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Web Design: Black Layouts

Following our hit series about Web Design, today I bring to you only awesome black layouts! Man, I love these... It's incredible how a layout can get beautiful with darker colors. And of course, when you work with black, the right colors will bring just the right contrast. Lime-green, Orange, Electro-Pink... most shocking colors will bring awesome life to the layout. Of course, checking this sites you'll get to see many examples of how to apply colors in a black layout. Some of these are not pure black, 'cause if I start to name all the shades of black, grey and other monochromatic colors I'm gonna enter an eternal loop. So, I just hope you all enjoy my selection. Cheers!! ;) And of course, the best black layout ever.

Awesome "Color Visualizations" Book

Dr. Woohoo!, a hispanic designer, made an awesome book about probably our favorite subject: COLORS! "Color Visualizations: Exploring the Circle, vol 02" is a great book that any person who loves great visuals should take a look at. From this own words: New Mexico’s finest – In search of the perfect color palette, Dr. Woohoo’s artwork explores the visualization of colors. Woohoo uses software he developed to generate his artwork by extracting millions of color pixels in each image, analyzing and organizing the color data and then building the composition with absolute precision. Embracing the past, Woohoo uses archival pigment inks when printing the 16 x 10? (40.64 x 25.4 cm) single editions onto art-, rice- and japanese papers using a variety of techniques including underprinting, overprinting and gelatin transfers onto frescos. The book includes over 100 new pieces, a discussion on color between Dr. Woohoo and Darius A Monsef IV, founder of COLOURlovers, and a secret web address that enables you to enter a private gallery that displays the final prints, special editions, as well as the opportunity to purchase the single editions. Some of the work in the book: iced honey chai a moment of serene perfection captivatingly enraptured To get more information about his work, just visit his site. There, you also get to know about a cool opportunity for the first 50 people who purchase the book directly from him. So hurry up!! Cheers. ;)

Web Design: Blue Layouts

Our web design series are doing great! Our last post had over 40 thousand visits! That's a obvious sign that you people are craving for more web design posts! So today, I bring to you only blue layouts. From little guys to the BIG fish... this list has it all. There are plenty examples of html and some flash sites, but all very beautiful! My favorites are the Corona's and Pepsi's sites. And I hope you guys enjoy this selection! Cheers. ;)

deviantART Colors: Yellow

During the last days, I was thinking about why deviantART had no communities for people with commom interests, such as Flickr groups for every possible subject. Well, I didn't know, but there are groups in deviantART, and they are FULFILLED with inspiration. Unfortunately there's no join button, and it changes from situation to situation, like the Yellow Club, where you must watch the group and post their icon in your journal. And submiting is also not sensitive, you must send a not to the group with your work link. Besides that, the groups are all joy! Here is some Yellow inspiration for you guys! From both Yellow Club and AngeL-FaLL's journal (his journal is really awesome).

30 Color and Pattern Inspiration Bikinis

I'm sorry to the all the people on the north hemisphere, but downhere is summer time, baby. And it's time to get some inspiration from sweet bikini models. (Focusing...) Ok, so... ahn... i was talking about inspiration, yes! There are great bikini designers here, and as most of you must know, Brazil is a major bikini exporter. We got it all. So, guys, get inspired! I know i did. (And I'm pretty sure no one will read any of these lines i wrote.) Color Flowers Futuristic Geometric Patchwork Stripes To check more bikinis (and I know you all will), visit these sites:

Palette Generator

We have a lot of good color resources online, like Colourlovers, however sometimes we need to come up with a custom and unique color palette using an old photo we took or an image found online.Usually I use Photoshop to do that, applying some adjustments and filters to reduce the number of colors, getting the most visible ones. I tried some palette generators before but none of them caught my interest. But I may change my mind, Big Huge Labs Palette Generator does exactly that, automatically create a color palette from a photo, it's very nice despite the number of adSenses on the page, and it works faster than the others. Besides that it has some other cool features such as interaction with Flickr.Choose or upload a photo and a palette of colors based on the colors in the photo will be generated automatically. Use it to help with art projects, website design, or even with decorating your home. It's a very useful tool and definitely worth checking it out.