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Interview: Perttu Murto

Perttu Murto is an amazing digital artist from Finland. In this interview we talk about his background and his very first beginning with photoshop. He worked for big companies such as Dolce & Gabbana and has been featured several design magazines. Great success for a 23-year-old student. for more information I am a 23-year-old graphic designer from Finland. I have been involved in graphics for almost 7 years and was also recently selected as the Young Advertisement Designer of the Year for 2007 in Northern Finland. My work has also been featured in several prestigious design websites and magazines. At the moment I am entering my second year in Oulu University of Applied Sciences Business and Information Management, majoring in Digital Media. I am also currently working in a Finnish advertising agency Työmaa. 1. First of all we would like to thank you for taking the time to provide with this interview. Please tell us more about your art and design background and what made you become an artist and designer? It all begun when I bought my first digital camera, I think I was 16 or 17 years old. That's how I got my first touch with Photoshop and boy I was sold when I saw what kind of stuff you can do with it. Anyway I kept photographing and playing with Photoshop. There was a time when I played with Photoshop everyday. When I learned more about it, I started to really get into graphic design and art directing. I studied things about typography, layouts, logos, branding and everything which had something to do with graphic design. I really wanted to know it all, haha. Years went by and I started to notice that this is definitely what I want to do in my life. It had become more like a lifestyle than a profession. At the moment I study in Oulu University of Applied Sciences Business and Information Management, majoring in Digital Media. I am also working in an advertising agency called Työmaa but I'm always up to interesting freelancer projects as well. 2. Your work is pretty unique and full of creativity. Where does your inspiration come from? It really comes from everywhere, but mostly from music, movies, other designers, cd-cover art etc you name it! Sometimes I don't even know where it comes from, I just feel like creating something what I think might be cool. 3. Could you describe for us your typical 'start to finish' workflow when working on a design? It depends on the task and especially whether it is a client job or a "own" piece of art. If it is a client job, the process begins already in the client brief. After the brief you do different kinds of raw layouts which correspond with the client's brandbook and the target group of the campaign. The raw layouts are presented to the client and the client chooses the best one and he gives some comments about it. Then you'll start finishing the layouts in accordance with the client's comments. A personal piece of art differs completely from a client job. When creating a personal artwork you don't have to think about any target groups or take care of the customer's brand. The idea for a personal artwork can come from anything and it can stay in your mind or sketchbook for months and develop at the same time. Then, when an inspiration hits, you can make it real. Nowadays I haven't really had time to do personal pieces of art because the client jobs are taking so much time. Personal pieces are really important so you can experiment and develop your skills. 4. What are your tools of the trade, both hardware and software? HARDWARE: Sketchbook, pen, wacom, mac book pro, Canon 30D SOFTWARE: Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe flash, Dreamweaver, Indesign 5. What, for you personally are the pros and cons of being a designer? Pros: I can do what I want for living. I can be part of different projects around the world. I can give a face for a brand new company. I can see my works in everyday life, street ads, magazines, CD stores etc... Cons: It keeps me very very busy sometimes. The deadline might be so short that it's impossible to put as much input to the work as I want to. 6. How does your job as an artist and designer influence your life? Do you feel that you see things around you differently for example? I like it. I see some things really differently than some of my non-designer friends. For example when we are in some coffeeplace I can check out a nice typography in a sign or magazine and be like "damn that's so cool", my friends are usually like "I dont get that... it's just text", heh. But I like it, I like how I notice all the details we got everywhere around us. 7. What are your coming projects? There are few personal projects I am working on, nothing really to say yet... And of course there are plenty of projects we are working on in our agency. Plus the school stuff.. It's gonna be a busy year! 8. What are your favourite 5 websites, and why? / A great Finnish design community! / The best artgroup around there, I love to spend time in the memberpanel. / A lot of inspiration! ReformRevolution / When I want to know what's new in the design field. / A nice network for creative people. 9. Once again , thank you very much for the interview. As a final word, do you have any tips for upcoming artists and designers? Be patient, work hard, work harder, chill.

Epoch, the new art group?

As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. But with 50+ heads, you can only imagine what can be achieved, especially in the creative realms of design. Websites like DepthCore and Evoke produce some of the greatest works of digital art out there, and it's a credit to the designers' hard work and determination. With this in mind, I decided myself to apply for one, but subsequently was rejected. After deep thought, I figured, "Why not just create your own art group?", and so this idea has lead me here, to ask you, readers and designers of Abduzeedo, to help out, if you wish, with my new project, which is currently name Epoch. At the moment, I'm creating a forum for people to apply, chat and contribute to the upcoming site at (the name will be changed very soon). I hope to see you there.