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Brilliant Book Cover Art by John Gall

Japanese Author Haruki Murakami has made an international name for himself as a strikingly original and relentlessly compelling novelist. My first window into his work however, was through the work of another brilliant artist - John Gall. John Gall is the Vice President and Art Director for Vintage / Anchor Books, and it was his fantastic cover design that compelled me to track down a book who's author's name I couldn't remember. I kept going up to the employees of book stores saying, "Do you guys have that book by the Japanese guy with the amazing cover of an upside down bird?" Thankfully someone eventually knew what I was talking about and I was formally introduced to Murakami's work, my favorite author to date. But I have to admit that more than some of the experience I crave when seeking out one of his novels is the combination of copy on the back cover, teasing me with bits and pieces of Murakami's fantastic imagination, and the equally unique and off-beat cover designs by John Gall. I hope you enjoy his work as much as I do. These first few are some of my favorite designs he's done for Japanese Author, Haruki Murakami. Let me know in the comments and on twitter what you think and if you're a fan of Gall / Murakami too! You can find me at @nathanbweller. Other John Gall Designs John Gall Art Director Want more? John's blog doesn't feature any of his own work, but he's put together an excellent collection of book covers that inspire him. Check it out here:

65 Examples of Awesome Album Artwork - Part 2

It's time for part two! Thanks for all your suggestions! A lot of the images I'm going to show you today came from sleevage, a site I came across dedicated to music, art, and design. Definitely worth checking out! And as always you can drop me a line on twitter or facebook! Daniel Elliott André Coelho Delphine Ettinger Only50 / Society Style Alex Koplin KalleGraphics Corrado Grilli Manuel Lariño Foe Pete Barnett

50 Examples of Awesome Album Artwork - Part 1

Following my articles on posters, I received a suggestion from @MateToth90 to try a post with indie CD covers. I thought it was a really good idea so I went on the lookout for some cool album artwork to share with you guys today. I found so many that I decided to break it up into two articles to avoid major computer crashing around the world. Stay tuned for part two ;) Oh, and there's probably more really good ones out there that I missed out on, so send me cool ones you found through twitter or facebook and I'll include them in the next one! rulico Matt Govaere Razvan Garofeanu Jeremy Dowd Jonathan Dickson Jason Drakeford KIDPLASTIK David Bez Luke Wright Ricky Trickartt Lauren Burke Three Bears Design Gokhan Eryaman Jason Alejandro Nate James Jónas Valtýsson Oliver Ward Thiago Santana teagan white Miguel Vega Haik Avanian

Book Cover Design Inspiration from The Book Cover Archive

I'm totally addicted to collecting images that inspire me and I think that it will be important in the future, for a project or something. I believe that's a designer's habit, always saving everything that's visual appealing. Then when I visited The Book Cover Archive website I was really happy because I had found the perfect place to get inspiration for book covers. Designing a book cover can be very challenging, trying to summarize the content of a book in only one page is not an easy task. That's why The Book Archive website is so useful. They have a huge collection of covers and it's definitely worth bookmarking it. The Book Cover Archive is edited and maintained by Ben Pieratt of General Projects and Eric Jacobsen of Whisky Van Gogh Go. Some Book Covers