8.0: Shadowness

Recently, the artgroup known as Hysterical MInds, released their 8th exhibition in collaboration with the art community named Shadowness. A variety of llustrative esthetic dynamics in a dark concept in result of a very out-of-the-box artworks that will simply blow your mind. An exhibition where each artist has made a personal vision of his darkest side and the general idea of shadowness, through different styles and a big variety of concepts, creating an intense and homogeneous set, of a tremendous quality and facing the tough challenge of raising a qualitative step in our growing dynamics, reasons why, together, we are sure it will be a huge success. For more information about Hysterical Minds and their artists, you can visit , be a fan of Hysterical Minds on Facebook or simply follow them on Twitter @ hystericalminds . From Light to Darkness - Arkiniano Abduction - Patxinaki Technification - Liransz & -M- Emboscada - Jcbarquet Hellfire - Schiszophrenia Bittersweet - Matkraken Femmes Prisonnières - Stronger Soul Collector - Matkraken Last Hour - Jcbarquet Multiples Visages - Stronger HM8 - AtixVector Ellas - Soghen Loto Skull - 7Plagues Toy - Aoyru Cria cuervos y te sacaran los ojos - Italia Ruotolo

SlashTHREE New Exhibition 17 : Quote Unquote

Just recently, the International Design Collective named SlashTHREE, released their latest exhibition number 17 entitled: Quote Unquote. A beautiful set of different style of digital imagery, illustrations, photography and music simply based on a quote. This is in our pleasure to present to you guys, some of those amazing pieces. The result was an exhibition that saw many styles of literature interpreted in a new light by our artist core. The efforts of Edmar Cisneros, Rob Shields, Nicolas Baroille, and Anthony Giacomino shone through as highlights in this exhibition, while the work of one of the latest additions to the collective, Tarin Yuangtrakul, will go down as some of the strongest in the history of slashTHREE. For more information about SlashTHREE and their artists, you can visit or simply follow them on Twitter @slashTHREE.

The Raygun 52 Project

52 designers will make 52 raygun concepts during 52 weeks. This is the basic premise of this really funny and awesome project. With the colaboration of some really outstanding designers as Mark Weaver, Juan Molinet and Olly Moss, this project still got a lot of rad designs to show us. Here I showcased the first 10 entries, but keep one eye at their website every week to get some new fresh concept. More information and awesomeness, please acess Raygun 52 Official Website. 001 // EA Mark27 "The Percolator" by Emory Allen 002 // Gemerald Blaster by Zac Neulieb 003 // HAN-11 by Travis Olson 004 // The Solar Stinger by Sam Sellers 005 // Grandblaster Flash by Paul Carroll 006 // GLORBRAY by Joey Ellis 007 // The Peacekeeper by Ross Bruggink 008 // The Prodigal Son by David Sizemore 009 // Solar X-Gamma Ray Convector "El Rayo" by Juan Molinet 010 // TCAR-2258 “The Cluster Cannon” by Evan Stremke

Dacs United 2011

About a year ago, we've featured an exhibition called 'Exposé' from Dacs. It's a design collective that enables creatives from all over the world to rise up against the sex trade. This year, they're back with a new exhibition 'Episodes' and calling designers to join their network for the next exhibition happening in late June. We are a group of artists with a passion for making a difference in our world. We leverage our unique gifts and styles to produce artwork, to raise awareness of the injustice of sex trafficking and inspiring others to use their talents to impact the world around us. Dacs is the vision of John Mark Herskind, a young talented designer from South Carolina, US. You can check his work on , follow his work on or follow him on Twitter @jmherskind . About DACS We want to see how effective artists can be when they start breaking the boundaries of culture, race, religion, and backgrounds to unite for a just cause, and use their unique styles and talents to give a voice to the voiceless. Not to mention that all the submissions will be judged by Jennifer Cirpici from and Richard Roberts from For more information about Dacs, you can visit , follow them on Twitter @dacsunited or follow them on Tumblr . Exposé 2010 Video Exposé from Designers Against Child Slavery on Vimeo. Exposé 2010 in Pictures by Sarah Blake by Richard Roberts by Carole Wilmet by Man-Tsun by Nathan Walker by Andries Pries by Cait Maloney by Yee Von Chan Information about the next exhibit 'Episodes' This exhibition is all about telling the story of a trafficking victim, through our art work. So we will be literally illustrating the "Episodes" of a victims story. Deadline for Entries: Wednesday, July 20th, 2011 Submission details: Image Size: 40.64 cm x 50.8 cm Color Mode: CMYK Resolution: 300 dpi

