Hyunday 45 is the Retrofuturistic Concept Car I Always Wanted

The car industry seems to be heading to a disruption, in this case the EV take over. In my opinion Tesla had a huge role in this process by showing that electric cars can be awesome. Last week during the Frankfurt Auto Show we saw some big announcements, from the VW I.D series to Audi and Porsche, however the car the caught my attention the most, at least from posts was the Hyundai 45 EV concept car. Okay, but what is so cool about this car? For me it has to be the lines, it does look like coming out of a futurist movie or video-game from the 80s. That, actually, was pretty much their goa based on the first teasers, but check out below for a few screenshots. If you want a very thorough, I would recommend reading the awesome article published on AutoBlog.

Hyundai 45 Concept Car Design

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