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Car Designs by Andrey Tkachenko - Industrial Design

Just to continue with our streak with Industrial Designs, we would like to feature the work from Andrey Tkachenko who is a freelance artist based in Nizhiy Novgorod, Russia. Mainly focusing his work into a blend of Industrial Design, Illustration, Motion Graphics, we are primary showcasing his car concepts and designs that are phenomenal in so many ways. I wish there was more information about Andrey on his process and even where does his inspiration comes from.

Car Design: City Rover

With all the technology and novelty that we see/witness nowadays. It's hard not to imagine that in the near future (already here) we'll cars with auto-pilot, driverless cars where you can simply just let the car go and enjoy your ride from A to B. One of the primary novelty we had was the  Electric Car. We would like to showcase a car design called the City Rover that was awarded Michelin 2016 Design Challenge; MOBILITY FOR ALL.

Car Design: Aston Martin DP-100 Vision Gran Turismo

The design team of Aston Martin was involved with the Creator of Gran Turismo (popular driving stimulator franchise) to develop a breathtaking addition to its upcoming Gran Turismo®6 (GT6™). Using the same techniques in the development of a real Aston Martin, the team had to revolutionize the aerodynamics as a way of enhancing and support the car’s functionality in-game.

Awesome Photoshop Custom Cars by Richard Andersen

I really enjoy seeing people doing cool photoshop works in photographs, doing all kinds of crazy stuff, like customizing real-life cars. That's exactly what Richard Andersen does, and it's pretty awesome.

Awesome Concept Cars

Hi everyone, I'm a new writer here at Adbuzeedo. I love all things design (like most of you reading this) and this is my first posting and I hope you enjoy it. I've seen many concept cars in my lifetime, whether on the web or at a car show, but I've never seen anything like these before. These concepts come from the Royal College of Art (I'm guessing that's in the UK somewhere). They're incredible! But of course, like all concept cars, I'll probably never see them on the streets...ever. Oh well, they're still cool to daydream about.

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