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Black and White Illustrations by Adam Isaac Jackson

Adam Jackson currently resides in Seattle Washington, but spent most of my life growing up in Japan. His work is infused with a love for fashion, comic books, rock posters, cartoons and a heavy influence of pop culture in general. Adam graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle in 2005 and has since been working in the apparel/fashion industry primarily as a graphic artist (Adam's blog). “In my art, I look to capture those moments and expressions I find the most beautiful and iconic and elaborate on them. Whether it’s bold patterns and bright colors, or simple black and white drawings, I am always trying to bring out the attitude and personality of the subject matter. I seem to prefer the black and white, especially right now"(Adam's blog). With you wanna know more about Adam and his work, you can access his Website or his Facebook page.

Awesome Predator Fan Art

I'm a huge fan of Sci Fi movies and I must admit that Predator is one of my favorites. He's one of the most memorable aliens you'll probably see in your life, with his dreadlocks, tribal high tech apparel and big muscles, he's a incredible and creepy extraterrestrial. Krats Vail-Akatosh wyv1 MeckanicalMind lorenzothekiller FarinellaPortfolio vandalocomics cantas78 paololluch XandervanDuijvenbode The Predator aliens are characterised by their trophy-hunting of other dangerous species for sport, including humans. Predators are large, sentient humanoid creatures who possess advanced technology such as active camouflage and energy weapons, and are capable of interstellar travel ( Predator, the hunted ) jpc-art stevegoad cantas78 daRoz ashasylum stevegoad adonihs ekud LovesTheMuffin blackmage9 Predator culture in general is based on the concept of The Hunt. Whereas humans on earth were agrarian, the Predators never stayed in just one place. Their culture revolves around the concept of hunting and stalking prey. Very similar to a pack mentality, the strongest and most efficient member of the Clan is the leader. This alpha male controls the actions of the group ( Predator, the hunted ). nebezial liteboxxx TheAphex

Drawings and Illustrations by Eduardo Cardenas

Eduardo Cardenas is an comic artist and illustrator from Aracaju, Brazil. His work is pretty much about traditional illustrations with paper, pencil, eraser and ink, or as he prefers to say, his tools of the trade. We really liked his style and that's why we are sharing some of Eduardo's artworks here with you. For more information about Eduardo Cardenas' work visit his DeviantArt profile at Opium Postcard From Brazil witch Wereworlf succubus creature-of frankenstein Goblin Thief Mermaid and Triton Poster EIRPG Orc 666 Demon King Kong Elf Druid Pocket Machine Girl Princess Valkaria Free Robot Jansoft

Stylish Drawings by Darren Gate

Darren Gate is a graphic designer and Illustrator by trade. He is a Leicester student, Still in the degree stage, but Darren is from Shrewsbury in Shropshire. Darren has a very cool style with stylish drawings and sketches created for magazines and newspapers. For more information about Darren Gate check out his portfolio at travel journal sketches a few drawings done while on the move this summer. Painting in Africa. This summer I went to Africa to paint some Murals on nursaries orphanages and summercamps. It was really good fun, once we got used to the heat. This is the first Mural at a local summer camp in Marrakech. Home sweet Home Take A Chance (Magazine Illustration) Series of Illustrations, for Sketchbook Magazine on finding art. The man who gave up Money (Editorial Piece) editorial illustration. I chosen article from the Guardian Environmental section april 2009. Title, The man who lives without money. Sketchbook. Word of mouth (Editorial piece) editorial piece for the idea of word of mouth. How information is spread between people locally. build you neck water house Studies of my Grandpa During the summer I did an number of illustrations of my Grandparents. They made great studies as I could really work on the exaggerated lines and angles. Emotive Emotive is a book competition held every year. The focus word this year is Emotive, E or Motive. I am focusing in on the motives of memories. relating this to where i have traveled so far in my life. remembering back to my home town and the memories I have taken away from it. Orchestra book cover design Brief: to create a coffee table book. entitled Orchestra, your design does not have to be the entire book, but can simply be the front and back cover. The book cover can be anything you want as long as it en-captures and aspect of the word Orchestra. Important points to remember would be that the cover is a wrap around. This is to say that the cover is ongoing all the way round, so your design must fit in with this. The dimensions of the book cover are 305 mm, by 255 mm.

