Baugasm Everyday Poster Series

There is nothing more impressive than challenging yourself to create/make every single day. We are busy people with our lives, hobbies, etc and finding personal time to actually create needs lots of discipline and willingness to achieve. With those 365 days project, you have to commit for create 365 times, it’s not a small number.

A Movie Poster A Day

It’s been quite some time we last heard or seen any interesting 365 days project on Abduzeedo. We might think that designers and artists might go for a simpler route to do lettering, typography, motion or else. Some designers decided to go on another route, right to the core at making posters.

More Everydays by Beeple

On Abduzeedo, we totally dig the work of Beeple aka Mike Winkelmann where we've featured him several times in the past. His work is just so condemn stunning, there is no words to say how impressive to actually create a piece every single day from the beginning. Currently based in Wisconsin, USA and here's to Mike with his "Everydays" Project.

Everydays Project by Mike Winkelmann

Mike Winkelmann also runs by the name of Beeple, is a graphic designer from Appleton, Wisconsin in USA. Little bit about over a year ago, Mike started a personal project simply called: “everydays”. A new picture made from start to finish by Mike every single day. It’s a beautiful challenge that everybody should try. All Rights to Mike Winkelmann

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