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Classic Cross-Section Illustrations by Stephen Biesty

I'm pretty sure anyone who was a child in the 90's is gonna remember these. These are the fantastic, super classic cross-section illustrations by master Stephen Biesty. This guy is a beast, and I went crazy when I remembered these. If these don't remind you of your childhood, that's because you probably spent your time bullying the kids who liked this kind of thing (just kidding). Stephen Biesty, born in 1961, is a British illustrator who is known for these. He's the master of this craft, people. Anyways, I think this is a truly great find and rediscover of someone who should still be doing cross sections like crazy. Stephen, if you get to read this, PLEASE, make these again... I want my kids to know the good stuff. People, please, support this legend by visiting his portfolio. I know Stephen will appreciate this very much. Rescue Helicopter Detail Ocean Liner Details Tower Bridge Details Space Shuttle Detail Castle Details Spanish Galleon Details Merchant's House Detail Colosseum Details Royal Opera House Details P.S.: Did you get to find Waldo?