Spider-Man: Far From Home Fan Art Roundup

Let's gear up for the upcoming Spider-Man: Far from Home movie, the first Marvel movie after the summer giant blockbuster Avengers: Endgame. Starring Tom Holland, Samuel Jackson, Jake Gyllenhaal and more, I am pretty sure most of us are excited for what happens now ever since the Iron Man snap (*no spoiler alert!).

Pure Design Inspiration: A roundup Mohamed Chahin, Jacek Janiczak and more

A new Pure Design Inspiration is up! One burst of inspiration roundup! Following up from last week, I decided to take a dive but more into illustrations as I gathered a collection of different styles and going through a variety of color palettes as well. As always I have included interesting UI designs and animations to push our creativity for the next few days before hitting the Weekend. Hope you will appreciate!

Fresh from Dribbble: Introducing a new browsing navigation and more

Our friends from Dribbble have introduced some fresh features on their platform that we (us) designers dearly use every single day. They are exciting features! I especially love the new "shot categories" where you have a take at browsing design inspiration easier. I personally feel it's a big update from previous "browsing navigation" and there is definitely a small learning curve. The importance of secondary items are justifiable, it's definitely an improvement compared to other design "newly" updated platforms. Read the entire announcement here!

Pure Design Inspiration: A roundup Zoeyzz, Vitalii Khomenko and more

A new Pure Design Inspiration is up! One burst of inspiration roundup! Following up from last week, I decided to take a dive into user interfaces and pushing my addiction for illustrations. As always, everything is handpicked on Dribbble, Hope you will like it! Today we have illustrative covers by Zoeyzz, bank concept for mobile by Vitalii Khomenko, a 3D of a Route 66 Diner by Roman Klčo and more.

Game of Thrones: Finale Fan Art Collection

Earlier today, it was IT. The final episode of Game of Thrones aired tonight on HBO, the show has been running for over 8 years now. For those who don't know about GOT or has never watched a show (👋), it has been originally by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss. An adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire from the fantasy novels by author George R. R. Martin.

Pure Inspiration hand-picked from Dribbble by Robin Har, Fiasco and more

Let's get a mid-week burst of inspiration! Here we are with a new PURE INSPIRATION collection filled with amazing and hand-picked shots from Dribbble. What do we have today? A very cool animated poster by Fontfabric, an interesting approach of a task management UI for a mobile app by Fiasco, a lovely 2018 faves by Laura Dillema and more.

UI Inspiration: This week's picks from Dumnoi Ikechukwu, Arman and more

It's that time of the week for our collection of UI/UX designs to boost your UI inspiration. We are focusing on cool animations, layout designs, UX thinking and more. We are mixing it all from static, dynamic and even live prototypes, this might be a great weekly series to bookmark! This week, we are kicking it off with a Workout App screens designed by Dumnoi Ikechukwu and also a clean UI for Restaurant Finder App by Adam Sokołowski.

Congratulations to Dribbble for One Trillion Served

Woah our friends from Dribbble just hit one heck of a milestone, 1 Trillion Pixels Dribbbled! Congrats to the whole team and also to the community! It's crazy to think that the co-founders and launched the platform as a side-project. Over the course of the next few years, millions of shots were shared and now part of a daily inspiration for hundred and hundred of designers coming from all over the Globe. Again, congrats to everyone!

Let's celebrate the International Women's Day

Today is a celebration day! Because of the World Clock, some of you might be welcoming a new day as of now but we are still celebrating here! What are we celebrating? Well it's the International Women's Day! For those who don't know, it's a World gathering celebrating social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. We all know at least that one special woman who is strong, perseverant and at the same time being able to juggle the ups and downs of life whatever it is towards their careers or life choices.

UI Inspiration: Some more Fresh UI/UX Interactions

We had a pretty good response from last week's article about fresh UI/UX interactions. You guys are suggesting we should do this as a weekly thing? Let us know! We would love to get your insights! Let's go again with another collection of UI Inspiration that I've come across on via Dribbble. Happy Friday, let's keep the spark!

Mini Halloween Illustrations

Halloween is around the corner so I decided to collect some really cool dribble shots from halloween. These illustrations are in mini size but they are super cool. Check them out! by Nikita by MUTI

UI Inspiration: Material Design

Last month Google introduced their new visual language called Material Design releasing with it, a very detailed style guide. The new design language has the goal to "create a visual language that synthesizes classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science." After a month it's really cool to see designers experimenting with the new design on Dribbble.

Amazing Mini Postcards

Even thought I'm not a member of Dribbble, I still go there a lot to surf through inspiration and very cool shots all around. I noticed that a lot of people been sending shots of their city or state and it looks amazing, just like a mini postcard. Check it out.

Shots of Design Inspiration by Dribbble

Like everyone say "inspiration is everywhere" and latelly my favorite place to find really good inspiration is Dribbble. It brings in the new idea of little 400x300 pixel shots that are just too good to be truth. Little shots of inspiration can have so many qualities to look at, from shapes, colors, textures, typography, and tons of little details. Dribbble is show and tell for designers, developers and other creatives. Share sneak peeks of your work as “shots” — small screenshots of the designs and applications you’re working on.

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