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Goro Fujita's VR Illustrations are out of this world

When most of us think of VR we might picture 3D renders and gaming, but this medium is bringing illustrations to a whole other level of awesomeness. Goro Fujita creates in virtual reality 3D illustrations filled with so much details that it will blow your mind. The tool used for these is Quill, for the Oculus VR set. Check out the videos below and be amazed! I hope you enjoy these! I most definitely did! Also, for more of Goro's fantastic VR illustrations, check out his Instagram! Cheers. ;)

Dazzling Neon Artworks by Juliette Oberndorfer

Time for more great artworks here at Abduzeedo! Today we're featuring the beautiful, dazzling work of French artist Juliette Oberndorfer. Her style is just amazing, using darker tones and neon colors makes her pieces stand out really well! Who wouldn't love to have some of these hanging in their walls?

Fantastic Artworks by Dofresh

I really love a good set of concept artworks. Sometimes it's like reading a book, it just takes you imagining wild stories of far away kingdoms and futures to come. Dofresh, a French artist, comes up with beautiful scenes filled with insane Mecha and more badass elements. There are only a handful of illustrations. For more of it, please visit the portfolio at ArtStation! I hope you enjoy these! Cheers. ;)

Badass Poster Design by Grzegorz Domaradzki

Grzegorz Domaradzki is one of those artists that you should have an eye on all times, because you know that he'll come up with some awesome design. It's been some time since we last posted some of his works, so today I thought it would be nice to update you on his latest, badass posters. Gabz is definitely sharp as ever. He has definitely kept his game tight. Of course, these are only a handful of his latest work. For all of it, please visit his portfolio! I hope you enjoy these! Cheers. ;)

Mesmerizing Low Poly World by Mat Szulik

Take a couple of minutes now to enter the mesmerizing low poly world of Polish artist Mat Szulik. He's got a great vision for building beautiful scenarios, from sketch to final computer graphics art! These are pretty awesome, but if you want to see more of his work, please visit his portfolio at Behance! I hope you enjoy these. Cheers! ;)

Stylish Artworks by Tanta Vorawatanakul

Tanta is an artist from BKK, Thailand, but currently based in San Francisco. She comes up with amazingly stylish artworks, which seem to be biographical. Casual meetings and meaningful moments beautifully illustrated. The details on these pieces are pretty awesome, and you may even see the evolution of these in her Behance portfolio. I hope you enjoy these! Cheers. ;)

Illustration: Happy 25th HBO Asia

Coming out from a Weekend with the Emmy Awards, we’ve witnessed a rise of so many incredible TV Series that really gives the new edge to our experience at home. The mighty team over at Ars Thanea were given to create the key visual for HBO and celebrating their 25th anniversary. Imagine all these famous characters in one picture, the result is quite impressive.

Rembrandt Lost Masterpiece - Digital Illustration

I haven't posted about photo manipulation in a white, I have been quite focused on editorial and branding more because of the style, however I am a fan of digital illustration. I also used to love spending my weekends mixing photos to create what I wanted and that's what Ankur Patar did for Adobe Stock - Lost Masterpiece - Rembrandt. He simply recreated one of Rembrandt's masterpieces that was stolen titled "Storm on the Sea of Galilee". It's a classic Baroque piece, with that contrast of light and dark good and evil that the movement usually explored.

Spetacular Illustrations of Peru

Midas Digital Studio is a digital agency from Liam Peru that worked on this amazing campaign to promote the people and the country of Peru. The result is amazing, a blend of the countries best attraction displaying within their people. Enjoy! For more from Midas Digital Studio visit

Case Study of The Wild Trail

Dreino Studio from Indonesia created an amazing project and case study just to show what they are capable of. Check out the process and the video of how everything was done. Enjoy! For more from Dreino Studio visit and

Ultima Part II - Digital Image Series

Ultima is a body of work that is deeply rooted in environmentalism, showing my concern for the future by depicting the ways in which mankind’s creations have an impact on the planet. Primarily it is about the modern conflict between the manmade world and the natural world, and between modern and primitive cultures. For more from Nick Pedersen visit

Before & After Digital Images

This is awesome collection where you can see the before and after of some really cool works by Apix 10, a creative studio based in Jakarta-Indonesia. Apex specializes in production of high quality commercial CG and photo based imagery for the advertising and today we are sharing some before & after of their work. For more from Apix 10 visit

Futuristic Digital Illustrations

This is an awesome collection of futuristic digital illustrations from designer Kervin Brisseaux. Very good use of colors and shine lights making you feel like a part of the future. Enjoy! For more from Kervin Brisseaux visit

"Morality & Dicipline" Digital Illustrations

These are two amazing digital illustrations by Mexican-Cuban-American illustrator Orlando Arocena. The amount of details that you will see and the quality of the final pieces is incredible. Enjoy! For more from Orlando Arocena visit

Overdosed - Cosmosys Exhibition XIII

The Cosmosys Art Collective is really proud to release Cosmosys XIII – Overdosed. We now show you our full and overwhelming newest artpack, 'OVERDOSED'. Our artists interpreted the state of an 'overdose' in varying ways, via the media of poetry to photography up to digital art. Our result is this new Exhibition. Enjoy! To view the entire Exhibition visit OVERDOSED.

Digital Surrealism by Marcel Caram

Marcel Caram is an amazing digital artist from Brazil who is fascinated with creating Surreal Art. His surrealism styles reminds me a lot of dali for the landscape where most pieces take place but it has this amazing definition and sharpness that comes from the digital art which makes it even better. Enjoy! For more from Marcel visit and

Digital Illustration Case Study by Jörg Litschko

One of the goals of this blog was and will always be to help designers and enthusiasts to improve their design skills but also to get motivated and inspired by other people's work. We feature portfolios, tutorials and case studies to do that and we hope you get as motivated as we get to try to create better work. Today we bring to you an amazing case study by Jörg Litschko from Stuttgart, Germany.

Digital Illustration Case Study by Adolfo Correa

A couple of years ago we published a beautiful wallpaper created by Adolfo Correa, a student of Graphic Design from Santiago, Chile. The image is a mix of drawings and digital arts with a really cool outcome. Adolfo has some great works in his portfolio and that we highly recommend that you check it out, especially some of the typography artworks like The Prodigi, A Tribute to Yulia Brodskaya and Free Tibet + Typography

Fotolia Travel - Case Study

This amazing digital illustration was done by the Polish designer Pawel Kozakowski, he used this image to enter the Fotolia TEN Content under the theme Travel. Here he will show us step by step how it was done, and give us some insights of what was done so check it out!For more from Pawel Kozakowski visit

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