Stylish Artworks by Dmitry Ligay

Browsing around Behance I bumped into Dmitry Ligay's work and loved it, his style is simply awesome! Dmitry, aka d-planshet is an graphic artist born is 1986 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. He studied architecture and today works as an illustrator for Russian agencies and particulars clients. He works with illustration, drawing and painting. Dmitry's style is pretty unique and contemporary. At his artworks his mixes elements that we are used to see around with with an interesting point of view. The lines, colors and characters are really eye catching, really inspiring.

Outstanding Scenery Drawings

Unlike the old days where every drawing was done on the paper with pencil or pen, this selection brings the best of digital drawing. Sceneries that only exist in imagination are brought to life with beautiful lines and colors. Check out this selection! City of the High Guardians | by Frank Hong Castle | by SnowSkadi Sunflower Tower | by Frank Hong Concept Matte | by Frank Hong Alien Landscape | by Wanski Cathedral | by molybdenumgp03 Cross Canyon | by MeckanicalMind Elven Town | by SnowSkadi Elven Town | by SnowSkadi Forest | by Sandfreak Gnomes | by SnowSkadi Hall | by SnowSkadi Hideout in paradise | by sketchboook Highway | by molybdenumgp03 Ice City Matte | by crahzz Morning | by SnowSkadi Old Town | by MeckanicalMind Rainbow Bridge Genso | by tokyogenso Secret Town | by molybdenumgp03 Sunglow | by lincochuan Swamp | by SnowSkadi Temple of the Sun | by fxEvo The Night Perspective | by Bryce Kho Tranquil Aztec Lagoon Temple | by Zen-Master Zabor | by SnowSkadi

Stylish Character Illustrations by Tuomas Ikonen

Tuomas Ikonen is an illustrator and artist from Finland with a Bachelor in Culture and Arts. He creates great illustrations with a retro felling to it and characters that make you laugh. Tuomas work has been exposured in quite a few galleries in Finland and now you have a chance to take a closer look into it. For more visit