Introducing Peach Beach Illustration Collective

I've found the work of Peach Beach Collective just sometime ago and I got pretty amazed by the illustrations of this guys. In fact, is really cool to see that illustrator can work together and still maintain their own style. Despite the fact most of the illustrators rather work by their own, this makes me wonder If our kind business could have more collaborative work like this studio already do. If you want to know more about Peach Beach please access their Website or their Flickr. Peachbeach is a fraternity of three village delinquents who wound up in the great capital of Berlin because of its vibrancy and dazzling colours. Harnessing varied cultural backgrounds, we were able to use different expressive accents to our advantage, fusing the most diverse creative approaches into one edgy mix of illustrative force, sensitive typography and ironic societal games. The established interaction of existing skills and connected minds gives rise to a stunning number of different synergies which combine our different outlooks and inspire in everyday life (Peach Beach's Website).

Depthcore New Chapter: MIRROR

The Depthcore Collective one of our favorite ones out there has just released their new chapter, the 41st themed chapter exhibition called "MIRROR". As you can expect there are amazing works from masters such as Justin Maller, Sara Blake, Mike Harrison, Jeff Huang, João Oliveira and many others. This chapter features over seventy carefully considered and meticulously executed pieces produced by a diverse selection of members from the collective. The submissions, as varied in content as they are in style, revolve around central themes of introspection, self reflection and contemplation of man and his environment, and are spread across several mediums, including music, photography, illustration and digital painting. Perspectives Exploration 01 © Sara Blake Perspectives Exploration 03 © Sara Blake Swallow © Ehren Mikeal Kallman Amo La Vita © Mike Harrison Farewell Mr.Eldritch © Matei Apostolescu Supernova © Richards Roberts Empyrean © Justin Maller I, the accuser © Matei Apostolescu Pestilence © Jeff Huang I Tweet © Phil Dunne Neo Eden © Kervin Brisseaux M?RM © Maciej Hajnrich Mirror House © João Oliveira § © Sougwen Chung For more information about Depthcore Collective visit and to see more works of the MIRROR chapter go to

Paradigm Shift - slashTHREE New Exhibition

The slashTHREE collective selected Paradigm Shift as the theme for its fifteenth exhibition to complement the massive changes it underwent along with the release, which began with a new version of its website. Version four of was not only about creating an incredible new website, but also about refining the functionality of the collective and the way it carries itself in the online art community. For more information about this new slashTHREE exhibition visit Unusual Vision By Leonardo Dentico The tale of the Lone Yor By Roy Bourkel The Blueprint By Maksimilijan Gecevic The Good Reason for our Forgetting By Rob Shields Suit Up! By Tomin Vladimir Spawn By Eduardo Lopez Mother Earth By Daria Widermanska - Spala Medusa By Przemek Nawrocki Ker-Pau! By Neil Hanvey and Jordi Vidal Heart By Irina Batkova In Searh for Apotheosis By Edmar Cisneros And Never Be Found Again By Marco Casalvieri Beynod III By Nicolas Monin-Baroille, Roy Bourkel, Jacob Bian, Ola Gilen Beatiful Decay By Anthony Giacomino, Ola Gilen Rysamb Deformación By Nicolas Monin-Baroille 01101010 By Mateusz Sypien Destroy By Adrian Romero

