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Clever Ebook Cover Designs

Clever Ebook Cover Designs

This is a collection of beautifully designed ebook covers done by Polish designer Krzysztof Stryjewski for UXPin collection of ebooks. Check it out! For more from Krzysztof Stryjewski visit

Cover Design Inspiration

Cover Design Inspiration

Do you judge a book by it's cover? We are all guilty of that, and that only shows how important a cover design can be. It creates that first impression when a person first grab a book or magazine. I handpicked some really cool cover designs that we take a look, get inspired and also learn a bit from it. Enjoy!

Death Metal Illustrations by Mark Riddick

As every kid who enjoyed heavy metal I started illustrating influenced by CD covers from bands as Sepultura, Slayer and Cannibal Corpse. I always enjoyed the gore and splatter aesthetic of this type of artwork, but I actually thought no one could make a living doing extreme metal artworks. I was wrong, as Mark Riddick is actually one of the veterans of this kind of illustration, making artworks and covers for a lot of death metal, black metal and other extreme genres of bands. You can see more of Mark's visceral artworks at his Website. Mark Riddick, an award-winning illustrator, has been a fanatic of heavy metal music since 1986. Riddick began his career as a freelance illustrator for the heavy metal music scene in 1991 when he began illustrating demo cassette covers, 7” EP record covers, and filler artwork for cut & paste underground death metal and black metal fanzines, bands, and record labels. By the mid-90s Riddick had gained credibility as the ‘go-to’ artist for underground extreme metal bands in the United States and overseas. (Mark's Website).

Great Album Cover Designs

We often feature lots of album covers here at Abduzeedo, but that happens for a reason: we're all music lovers, and as designers, it's pretty natural to mix these ingredients together here. So I went looking for more great album cover designs and found some classic ones, and also some that I had never seen before. Here are my picks, and I would like to know what are the album cover designs that you like the most and don't forget to drop the link. We'd love to see them. I hope you enjoy these. Cheers! ;) Meat Loaf - Bat out of Hell III Rise Against - The Sufferer & the Witness Pink Floyd - The Wall Foo Fighters - In Your Honor Keane - Under the Iron Sea Green Day - Dookie The Shins - Chutes Too Narrow Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon She & Him - Volume Two Muse - Absolution Sonic Youth - Goo Pink Floyd - The Division Bell Michael Jackson - Dangerous Land Of Talk - Cloak And Cipher Architecture in Helsinki - Places Like This Dinosaur Jr. - Farm

Musically Inspired Album Covers

Simon Page is a self-taught designer from the UK. This month he started a project called Musically Inspired Album Covers in which he created an amazing series of cd covers inspired by the the music itself. Here you take a look at each cover and find out what music inspired the creation. Besides these awesome covers, Simon has a very extended and creative portfolio that you should definitely check it out. Inspired by Mike Oldfield album Platinum Inspired by BT's album These Hopeful Machines Inspired by Röyksopp’s album Melody A.M. Inspired by Röyksopp’s album Junior Inspired by The Avalanches album Since I Left You Inspired by Jean Michel Jarre's album Equinoxe Inspired by Gareth Emery's track Metropolis Inspired by Crystal Method's album Divided by the Night Inspired by Röyksopp’s album Junior Inspired by Gareth Emery's track Metropolis Inspired by Gareth Emery's track Metropolis Inspired by Solar Fields album for Mirror's Edge Soundtrack (and in particular the Introduction track) Inspired by Jean Michel Jarre's album Zoolook Inspired by BT's track the Light in Things Inspired by Jean Michel Jarre's album Zoolook Inspired by Deadmau5 album Lack of a Better Name

Black Book Sessions by Vicente Morillo

The Spanish Illustrator Vicente García Morillo came up with a series of illustrations called Black Book Sessions which each session represent a different musician and the illustrations go along with it's style, check it out.

59 Vintage Book Covers

This weekend I was cruising through flickr and came across this group called Book Cover Club. To my surprise (and delight!) they were all vintage book covers. Nothing pleases me more than some vintage in my life! Some of these books are so ridiculous like the sexual fantasy ones, but the cover is still pure 1960s gold! Some of these look like the so-bad-that-they're-good type, and some I actually really want to read! Anyway, I'll leave you guys with the collection. Don't forget to let me know what you think via twitter or facebook! Hope you guys enjoy these as much as I did :) Pagan555 finsbry levar Martin Isaac The Woman in the Woods Montague Projects frank-click! boushh83 _BIRD _ design_ref simply*mein Peter Crenshaw 012 No Trams To Lime Street micky the pixel DK Rising uk vintage Gnome Press SciFi "Krekel" woolrich01

Inspiration: German Hip Hop Album Cover

I am working on an album cover for a hip hop artist right now and looked for inspirations on the web. I found some very good articles like this on SmashingMagazine. But I haven't found a lot on hip hop cover so I decided to write one on my own.

Inspiration: Vintage Playboy Cover

I personally think that the old playboy broads are much more interesting than the new cover girls. They look more natural and they are presented more creatively. But who cares about what I say, take a look yourself. via LifeLounge and HannahCouture