Awe-inspiring Masterpiece Drawings by Gurekbal Bhachu

Prepare to be amazed by masterpiece drawings by Gurekbal Bhachu who is a self-taught artist based in London, UK. His muse? He takes as inspiration celebrities and characters like Eminem, Drake, Morgan Freeman and even Thanos from the Avengers: Infinity War movie. His level of details is what is the most awe-inspiring ones we have ever seen on ABDZ. Take Thanos for example, you can clearly see the levels of details from the color, texture, and highlights. A huge prop to Gurekbal for his incredible work.

Move the World Mural Drawings by Deck Two

Very cool project title for a mural drawing by Deck two who is an artist from Paris, France. Entitled: Move the World, we follow him on this absolute beautiful drawing showcasing the important landmarks of the World. It's quite stunning and I can't even imagine the level of patience it would take to work on this kind of project. Props to Thomas for his incredible dedication!

Beautiful & Heartwarming Illustrations by Graziela Andrade

Get ready to to put a smile on your face with these beautiful illustrations. If by any reason you need a little love and some pick me up images. You are in the right place. The artist behind these pieces is a fellow Brazilian. Graziela Andrade from Aracaju. I love how, depending on the style, illustrations can take us to very different places. There are all sorts of drawings out there. And that is the magic of it. What got my attention on Graziela Andrade's work was the softness, the cuteness, the expressiveness. Her work is simply heartwarming.

The Work of Tuyệt Duyệt

On Abduzeedo, we get requests from designers and artists coming from all over the Globe. We truly appreciate it and along the way we would discover many talented people throughout our journey to inspire you more.

New Inspiring Artworks by Ronald Restituyo

Back in June we showed you Ronald Restituyo's work for the first time. Since he has a lot of cool new artworks we are showcasing a new round of his inspiring drawings. Take a look. In you are not familiar with Ronald, he is a self taught artist with a civil engineering degree. Art is his passion and you can totally see that in his work. His pieces are beautiful. Enjoy!

Amazing Pen & Paper Drawings by Pavneet Sembhi

Pavneet Sembhi is a self-taught artist based in London. Her drawings are really amazing filled with crazy patterns, symmetry and strong lines. Check it out! For more from Pavneet Sembhi visit pavneetsembhi.bigcartel.com and instagram.com/pavneetsembhi/.

Global City Mural

Global City is a project by French artist Deck Two in which he freehand painted a wall using only an acrylic marker. The mural consists of landmarks from all over the globe, and that's where the name came from. Check it out! For more from Deck Two visit behance.net/decktwo.

Super Creative Drawings by Kristina Webb

Kristina Webb is an amazing artist who came up these super creative drawings mixed with real life elements giving it a nice 3D look and mind blowing style. Check it out! For more from Kristina Webb visit facebook.com/KristinaWebbArt.

Beautiful and Stylish Artworks by Ronald Restituyo

Once again I'm here to show you some beautiful and inspiring artworks I found on Instagram. I'm talking about the stylish work of @ronaldrestituyo. Ronald is a 25 years old artist from the Dominican Republic. He has an civil engineering degree and is a self-taught artist. The colors, lines and style of his pieces are really inspiring, take a look. I draw since I was a kid and I started painting in 2011. My passion is art. I love to work with different techniques and materials.

Super Creative Drawings on Paper

Husk Mit Navn is a Danish artist who lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. Husk started this series of making really cool and creative drawings using paper in an unconventional way. Check it out! For more from Husk Mit Navn visit huskmitnavn.tumblr.com and huskmitnavn.dk/.

Colorful and Expressive Artworks by Emily Tan

I love to browse Instagram to indulge my eyes with beautiful images. In one of my explorations I found the account e.ying and was amazed by its colorful and expressive artworks. The account belongs to Emily Tan, a very creative and talented artist from Suffolk, UK. I loved her style. Beautiful delicate lines and strong colors delivering powerful images that will certainly get your attention. Her pieces are truly inspiring.

Cartoon Characters by Shane

Shane is a young Illustrator from Paris with some amazing skills. These cartoon characters look like tattoo designs and each piece has something special. Check them out. For more from Shane visit behance.net/hellorishane.

Awesome Bic Biro Drawings

Mark Powell is an artist from London who loves to draw over things. In this post I selected some of his work where he draws over magazines and newspaper using a bic biro pen. Enjoy! For more from Mark Powell visit behance.net/markpowell.

Vision by Denis Gonchar

Vision is a beautiful set of hand-drawn illustrations by Denis Gonchar,a digital artist and illustrator from Ukraine. The style of the illustrations remind me a little bit of Si Scott work, with the black and white with sometimes geometric forms creating animals. For more information about Denis check out Denis' Behance profile at https://www.behance.net/denisgonchar

East of Eden Illustration Project

East of Eden is an awesome illustration project by German graphic designer Florian Schommer. He has a strong passion for illustration and projects from cultural fields such as music, fashion and art. Check it out! For more from Florian Schommer visit behance.net/schommer.

Inspired by Leaves

Artist Tang Chiew Ling from Malaysia created these illustrations made by few types of leaves and also mixed with my hand drawing. Using inconspicuous/ unattractive leaves to create fun, hope and happiness. For more from Tang Chiew Ling visit behance.net/tangchiewling. A lovely little couple walking in the rain.

Art Installation at the House of Peroni

The House Of Peroni - an event by M & C Saatchi. They invited Baroncelli, the visionary lighting design studio, to design an installation inspired by Rome. The result, a phantasma. Baroncelli's modular lighting system built as mechanisms to create the old Roma. I was given the task to design four walls which married the products to the context. Using white chalk pens; 60mm and 30mm.

Super Detailed Hand Drawing

Davit Yukhanyan is an artist from Armenia and he created one of the most detailed drawings I've ever seen. The entire piece is made up of smaller details that you can only see once you get closer. This is just amazing, checking out is a must! For more from Davit Yukhanyan visit behance.net/yukhanyan.

Legend of the Yokai - Michelangelo

German illustrator Levent Aydin was commissioned by Paramount Pictures to create an artwork for the campaign "Legends of Yokai" and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. The result is simply incredible, from pencil drawing to digital painting! For more from Levent Aydin visit leventaydin.com.

Instagram Hashtag Series #inktober

It's Inktober! All artists and doodlers must create as many pieces of inked artwork this month and tag #inktober I selected some really cool artworks that have been shared but it's only the second day of Inktober so make sure you participate. by @lasaventurasdechaps

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