Designers Against Child Slavery

Designers Against Child Slavery is a Design Collective that enables creatives from all over the world to rise up against the sex trade. We want to see how effective artists can be when they start breaking the boundaries of culture, race, religion, and backgrounds to unite for a just cause, and use their unique styles and talents to give a voice to the voiceless. Over the past few decades, sex trafficking has reached epidemic proportions. Its estimated that one third of the worlds sex trafficking takes place in Asia, and 30% of the victims are children. Hundreds of thousands of girls and boys are believed to be enslaved in the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and other countries in an underground industry that inflicts horrible emotional and physical pain to these young lives. There are an estimated 2 million children enslaved worldwide, with approximately 225,000 women and children being trafficked out of South East Asia annually. The average age of the victims is between 10 and 18 years old, but children have been found as young as 5 years old. These victims are often required to have sex with as many as 15 men a day. If they refuse they are threatened, beaten, and starved. It is estimated that 50-90% of children rescued from brothels in parts of Southeast Asia are infected with HIV. Although many people are removed forcibly from their families for the purpose of trafficking, many others go willingly, choosing to believe their traffickers promise of a better life. This deceit is all too common. A Cambodian study found that 85 percent of victims were trafficked by someone close to them, someone from within the family, a friend, neighbor or boyfriend. There are many reasons for the dramatic increase in the trafficking of women and children such as globalization, domestic servitude, cheap labor, marriage, adoption, prostitution, child pornography including the more recent practice of live internet child abuse, and child sex tourism. Weak law enforcement and lack of community awareness as well as the lure of easy money have helped to make this industry boom. Here are some of the pieces that great-hearted artist made for the project. For more of these works and more information about this collective you may visit DACS website at You should really take a look at these and support the cause. Children all over the world will thank you. Bram Vanharaen Diego Rodriguez Grzegorz Domaradzki Mike Harrison Mike Speero Richard Roberts Sarah Blake DACS Exhibition

Voyage: New Evoke's Exhibition

Evoke is an online art, music, design, and photography collective founded in June 2005 by Justin Bristow, Sean Graham, and Ted Yavuzkurt, Evoke began as a youthful online boutique art community. As numerous talented artists and designers joined the team, Evoke expanded beyond its original realm, recruiting killer musicians and photographers. Every few months, they release themed exhibitions to the public, showcasing their abilities, the latest one is called Voyage and there are some incredible work as usual. Our 23rd artpack, VOYAGE, is meant to capture the thrill of an adventurous spirit. The feeling of escape from the normal daily grind. Leaving behind the normal and finding the joy that comes from leaving all your troubles behind. This collection of images and music will capture your imagination. Tony Rivera, our featured artist for this release has taken us to envisioned scenes from other galaxies, with impressive detail and vibrancy. James Merrill and Parker Gibson have interpreted the theme with vivid abstract work, while newcomers such as Adrián Romero have produced high quality vector work. Some Work The Black Pearl by Erik Schumacher Out Far by James Merrill In the air by Leroy François Piercings by Matteo M. 9 Destinations by Fab Rosco, Olli-Pekka Jauhiainen, and Parker Gibson Static Adventure by Parker Gibson and Rogier De Boevé Midnight Run by Tony Rivera 30.000 Leagues Under the Sea by João Oliveira ?? - Voyage by Adrián Romero Clinging to a Voyage by Chris Koch Strange... by Tyler Lehman Sonic Abberations by James Merrill 30hsh by Aengus Tukel Nocturnal Itinerary by Hamdan Teleport 01 by Fab Rosco For more information, to check ou the full exhibition, including photos, art, music and to read the interview with Tony Rivera visit you won't regret the time you will spend over there, pure inspiration.

Funkrush Blackrock Collective Card Deck + Abduzeedo Discount

We have been showing Funkrush stuff several times but this one deserves another article. 54 artistic little designs for your enjoyment are the reason for todays Funkrush promotion. I hear you asking, "What is this I see before me? Playing cards, or 54 little pieces of art?" The result of hours of doodling, squabbling, and sanding every card by hand has produced this diverse and beautiful card deck. It feels amazing, and deserves to be fondled as much as possible. The feel, overall brilliantly printed card size and box design are the same as the first deck. As is the varied styles (and nationalities) of the BRC. What IS different about this deck (ingeniously named 'Version 2') is the limited palette of classic Black, White and Red. Almost every mix of these three colours artistically designed for your card playing pleasure. Funkrush Online Store Use "ABDUZEEDO" when you buy in the Funkrush Store and get 10% discount.

