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Mesmerizing Eyes Photography

Mesmerizing Eyes Photography

As someone once said, the eyes are the window to the soul. Eyes are definitely the most expressive body parts... you can tell so much about people just by looking at their eyes. You can say whether a person is sad or super happy. And by staring at those eyes, you might even discover some secrets. But humans are not the only ones with deep, expressive eyes. Animals too have mesmerizing eyes, which are beautiful and mysterious, like these below. These photographs were taken by some really talented people. You should really check their portfolios simply by clicking each image. They'll definitely appreciate it! I hope you enjoy these... and if you got your own photographs of eyes, please, share it with us! Cheers. ;) Cat Eye by Yuri Ivačković Christian Iris by Alx Murray Owls eye by Martien Janssen iris 2 by Jesse Inyoka by Hector McKay Self Portrait by Paul Jackson Eye of the lion by Sinu Nair Raw Vision by Ian West Elephant by Mike Kolesnikov Dorte's Eye by Roy Francis Eye by Kenny Alevxey Eyeflower by Roie Galitz Window to the Soul by Rula Zein-Iddin Eclipse by Vladimir Dostalek Eye of the Tokay by Paul Marcellini Dream ON........... by Sandeep Pallavi Eye of a tiger by Martien Janssen I can see you! by Maxim Piessen--mpke-- Shark Eye by Christian Loader

Logo Design: Eyes

We keep going through our weekly journey checking out great logos! We're thinking ahead and we want to find new topics, good ones, to share with you guys. Last week we had a great post about logos with guitars, and today it's all about logos with eyes! Every week we search through our beloved Logopond, but starting this week, we are also gonna search for logos on Dribbble, a great community for designers everywhere. Also, if you you'd like to suggest ideas for the next subjects, please, tell me by sending me sending me a tweet: @paulogabriel. Cheers! ;)

Video Inspiration: "In My Eyes - Pistol Youth"

Isaac Rentz - a great filmmaker from LA - just finished his latest musikvideo for the band Pistol Youth. He put the singer's face in clips from the old tv show "Golden Girls". Its an incredible musicvideo and it has already found a place in my list of favourite music videos of 2009. I asked Isaac Rentz to give us a some background information, so he send me a short description of how he came up with the idea and a picture from the videoshot. Watch more of his work on Pistol Youth - In My Eyes from pistolyouth on Vimeo. Isaac Rentz about "In My Eyes": When I was little I used to watch the golden girls with my mom after school. She would iron and I would pretend to do homework. This is a concept I've always wanted to try, and Bradley (the band's lead singer) was extremely receptive when I told him about it. It took a full day of shooting his face from every conceivable angle, and our tracking artist, David Torno worked on over 90 fx shots for two months to make it happen. I hope that when people see it either makes them really happy or really uncomfortable.