Amazing Illustrations by Micah Lidberg

The work of Micah Lidberg is truly amazing, his illustrations are all based in drawings and ink work which makes it so original and so rich on details. His work is inspired by nature and nature reflects on each one of her pieces, making it an entertaining venture. About Micah Lidberg Hi there, I am Micah Lidberg. I grew up in the Middle West of America and since the mid 80's I really enjoyed it. I've since parted ways with the middle of the country - I’ve switched to the eastern beach. If for some reason I am not at the beach, you can probably find me in one of three cities - Kansas City, Minneapolis, or New York as these are my homes away from home. As for my work - I'm shaken up by nature - every bit of it. It's certainly a very deep and very wide thing. With nature, there's plenty of room to explore and plenty to share. It’s an entertaining venture. My interests include but are not limited to - drawing, friends, people, America, places outside of America, strangeness, and occasionally tea. TIME TRAVEL For NYLON Magazine — Graphite, Ink, Digital WELCOME For Nobrow / 2, The Jungle — Graphite & Digital Nobrow Press has created a stunning line of illustrated books. NOBROW / 2, is a collection of 28 different artists and designers exploring a wonderful theme - The Jungle. EONY Personal Project — Graphite, Ink, & Digital A pattern loosely based on my memories of peonies at my first house AND ON THE 8th DAY GOD CREATED DINOSAURS, BUT CALLED IT QUITS BEFORE LUNCH | WE ARE SPACEMEN FROM DIFFERENT PLANETS, RENDEZVOUSING ON THE MOON For Sing Statistics — Graphite, Ink, & Digital The incredible duo of Jez Burrows and Lizzy Stewart are responsible for the amazing project, We Are the Friction. Twelve illustrators were paired up with twelve writers. Each contributor composed an original work and then created an additional work based off their partner's first. A truly fascinating book. My illustrations adopted the names of the poems written by the amazing Roxanne Paris. FAULTY PLAN For Phish, Inc. & Red Light Management — Graphite & Digital One of a series of artist posters for an upcoming Phish album release TWO HEADED LAVA WORM DELIGHT For The Few Gallery — Graphite & Digital The Few Gallery is an online boutique offering a selection of prints from artists and designers from around the world. Ten percent of the proceeds are donated to a charitable cause. Two Headed Lava Worm Delight, depicts the annual migration of the mythical giant moa that feed on the two head lava worms that live only in the geothermal vents of the upper realm. Fantastic, right? KEATS SPEAKS For New York Times Sunday Magazine — Graphite & Digital Featured in the November 1st issue, the article dicusses whether or not John Keats really spoke the way he does in the movie, Bright Star TWO HEADED WORM & ONE-EYED SPACE SPIDER | FIBONACCI WORMS For Cut It Out, curated by Mike Perry — Cut Paper Cut it Out, a group show centered around cut paper artwork and objects, hosted by Open Space Gallery. FIRESTORM For W&N Classics — Graphite & Digital A pattern for the book jacket of The Shadow of the Wind. For Orion Publishers and Fallon UK. RENDLESHAM FOREST, 1980 | LATE NIGHT ROUNDS For Crafty Magazine — Graphite, Ink, & Digital Crafty Magazine is an online and print magazine featuring the work of artists, illustrators, and writers. I contributed to the second issue, The Visit. STAY GOLD | MISTER | NICE | DUDES Personal Project — Ink UNSEEN WORK For Computer Arts UK, Issue 162— Graphite & Digital The opening spread for an article examining the sketch book habits of myself and 6 other creatives SkineSkin Laser Etched Leather Personalized covers for your Moleskine® notebook or sketchbook HOUSE OF CARDS For NYLON Magazine — Graphite, Ink, & Digital An article featuring the opening of ACE Hotel's Manhatten location GHOST COMICS For Bare Bones Press — Graphite & Digital I was invited to create the typography for the cover of Ghost Comics - A Benefit Anthology for RS Eden. It is a stunning collection of comics with an amazing list of contributors. All the proceeds benefit Minneapolis substance abuse treatment facility, RS Eden. GOODNESS For — Graphite & Colored Pencils is raising awareness for the world water crisis. Goodness, was done for a benefit event held in Kansas City. 4 MATTERS For INKTHIS III — Ink & Digital INKTHIS III is a collaborative effort to create a typeface. Each artist and designer was assigned a character. My numeral is composed of the four states of matter - solids, liquids, gases, and plasma. TENDENCY TO WITHDRAW For Artism — Graphite &Digital Artism, Art for Autism is a collection of artwork aimed to bring awareness about and support for the autism community. Each artist was invited to create a work that would help educate the public about some of the specific aspects of autism. POSITRON, A ZINE For Mike Perry — Ink & Digital A sixteen page zine comissioned by Mike Perry. It's full of good-hearted weirdness. THE MIGRATION Personal Project — Graphite, Ink, & Digital ANGRY CLOUD Personal Project — Ink & Digital This is a drawing of a very angry cloud that is out of control. A fellow cloud is trying to impede his brother's destructive habits. The animals of the forest, air, and rivers have banded together to steal the deranged cloud's powers - lighting, hail, and rain. It is a tale of the rebalancing of natural order. The actual drawing is approximately eleven feet long. It was drawn with fine tip pens, and was about two months of drawing. MY FAVORITE THINGS Personal Project — Graphite & Digital My list of favorite things in 2007 looked something like this- thunder birds, UFO's, dinosaurs, jungles, crop circles, polyhedrons, string theory, tornadoes, and peacocks. YOU MELT MY SUBMARINE , A LOVE LETTER For Friends — Graphite & Hand Binding There are few things that are more satisfying than making or receiving a drawing - especially when it's of your favorite things. I asked twelve of my friends to give me lists of their twenty favorite things. I composed a drawing for each friend and compiled the drawings and the lists into a book. Everybody got a copy with the cover screenprinted in their favorite two colors.

Pencil versus Camera by Ben Heine

Ben Heine is a Belgian painter, illustrator, portraitist, caricaturist and photographer. He was born in Abidjan, Ivory Coast and currently live and work in Brussels. Ben also has created a really cool series of works that called Pencil vs Camera. I’ve been taking photos and drawing since almost 10 years. This « Pencil Vs Camera » series is nothing but the result of several years of graphic exploration and a logic consequence of my artistic evolution. But the real idea came by coincidence while I was watching television and writing a letter at the same time a few weeks ago. Reading my letter before putting it in the envelope, I saw in transparency the television behind the paper. I then realize it would be great to make something similar in a single image showing 2 different actions. - Ben Heine For more information visit Ben's Flickr Page or his website at Pencil vs Camera I took this photo in the "Palais des Beaux Arts" of Lille, France (I also made the drawing) This is a photo I took in Lille, France. I also made the rough sketch... This is the Atomium in Brussels, Belgium. I took this photo last Winter and edited it today A sculpture, a photo, a drawing and friendship, all in once! :D I took this photo in Belgium. I also drew the rough sketch. Yes I know, this one isn't really poetic, sorry. :) This is a view of Utrecht from the Dom Tower, which is the tallest church tower in the Netherlands, at 112.5 metres (368 feet) in height. I took the photo and drew the 2 sketches (I've lived 7 months in Utrecht). This is a view of the countryside in Braives, Belgium. I took the photo and drew the sketch (I wanted to make a very simplified composition on the paper to match the landscape). I took this photo near Brussels (I also made the sketch) This is a photo I took from Montmartre's hill in Paris, France. I also made the rough sketch. :D

Reader Tutorial: Cartoon Character in Photoshop

I have been thinking of doing a cartoon version of one of my favorite characters, Agatha Christies’ Detective Hercule Poirot, always portrayed as a strong willed and serious man. Doing such an intellectual and grumpy looking character in a cartoon fashion sounded like a funny idea to me. So I got my pencil and drew and colored it entirely on Photoshop CS3. Hercule Poirot is a fictional Belgian detective created by Agatha Christie. Along with Miss Marple, Poirot is one of Christie's most famous and long-lived characters, appearing in 33 novels and 51 short stories that were published between 1920 and 1975 and set in the same era. - Wikipedia Step 1 First off, I drew him walking on the streets of London, I chose that city because of the mysterious atmosphere that it has and all the history. So I drew him looking for our generic psychopath, who was just around the corner. Step 2 Then I separated all of the colors. I was going to build from dark colors to bright, setting from the beginning what would be the light sources in the painting. That would be his Oil Lighter, the moon and another unseen source of light, to light up the killer. Step 3 I began spreading “paint” so I could begin to study the way light would fill up Poirot’s face and clothing. Pay attention that before heading for “full bright oil lamp yellow” I used some strong, saturating orange. It’s creates a neat skin effect. Began as well as shading up a little, creating darker, purple areas around his face. Step 4 Here I defined a little more of his facial lightning. Step 5 Here I lighted up his hand, according to his two light sources, including the Moon. For the light, notice that I used blue instead of orange. Behind his ear you can notice it better. Also I created his suspicious looking eyes. Step 6 Play more with the moonlight both on his head and hand. Step 7 Now I begin to play with the rest of his body, shading his clothing. Step 8 The idea here is to refine the lights and shadows, the contrast is really important to create depth. Step 9 Now I added some light, this is the moonlight over the composition. Step 10 Here I intensified the coloring of the inner shadows of his jacket. Step 11 Let's work on the hat, refine the form, taking care to give the tridimensional feeling of the light from the lamp and the shadows it creates. Step 12 Now let's play with the Killer. Let's start by doing the same thing I did with Poirot, imagining a second oil lamp outside my frame, illuminating him. Here you can notice the layer of Orange I used before the yellow, in his hand. Also I did a quick sketch of how his shadow on the wall should look like. Step 13 Let's define his face better, I added his eyes and began building his coat lightning. Step 14 Here the rest of him is completely done, and now I can begin to turn my attention to the city. Step 15 I used a stone texture I found online and apply to the main wall. The stone bricks that make the wall’s limit were done by changing the type and intensity of my brush. I also lightened up the detail from the street sign. Step 16 Here I added the Street Name. Just for the lulz. Step 17 Here is an important part of any kind of artistic creation. Trying. Trying and failing are great ways of learning. I started trying to paint the floor. First I lightened it, knowing that the main light source would be the Lamp. Then I started trying to draw the stones in the ground. When I saw it was going to take an awful lot of time that wouldn’t pay off, as the floor was not looking the way I wanted, I attempted to put on a texture. I decided to leave it there and work on other parts for now, as the painting of the rest of the city. I liked that chimney very much. Step 18 After looking at Googled pictures of the Big Ben for a long time, and trying to place it in the city, I decided that it would look more realistic if it were smaller, appearing to be farther from our main characters, due to the moonlight. Step 19 I Added some big part of the rest of the city. Step 20 More detailing in the city. Step 21 Here, I created a little stars brush on Photoshop and used it to star up the sky. Also did some clouds, and the moon ring. Step 22 Here I finally defined the final shadows of the characters, as well as a better distorted and suited stone floor. Step 23 Here I did my best to light up the killer’s hair and mustache. I did this hole thing without a tablet pen, witch makes it a little difficult to draw details like hair. Finished Painting And finally here I got to detail a little bit of the Moon, and that’s it for Monsieur Poirot and his knife wielding killer. Hope you enjoyed this simple tutorial, and I hope it really can help you! About the Author Silas Chosen is an illustrator from São Paulo, Brazil. His favorite style of artworks is those with pencil and Photoshop. You can see more of his works at his DeviantArt page or follow his blog (only in portuguese) at

Stylish Drawings of Antonio João Santos (toinjoints)

As usual I was surfing the web looking for inspiration when I spotted a really stylish drawing when I was browsing DeviantArt. It was in the top 10 of that day's top digital arts page. The drawing was so cool that I had to look at the artist's gallery. It was simply amazing. Toinjoints has tons of drawing with unique style. In this post I'll show you some of them. For more information and artworks visit toinjoints on DA: As far as You take Us Suddenly Everything Has Change Mon Coeur S ouvre a ta Voix Scenic World It still shines Trying to reach Kika Let it Rain Leaving ...and the Moon Over There... That night The big Journey Lost angel The night He opened His Heart

The Amazing Work of Krista Huot

Krista Huot is a 28 years old very talented artist that lives in Montreal - Canada. She grew up in a small forestry area in northern British Columbia and there was when she started her drawings and also that was where she found some kind of mystical inspiration. Krista studied 2 years of fine arts and art history at Thompson Rivers University and after that went to Animation School at Capilano College where she says she found exactly what she wanted, which was something challenging, intense and focused on developing a solid foundation of technical skills. Krista already worked with illustration and digital paintings but she really loves working in acrylic on birch because they are solid, and acrylic dries quickly so she can build up many layers of colors. I found Krista's work during my researches for our Daily Inspiration post and I just fell in love by it. Her paintings are just stunning!! The colors, the lines, the expressions of the characters, the atmosphere of the scene... all that makes us feel we are in another dimension, a fairy tale maybe. :) As the quote from her myspace profile: Merrily, merrily, merrily, is but a dream. For more information about Krista Huot go to: Personal Website Flickr Let me say that I had a hard time picking the images to show here since I loved all of them... so I really wish you enjoy the ones we will feature here! ;)

Brilliant Time-Lapse Drawings

I have always loved drawing, a pencil, paper and time. Thats all you need. I find it pleasantly therapeutic, of late I haven't found time to do it as much as I would like. Recently I was looking over some of my older drawings I did, I recorded myself drawing then increased the speed. It has inspired me to dedicate more time to this sort of drawing. I love it and I would love to share it with you guys. Here are some my own drawings as well as some of my favorite drawings by other artists. The first two are mine, the rest are by some other artists I admire. I suggest watching HQ/HD where possible. I've recently set-up a twitter account, if you'd like to keep up with me and have a chat every now and again, here's my link. Youssef Sarhan's Twitter I hope you've enjoyed this article.

The Awesome Work of Illustrator Eduardo Francisco

For me, one of the greatest things about illustration is that one always gets to see fresh stuff. During a little visit to DeviantART some time ago, I found the work of Brazilian illustrator Eduardo Francisco. These are worth checking. EDUARDO FRANCISCO (28) is a Brazilian illustrator and author of comic books born in Sao Paulo, Brazil; he has worked professionally in this industry since he was 17 years old. He published his co-authored comic book series Victory, the first Brazilian copyrighted comic book totally produced in Brazil, with one of the largest publishers in the US. Check his work out. His got some awesome stuff! Hope you enjoy these. And please, drop him a visit! Cheers! ;)

Inspiration: Electric Manja

We've been featuring digital artist from all over the world and it's always very good to get to know talented designers and illustrators. Lionel Charpentier, a 24 years old french graphic artist, is a great example, he runs a website called where he showcases some beautiful images mixing photos, drawings and other elements. For more information visit: Also if you want to have your work featured on Abduzeedo, send an email to with the subject: Feature Work.

Super Cool Drawings by Mike Maihack

Since I was very little, one of the things I've always loved was drawing. When you start drawing you imagine things you woudn't normally. Space dragons, tea parties with rabbits, underground adventures and all those things you used to think as a kid. Mike Maihack is an artist from Florida and he draws some really cool cartoons. He's style is pretty sweet and he's running some projects such as the weekly webcomics called "Cow & Buffalo" and the Christian comics anthology called "Parable". He also draws another webcomic called "Cleopatra in Spaaaace!" which is pretty awesome. Anyways, for further information on his work, visit his portfolio and his blog. Hope you like it. Cheers! ;)

Beautiful Drawings by Fumi Mini Nakamura

Fumi Mini Nakamura is a 24 years old designer from Japan, who is currently living in New York. She received her BFA Fine Art Degree (concentration on drawing medium) in 2007 and has been doing illustrations and exhibitions around the world since then. Her drawing are really beautiful, and you should visit her portfolio for further works. I hope you like these. Cheers. ;)