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Awesome Colorful Illustrations by Deadness

All I can tell you about this artist is that he lives in the United States, I know, that's not enough and it's sad because, I really would like to know more about her. I found hers profile at Deviantart and It´s very cool finding artists like her with such personality. The way she works with colors is amazing, very vivid and unique. I hope you enjoy it. For more information visit Deadness's page at DeviantArt.

Stunning Illustrations by Pacman23

Since I joined DeviantART in August 22nd, 2005, I've got to know a new world of artists that I couldn't even image. Artists such as Artgerm, Cris Vector, Will Murai and many others. One of my all time favorites is Francisco Perez, the fantastic Pacman23. I didn't find much information about him, all I know is that he's 26 years old illustration living in the United States. I would love if Pacman23 himself could send us some info about him! Wouldn't that be awesome? He's got so much material to expose that he's even published some books with his works. He's got his 2008 portfolio published, and 2 books featuring his skecthes, which are stunning. Anyways, these are only a brief selection of his works, for further pieces, I REALLY recommend you guys to visit his portfolio. Fulfilled of great stuff! You'll really enjoy it. Chees! ;)

DeviantART Colors: Black

Following our great Black Week, today we featured only works exposed at DeviantART, a great place for inspiration and references. These images are really great, and I bet you'll really enjoy them. And of course, I'm still thinking about tomorrow's Black post. Any suggestions? Web Design, Wallpapers and DeviantART are done, we need at least 2 more topics. Help us define these 2!! And again, give some love to the artists by visiting each one's portfolios. Hope you like it. Cheers! ;) Mark Brooks asuka111 Tobias Kwan Ketmara Darkrose42 Christoffer Habter mclean Jose Carlo G. Mendoza Kerem Beyit Katarzyna Napiórkowska Nekro | Borja Fresco Costa Sine Qua Non Manx-Works recycledwax Juha Arvid Helminen Miss-Deathwish gnato emciem Fernanda Brussi emreturhal Remigiusz Kozdra Denoro

DeviantART Colors: Green

If we get to cover all the rainbow colors, we'd be really happy. Yellow, Red, Blue... today, we feature just stunning green designs and photography found in DeviantART, the place for everything design. These guys are really talented and we are more than happy to show you these amazing images. For more of each author, don't forget to visit the author's page by clicking each image. These are only one example of each one's power. We really hope you people enjoy these! All the authors were notified. Cheers! sa-cool i-shadow hibbary JamesStewart skinship kerembeyit drak0nia ennil AnatemaDevice DemonMathiel ThorHakonsen iuneWind Katikut suiluj thehairlab MeemzZz xxchange Relamz balung closer-to-heaven BobSur-inc DraganC Pjharps Krapivka2007 Plus-Tech AkearaYvette freckledmystery lyddie ni-ca afihara

DeviantART Colors: Blue

This has already became one of my favorite Abduzeedo series. While researching material for these posts, I always run into beautiful pieces of art... It began on yellow, then went through red, and now we're set on blue! DeviantART is one hell of a inspiration source, of all kinds of arts, like traditional oil paint on canvas to vector illustrations, and it keeps inspiring everyone here at Abduzeedo! Hope you all like my selection of blue works. Cheers!

DeviantArt Colors: Red

Last year we had an awesome post called "DeviantArt Colors: Yellow", featuring great pieces found at DeviantArt, all mainly yellow. I was checking some works at DA today, and ran into some beautiful red pieces, which I feature here now. I hope you enjoy these! Cheers!

deviantART Colors: Yellow

During the last days, I was thinking about why deviantART had no communities for people with commom interests, such as Flickr groups for every possible subject. Well, I didn't know, but there are groups in deviantART, and they are FULFILLED with inspiration. Unfortunately there's no join button, and it changes from situation to situation, like the Yellow Club, where you must watch the group and post their icon in your journal. And submiting is also not sensitive, you must send a not to the group with your work link. Besides that, the groups are all joy! Here is some Yellow inspiration for you guys! From both Yellow Club and AngeL-FaLL's journal (his journal is really awesome).

Old Games in the Real World

Probably one of the greatest things about design is when someone comes up with a good idea do revive old, cool games. What about a Mario Kart race going on in highway somewhere, or maybe Donkey Kong throwing stuff at Mario and Luigi from a real skyscraper? It was a really awesome idea, the person who came up with these is a real genius. Does anyone knows who did it? If you do, drop a comment! Enjoy and cheers! Update: Thanks to our reader Oli Kenobi, we got to know the mastermind behind these pieces: Lee Vidal, aka RETROnoob. And we couldn't go that far to find such a creative artist... he's got a DeviantArt account, of course. I've updated all pictures to bigger versions. Enjoy! Update 2: Check out our new post - Awesome LEGOd Video Games! Street Fighter Mario Bros 3 Street Fighter Advance Wars Yoshi's Island Advance Wars Donkey Kong Excitebike Ice Climbers Mario Kart Outrun Yoshi's Island Advance Wars Mario Bros 3

Inspiration: Vitaly Alexius

We've already featured some artists from DeviantArt, great ones... and it's always good to find more great artists, like Vitaly Alexius, who makes a kind of post apocalyptic art. I've seen only a few artists making this kind of art. It's really dark, yet, very beautiful. Alexius is a true master of digital painting. We'd love to hear from him about his techniques someday. Thanks to our reader, Pawel who sent us the link to Alexius work.

Inspiration: *RYE-BREAD

DeviantArt is my never ending source of inspiration. I have a whole bunch of favorites there, and I watch many artists. One of them is *Rye-Bread, a guy from the States, who's been doing some amazing illustrations. I really love his style, it's somewhat old school, it has that Beastie Boy's Sabotage feel, almost 70ish. Anyways, check his work bellow, tell us what you think about it, and don't forget to visit him!

Pepper: Illustration Phenomenon

DeviantArt is the ultimate space to get illustration inspiration. There are a whole universe of artists there that will actually blow you mind with their works. One of those artist, Artgerm, has created a character called Pepper, who is this absolutely beautiful girl, that any geek would fall in love in a blink of an eye. She is a total phenomenon, because other artists over deviant actually started doing Pepper fan illustration, hundreds of it. And you'll probably figure out why right now: Artgerm Work: And the most impressive, is that there are actually more Pepper fan art than there is original Pepper illustration. Here are some of the fan art: Author: Paulo Antunes | If you want to write an article and have it published here send it via email to abduzeedo[at]