Le Cirque Des Couleurs by SlashTHREE

SlashTHREE, one of our favorite collectives out there has a new exhibition, their 14th to be more precise, and it's called “Le Cirque Des Couleurs”. The theme invited the artists to not only to explore their brighter and more vibrant side but also to create free flowing, abnormal, 'circus' like imagery. They also created massive typographical collaboration in which volunteers from the collective created pieces of art based around a letter of their choosing, which is called “Le Grand Cirque Des Couleurs”. The featured artists for the “Le Cirque Des Couleurs” was the mighty Erik Schumacher a Physics student from Germany and a Photoshop crazy artist in his free time. You can read the whole interview with Erik Shumacher by Saad Moosajee here. For more information and to check out all images of the exhibition visit Some people say it's the apocalypse... by Kire Tale of the Hidden Orchid by Kire Masque du Caprice by Bechira Psychecellia by agiaco AIN SVP AVR atomic circus And then, they invented color, and gave it to people by kacperspala slashTHREE is on the verge of a new era. With major projects in the pipeline such as slashTHREE Version 4, we aim to change the face of this collective and make your experience even better, this truly is the place to be in the future. For now, though, we are extremely proud to present our 14th exhibition, “Le Cirque Des Couleurs”. Cirque du Freak by bechira Couleur Espace Colour your reality by r2on Color Universe by edlo Discodance Dissonance by apom, agiaco Reach For The Sky by freekilly polychromasia by Ignite Platform 3 by Logix

Unleashed - SlashTHREE 13th Exhibition

The super cool SlashTHREE collective presents us its 13th exhibition entitled "Unleashed". As the name suggests the artists had freedom to create and unleash all their imagination to come up with over 70 fantastic arts. It truly allowed the slashTHREE collective to show the world all of their skills and talents, and we could not be more proud of the outcome. With the release of the exhibition, the slashTHREE staff would like to recognize the resounding contributions of Anton Semenov. Anton contributed two stunning pieces to the exhibition, Black Dream and Silence, and has rightfully earned his place as the Featured Artist for this exhibition. You can read Anton's interview with Saad Moosajee (featuring Vladimir Tomin as translator) here. SlashTHREE has also entered into a collaborative charity project with the Poster Cause Project, to raise money for the relief efforts in Haiti. With that, they invite us to have a look at Exhibition 13, "Unleashed", and hope that we enjoy viewing it as much as they enjoy putting it together! Some artworks We would like to acknowledge the strong submissions from some of the latest additions to the collective, Amélie Hutt, Rron Nushi, Kode Abdo and Irina Batkova, as well as an intriguing music series contributed by long term member Murat Pak.The past two months have been huge for slashTHREE as a whole, and big things are yet to come. At the forefront of the list, a group of staff members, artists and designers are currently hard at work designing a new version of the slashTHREE website. With a much more intuitive user experience and many new ideas being put forward for the site, we are very excited for what the next chapter in the life of slashTHREE will bring. For more information visit SlashTHREE's Unleashed page at:

Super Cool Artwork from Massivelighter

We all know the superb art collective depthCORE and other ones great ones. So I decided to feature a fresh new art collection called "massivelighter" with really amazing pieces in their first art pack with the title "RED & WHITE" and they are already working on the new one called "Atlantis". It's pretty cool,have a look and enjoy it! Massivelighter is an online digital art collection, which specially feature the works of Indonesian digital artist. Was established based on our appreciation of digital art progression and the increase in quantity and quality of Indonesia digital artist. Focused on visual expression, aesthetic, and media mastery in work, Massivelighter is hoped to be the place to exhibit the best Indonesian digital art, and to be the locomotive which would bring Indonesian digital art into a better state. Love Seize Hate | Samuel Sinaga Redemption & Salvation of Perpetual warfare | Carment Rino Passionate of Angel Immortal Angels who have lust and passion | Fatkur Rokhim Inspire 02 | Ungguh Tri Ashley Stymest | Agra Satria Anger Devil | Are Permadi The secret behind the truth & the truth behind the secret | Reactivator Rebermant Studio How art thou fallen from heaven | Anes Ryan Legal Killer | Aditya Wijanarko Thanx Yawi Hawi Pawi | Juliana Tjitra Merah Putih | TraceLandVectorie a.k.a Rie Convert Desc. | Ryanza