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Dreamy Fashion Photography by Guy Aroch

How absolutely gorgeous are these fashion/lifestyle photos shot by Guy Aroch in Venice for the Free People August catalog? I have never wanted to pick up and leave for Italy more than after seeing these. It's on my bucket list so I'll surely be getting around to it one of these days. In the meantime, I'll keep staring at this photoshoot and daydreaming. Speaking of bucket lists, what's on yours? Let me know on twitter!

Beautiful Illustrations by Marguerite Sauvage

Marguerite Sauvage's style is captivating and fun. As soon as I saw some of her new series "flower women" I knew I had to sort through her portfolio and put together a post for you guys. I love the black line drawings full of splashes of fun color. Here is what her bio has to say... Based in Paris, Marguerite Sauvage has worked since 2001 as an illustrator, art director and animator creating chic modern illustrations that capture the lifestyle of today's trendsetters. She quickly seduced titles such as Elle and rapidly exported her work overseas in various field in press and publishing. With illustration that is stylish yet accessible, she has been in demand with prominent advertising and corporate clients including PlayStation, Apple, Marshall Fields, Motorola or Orange. Her work has been published and exposed in a number of books on various topics relating to art and design. Everyday life is probably her biggest source of inspiration. "Happiness and anti-stress: I just want to make things prettier." Marguerite's animation work has touched on both series and character design as well as commercial animation applications such as short films, web and commercials.

Urban Outfitters Photography by Wai Lin Tse

Wai Lin Tse is a fashion designer based out of Barcelona who also specializes in photography. She's worked with Urban Outfitters on three separate occasions to shoot their lookbooks and she's also done work for apartamento magazine, all of which I am a huge fan of. You can also catch up with her on her portfolio or flickr and let me know what you think via twitter!

Beautiful Fashion Photography by Julia Galdo

Photographer Julia Galdo is a graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute. She boasts clients such as Nike Air Jordan, Microsoft, Sony Music, Nylon, Wells Fargo, Juxtapoz, and many others. I noticed her work when I saw a fantastic photograph with amazing use of color balance (see last photo) and I just had to find more of her work. Julia shoots fashion, editorial, and advertising as well as some pretty interesting personal projects. I found myself most draw to her fashion work, but that's just me. What do you think? Let me know in the comments or on twitter!

Stunning Fashion Editorials by Corrie Bond

'Wow' was definitely the first word that came to mind after spotting these beautiful editorials by UK-based photographer Corrie Bond. She's able to bring this feminine quality to her work which makes her beauty and fashion editorials go the extra mile. The lighting, imagery, and colors are absolutely perfect! She has worked with the likes of Marie Claire, InStyle, and the New York Times among others. Born in the UK, Corrie Bond studied and practised photography for 11 years working with some of the UK’s top photographers finessing her excellent technical lighting skills and a passion for photography before moving to Sydney in 2003. Check out more from Corrie and other artists here and let me know what you think via twitter!

Fashion & Beauty Photography by Lars Botten

Norwegian photographer Lars Botten's portfolio is captivating. The fashion editorials are right up my alley. Botten has worked with Cosmopolitan France, Marie Claire Italy, S Magazine, Yves Rocher, and Porsche among others. Head on over to Lars' portfolio for more and let me know what you think via twitter!

Inspiring Illustration by Raphael Vicenzi

Raphaël Vicenzi, aka mydeadpony is a self-taught illustrator that lives in Brussels, Belgium. His work was already featured at Computer Arts, Advanced Photoshop, Illusive2, Fashion Wonderland and others. His lines and style are very interesting and his pieces always have something to say, most of times towards fashion and beauty industry. Raphaël's illustrations are a mix of soft and delicate lines with some dark colors and strong outlines... and the result is pretty inspiring. I really liked Raphaël's work and style. His illustrations got my attention and I decided to show it here to you. Make sure to also check his website, Behance profile or his DA profile to see further of his work, for sure he has lots of pieces to show! now take your time and enjoy the images... :)

55 Inspiring Fashion Sketches & Illustrations

I simply love fashion and many things surrounding it, specially fashion sketches and illustrations! I really like browsing around looking for nice and inspiring fashion sketches. I think that fashion illustrations are extremely beautiful, elegant, delicate... they transmit a good vibe. I'm not sure why they enchant me this much, but I just can't get tired of fashion sketches. And this is exactly why I decided to put this selection together. All of the images I will show here I found at deviantART, so click at the images to go to the author's page. They have lots of great stuff to show. And in case you also like this kind of subject, let me know and I will write more about it! Enjoy. =)

Amazing Fashion Watercolor Illustrations by Kareem Iliya

Yesterday I went to a book store, and had a look at some great design and illustrations books. There, I found this great artist called Kareem Iliya, who makes some amazing fashion watercolor illustrations, pretty beautiful, so I just had to find her portfolio once I got home. Her portfolio is pretty amazing, and I just had to share her work with all of you. For more of her illustrations, you may visit her portfolio. I hope you enjoy these! Cheers. ;)

Hip Fashion Photography by Basilio Silva

I came across Basilio Silva's portfolio the other day and was instantly drawn to his super edgy style. His fashion work is a sublime mixture of bright colors and sharp angles that really leaves me wanting more. I found virtually no information about him except that he's based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Sometimes I wonder if artists remain elusive on purpose just to create this mystery about them and their work. Perhaps elusive isn't the best word...anonymous maybe? I think I really like not knowing anything about him and leaving the rest up to my imagination. