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Incredible Drawings on Pencil by Ghostpatrol

While most of us spend our time drawing with pencils, Melborne, Australia based self-taught artist, Ghostpatrol spends his time drawing on them. And boy does he do it well! Check them out for yourself! Swing on over to his site for more amazing work and let me know what you think via twitter!

Plastic Cup Art and Sketches by Gustavo Vicentini

Gustavo Vicentini is product designer and illustrator from São Paulo, Brazil. Gustavo had this awesome idea of starting drawing on plastic cups in his free time at work, we love that idea and that's why we will share with you some of them as well as some sketches from his sketchbook, which are fantastic as well. For more information about Gustavo, we highly recommend that you check out his Web site at Sketchbook

Stylish Drawings by Ana Carolina Orlandin

Ana Carolina Orlandin is a very young visual design student from Xaxim, Brazil. She's been drawing since she was a little girl and her passion for art, design and all this world of imagination and creativity has growing along with her too as she starts to discover more and more things through her illustrations, which by the away, are awesome. I always try to express my wishes and they sort of get blended together with this imaginary world in my mind, which is a little bit crazy... some drawings are inspired by music, the psicodelic ones such as the ones from The Beatles psicodelic phase - Ana Carolina Orlandin For more information about Ana's work check out her Flickr page at there are more super call artoworks in there. Some Artworks Drift Conduction Stain Vice-versa History of the bogeyman and the ice cream monster Harvest Teddy Blue Deep Sleep Part of you Misc

Hip Hop Illustrated Portraits

If you a fan of hip hop and art, this is a really good mix. Illustrated by Michael Molloy, each portrait has it's own flavor with an awesome blend of colors and style. Check out if your favorite hip hop artist is on the mix. Click here for more from Michael Molloy Lil Wayne Talib Kweli Kanye West Mos Def Kid Cudi Eminem ?uest Love Cool Kids

Interesting Compositions by Markus Baier

Markus Baier is a 21 year old student of communication design at the Institute of Design in Hamburg. His work is quite unique mixing abstract elements with photos. Sometimes it reminds me of David Carson like the bUTTER bEI dE kITCHEN cookbook, however darker. I don't know how to explain but that is why we are featuring his work here on Abduzeedo. For more information about Markus visit his Web site at bUTTER bEI dE kITCHEN cookbook An extraodinary cookbook for ordinary people. Duration: 6 months. Size of one chapter: 1.40m x 0.20m .Size of all Chapters: 1.40m x 1.00m Needs I made five new illustrations which are dealing with the needs of human beings. The issues are OBSESSION, DESIGN, LOVE, PASSION and SIN. Original Size DIN A1, 300ppi, CMYK. Ambition Is Wicked Nike Football Never hide Blackout Handmade

Beautiful & Inspiring Artworks by Ben Heine

Ben Heine is a Belgian painter, illustrator, portraitist, caricaturist and photographer. His galleries are filled with great stuff and he can walk beautifully between several art directions, creating amazing pieces in any way he goes. Ben studied graphic arts - and worked as a graphic creator for 8 years - and sculpture and also has a degree in journalism. Besides all that he also speaks French, English and Dutch fluently, and some bits of Polish, Spanish and Russian. So don't worry about language issues when you decide to get in touch with him. ;) I really liked his work! The illustrations, digital paintings, photographs... everything is really inspiring. Some photos look like desktop wallpapers landscapes, the paintings are extremely creative and colorful...he simply has several kinds of work, to please multiple tastes. As I made only a brief selection from his work, I really recommend you to check out his flickr gallery or his DA page. Ben has tons of great artworks to show, so take your time and check them out. I hope you like the selection. Enjoy. :)

Beautiful Artworks by Carmelo Di Lorenzo

Carmelo Di Lorenzo is an art director, designer and illustrator, from São Paulo, Brazil. Carmelo worked with Adhemas Batistas, one of his greatest influences, a few years ago and now he is working as Senior Art Director at Wunderman. Also he decided to put more time into illustration and design. Most of his ideas are inspired by guys like Adhemas, Douglas Alves and old school animators from Disney. For more information check out Carmelo Di Lorenzo portfolio at Drawings Art Direction

Surrealist Drawings by Reality-must-die

I have been working on a few designs heavily inspired by the Surrealism, because of that I was looking for some references and visual artists that are influenced by this style as well. Then I stumbled upon Reality-must-die at DeviantArt. I couldn't get much information about him, I know he is from Germany, but I was totally mesmerized by his surrealistic drawings that I had to feature him here on Abduzeedo. For more information about Reality-must-die, visit his DeviantArt Profile or his website at (it's in German). but now, check out some of his amazing works. Never - ending Search with Bernard Dumaine melancholy leave me alone Hope... with Marcel Bakker silent escape scribbles... Relativity with Bernard Dumaine Near Death Experience with Bernard Dumaine Phobia Watershed with Bernard Dumaine Premonition of Apocalypse with Janelle Mckain Forsaken Paintings & Airbrushing

Incredible Pencil and Watercolor Drawings by Esra Roise

I've always been crazy about the careful combination of watercolor and pencil so you can only imagine my excitement when I came across Esra Roise. I can't get over how perfectly she uses light and shadow to fully model her figures. Her depiction of hair is exquisite, all while maintaining a very relaxed mood to her drawings. I recognized her work through some pieces she did for fashion and pop culture magazine, Nylon. Really awesome stuff. I'm Esra, a Norwegian freelance illustrator, living and working in Oslo, Norway. I started out with two years at Einar Granum School of Arts, and I am currently taking my bachelor degree in Visual Communications at the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo.

Beautiful Hand Drawn Websites

Illustrations are a nice way to give to your site a less formal style. With hand drawings, the style gets even less formal and also it gives to the site a super unique feel, allowing the designer to show off his/her skills. This type of element can be used for small details or even for the whole site layout. One thing is almost certainty, hand drawings will make your site looks more friendly, however it's very important to find the balance and make sure that they fit with the theme and subject of your site. In this post I will show you some beautiful hand drawn websites. They push the style close to the perfection, in my opinion, and I'd like you to pay attention to the usage, as I said, in some cases they use the hand drawings just for details, while in others, it's the whole site. I hope you like them

Awesome Drawings, Paintings & Graffiti from Mr. Ewokone

Yesterday I was putting together the Daily Inspiration #343 and some images (sent by our reader enrico305) really got my attention. The images were from and were just AWESOME! I liked them so much that I decided to get in touch with Mr Ewokone to ask further info about the site and also to say that we were interested in featuring their work here. So here is a small bio from the artist and a really cool selection from his work. EWOK ONE 5MH born in 1976 and currently resides and paints from his ultra lavish penthouse studio in Downtown Brooklyn, where he relocated to in 1996 (from upstate NY) to attend Pratt Institute, graduating 4 years later with a BFA in Traditional Animation. Today Ewok’s work is most recognized for its distinctly warped character style and colorful play on “fine art” that has been shamelessly mimicked by the commercial art world time and again over the last decade. His original works have been exhibited in galleries (and in the streets) around the U.S., Japan, Indonesia, Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico. These days he heavily incorporates collage element, gathered on his travels, which he uses in a symbolic manner in relation to his paintwork. I have to say that I just loved Ewok's work! His incredible colors combinations, lines, some exaggerated characters and the overall composition, everything just match, forming an awesome result! Based in all that I recommend you to visit Ewok's website and flickr to see much more cool stuff. And as for the selection, I'm sure you will also like it, so, enjoy!! :) Paper Canvas Letters Artworks at Flickr

Stylish Illustrations of Greeno

Minjae Lee, A.K.A Greno is a very young digital artist from South Korean. Despite his very young age, just 19 years old. Greno's work is mostly handrawn portraits with digital treatment some times. In my opinion he has a great skill and knowlegde about color combinations and an incredible style, mixing different types of elements. Unfortunately I haven't found much information about him, however I highly recommend that you visit his website at / or his deviantart Some Works

Amazing Drawings from Cataclysm-X

Nicolien Beerens, aka Cataclysm-X on deviantART, is a 21 years old self-taught artist from Netherlands. She likes all sort of arts: traditional art, digital art, poetry and writing! I found Nicolien's work at deviantART (while searching for some House Md. artworks) and loved it. Her drawings are amazing... full of details, personality, beautiful lines and realism. I liked them so much that I got in touch with Nicolien to know more about her and her work. So here is a small bio and some images for you guys. My name is Nicolien, a self-taught artist who was born in 1987 and raised in the Netherlands. Ever since I was young I like to create things. Although I've tried several styles of art, portraits have always been my favorite subjects to draw. Lately I absolutely love to portray the human face and forms with pencils only and capture that person's spirit on paper. It's amazing how much you can learn about someone by drawing and observing their facial features. In 2004 I joined DeviantArt where I learned -and still learn- a lot of new techniques to improve my pencil skills. The more experienced I became, the more techniques I developed myself. People got really interested in how I drew certain features of the human face, and so I started to write tutorials about how to draw and help anyone out who likes to get some help with drawing. One thing I've learned through the years is that you can achieve anything if you truly believe in yourself and enjoy doing the things that you love to do without hurting anyone else. (: I am grateful for being able to make people smile by showing the things I create. I hope you enjoy her drawings as much as I did! And don't forget to check out her deviantART profile and her exto gallery for further images and details about each artwork! Enjoy. :)

Super Cool Odosketch Drawings

I was introduced to Odosketch early this summer and whenever I had nothing to do, I'd go on it to draw and fool around. What's awesome about it is that when you're done sketching, you not only have the drawing but you also have a playback that recreates your drawing from a blank canvas using your exact strokes and techniques! For those of you unfamiliar... Odosketch is a flash drawing application created by Odopod, a digital agency in San Francisco. Create sketches, watch sketches replay, or simply view recent and our favorite featured illustrations. I can spend hours sitting there just watching people draw all day, so at least through Odosketch I don't have to be a creep about it and stare at the person, but instead I can watch the little playback of their creative process! It's also really awesome to get to know different drawing styles and techniques and how to do them! Anyway, here are a few examples of some drawings people did using the application. Don't forget to click on the drawing to see the playback! :D Let me know what you think via twitter or facebook and share your sketches with us in the comments!

The Beautiful and Creative Art of Jeffrey Thomas

Jeffrey Thomas, aka jeftoon01 at deviantART, is a very talented and creative character designer/story artist. His Twisted Princess and also The Witch Files series are really awesome. His style and creativity are really worth to check out! One of our readers, Leonardo Guimaraes, suggested Jeffrey's work for a post and he was totally right, his pieces are beautiful and creative. Jeffrey showed us a total different side of the Disney's Princess and I just loved their 'twisted side'. We will show here a seletion from Jeffrey's work and we highly recommend you to check out his deviantART page or his portfolio for further images! Enjoy... :) Twisted Princess The Witch Files Trinity Mr. and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch Sith Lord Ventress Red: BLOOD For the Fallen

Awesome Street Drawings by Jessie Douglas

I know I just posted about illustrations the other day, but lately I've unmasked this love for them that I never knew I had, so bear with me while I get it out of my system, folks! Today I bring you some really cool street drawings from UK artist, Jessie Douglas. From grass to grey my journey has brought me to Plymouth city where I found my work rebelling against my country upbringing and reflecting a growing interest in the grunge and grime of the urban environment. Everything I discover around me has potential... urban detritus, peeling paint and filthy concrete structures. I find the ugly and mundane to be beautiful, its character and stories inspiring. I love to see different artists rendering of the regular stuff we surround ourselves with everyday. It's an interesting perspective when you step back and take a look at the things around you with a fresh pair of eyes. Don't forget to check out Jessie's portfolio, and get back to me with feedback/suggestions on twitter or facebook! Illustrations Moleskine Drawings

The Abstract and Expressive Work of David Platt

We are always receiving suggestions pointing some great artists and their portfolios, and that is really nice because it gives us the chance to check out some really nice stuff to show here to you. Today we will show the abstract and expressive work of David Platt. David is an artist/designer based in New York who has been creating visual art since 1990. After receiving a BFA in Film & Television from NYU, David concentrated on the creation of digital art, design and animation, eventually forming his own design firm in 2001. When not focusing on his paintings David works as a designer under the name Martian Design. "In my paintings I attempt to reconcile opposites. I depict a psychological landscape where inner and outer space converge, where creation and destruction are indistinguishable and where micro organisms fuse to become macro organisms ad infinitum. Out of the abstract soup emerges corporeality in all its incarnations, whose forms and contours are undifferentiated, existing for a timeless instant before reintegration and death. I paint straight from my subconscious onto the canvas, in an attempt to tap into collective imagery and precognitive stimuli. In 2006, I hurt my arms and had to undergo surgery. During that time I developed the staccato line technique that would eventually become my signature style. At first, the use of line represented the injured nerve that ran the length of my arm, then the bandages that soon followed, then appendages, then individuated organisms, and finally, all things." David Platt Enjoy the images and check out David's portfolio for further pieces! :)