Amazing Pure CSS Multicolor Gradients with Gradienta

Gradienta is one of Shahadat Rahman, a Bangladeshi product designer, graphic designer, speaker & passive happiness earner side project that he made for both designers and developers to use ultra lightweight, colorful, responsive backgrounds for their personal and commercial projects. It is free to use, open source and requires no credit or attribution at all.

ABDZ CSS box-shadow rollover effect

A couple of months ago we shipped the new version of Abduzeedo to our readers - a new post detailing the impetus and features of the new site is forthcoming. In a nutshell, our main goal was to simplify and reduce as much as we could. One of the areas we decided to invest our time was in subtle little effects like night mode with a dark theme and CSS rollover effects over images. The latter one has been praised by a number of our readers and we have received quite a few requests asking how we did it, so I will try to lay it all out here in this post.

Water Drop Effect in HTML & CSS

The best way to learn anything is by doing it, plain and simple, trial and error. With the explosion of mobile devices and the evolution of HTML5, CSS3 and browsers, knowing to code is almost a requirement to anyone willing to work with web. I have been playing more and more with CSS, trying to create simple things like basic typography styles to more complex ones, like water drop effects. In this post I will show you how to create a simple water drop effect using CSS. The process is quite simple but it will require some basic knowledge of CSS and a little bit of jQuery.

Basic Animations in CSS and Javascript for Prototypes

Motion design is getting more important everyday when it comes to design interfaces that engage with the user both functionally and emotionally. Because of this, I started practicing with Javascript and jQuery to create basic animations for my prototypes. One of the most common animations comes into play when you want to build a list or animate items in a chain. To illustrate that today I share a simple technique I use for my prototypes. For this little tutorial we will play with some HTML, CSS and Javascript. The whole process won't take more than 30 minutes.

Introduction to Mobile Prototyping with HTML, CSS and JavaScript

If you are a designer in this day and age you are probably designing for handheld devices like smartphones and tablets. We live in a polarizing world where on one side we have native apps and on the other the web, with responsive sites and web apps. Designing in this environment requires understanding of the context you will be designing for, therefore, testing on devices. There are several ways to create prototypes, from paper to motion in After Effects.

Star Wars in CSS

One of the most memorable opening credits of all time has to be the Star Wars text scrolling in a 30-45deg perspective towards the horizon. It's a classic and it has been subject to all sorts of exercises and tutorials. I have never done anything related to this but last Friday while playing with CSS I was inspired to create the same effect for my personal site. The result is what I want to share with you today.

Experimenting with Swiss Style in CSS

Last week I started playing in CSS for my new personal site. I decided to skip the Photoshop/Fireworks/Illustrator part and go from sketches to HTML/CSS. This process helps me to improve my coding skills, especially for rapid prototyping. The first experiment I decided to create was a simple page with just text and texts rotated 45 degrees, heavily inspired in the Swiss Graphic Design Style. For this post I want to show you a little bit of the creative process behind this experiment.

Responsive Nav - Useful Responsive navigation plugin

What I love the most about the open source community and living in today's ever-evolving world is the abundance of great work being shared. It's pretty hard to not find what you're looking for, particularly within the world of programming, if you are just starting out. I draw a lot of my learnings and inspiration for prototypes and fully baked products within this resourceful community. Today I want to share with you a plugin for responsive navigation called Responsive Nav Responsive navigation plugin without library dependencies and with fast touch screen support.

Flipping Book in CSS and jQuery

The tutorial of this week is about HTML, CSS and a little bit of Javascript with jQuery. As the rule of trend now is mobile first and any designer who wants to really understand the media will have to be able to create quick prototypes of his/her work, we decide d to write a few basic prototyping tutorials. The first one will be about create a simple flipping book, like a 3 fold brochure, using HTML, CSS and JS for the events.

Typographic Web Design: How to Think Like a Typographer in HTML and CSS - Book Suggestion

The book suggestion of this week is about typography but for the web. The book title is Typographic Web Design: How to Think Like a Typographer in HTML and CSS and the author is Laura Franz. The cool thing about this book is that it Applies decades of typographic theory and practice directly to web design. Typography has long been an invaluable tool for communicating ideas and information.

Playing with CSS 3 - Animations, Rotate and Scale

I have been working on the new Abduzeedo design and have had the chance to play more with CSS 3, even though it's not fully supported on all browsers we can start using some really cool features such as round corners, text-shadow, box-shadow, transitions and transformations.

Playing with CSS3

When I was working on the new version of Abduzeedo, the current one, I decided to learn and use CSS 3 to enhance the visual of some elements. Instad of using images to create shadows and round corners I used CSS 3. Of course I knew that it would not be compatible to all browsers, more precisely, the Internet Explorer.

350+ Great CSS Tools and Techniques

One of the most enjoyable moments for a web designer is coding CSS. It's such a nice language that it actually gets fun to work with it... style your pages and actually watching your designs gain life and forms. But sometimes, a little help is welcome. Even being a fun thing to do, sometimes you run into some problems, trying to find the right way to get a certain look.

Wedeed logo

Lately I have been working with my brother on a promising project. Actually I shouldn’t even been talking about that now, but it’s necessary to say some things. Basically it’s all about CSS, it’s really cool, and it's called Wedeed. Anyway, what he asked me to do was the logo and later its GUI.

Creating a web 2.0 blog - part 2

Here we go again, continuing the creation of my brother's blog, Blackbelt. Fixing some design issues and creating the XHTML and CSS template. Design Changes My brother had asked for some minor changes on the design of the blog, mainly in the sidebar, where he hadn't liked the round corners tha I had done, although he said he really liked the feeds' box which was black. Feeds' box, darker and with round corners

Creating a web 2.0 blog

Throughout this article I will illustrate the creation of a weblog with the web 2.0 style. From the briefing to the CSS development. Guidelines The blog will be created to my brother who had asked me to do that, besides, he gave me some guidelines of some design aspects that he would like to have in his blog: Dark background; big font sizes; some round corners; a place to put some logos; Also he send me some links of site that he thinks are really cool, below there are some of them.

10 Years of CSS

In 2006 CSS celebrates its 10th anniversary. What does that mean? CSS has changed the way web designers create their sites, separating Markup from presentation, benefitting designer and uses alike. The design community has confirmed that using CSS promotes beauty while making it easier and less expensive to build sites, ”Bert Bos, W3C Style Activity Lead The W3C published on their website an article about the CSS' 10th anniversary, where they list some benefits to designers when using CSS.

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