Natura Insects: A series of Insects made of Flowers

Our good friend Raku Inoue recently has been experimenting with something new that we would like to share on Abduzeedo. A series named: Natura Insects where basically they are flower arrangement of insects. That's how you push your creativity and eagerness to work with your hands. We always have been enjoying seeing his amazing progress and this is not a shortcoming on what you will next from Raku. For now, let's enjoy this stunning series perfect for the summer.

Illustration & Paper Lettering with People Too

Let's start the week with this illustration & paper lettering project by People Too. You heard me right, Paper Lettering. A mixture of drawing and a lot of crafting to create such a stunning result. Imagine that the mighty folks over People Too, went from making every single pieces from the buildings, people, furniture, plants, cars and more. This is one of those projects where you just appreciate their patience and their passion for the art itself. Props to the team!

Improbable Felt Beasts by Becky Margraf

There are creative niches we don't get to see too much here at Abduzeedo. There are many great artists that craft awesome pieces using felt, and Becky Margraf is one of them. I'm a big sucker for design projects and she came up with "100 Days of Felt", in which she design felt beasts. There are pretty sweet, going from food beasts to pop culture related ones. For the complete project, please visit her personal website! I hope you enjoy these. Cheers! ;)

Melting Offf Unmasked

We have posted many articles about typography but there are a number of projects in particular that really catch our eye. Whether it's the striking visual outcome or the technique behind it, we're blown away by the amazing talent that surrounds us. That's the case of the Melting Offf Unmasked project by Noelia Lozano for the Offf conference.

The Craftsman - Book Suggestion

The book suggestion of this week is about craftsmanship, we are talking about The Craftsman by Richard Sennett. The book engages the many dimensions of skill—from the technical demands to the obsessive energy required to do good work.

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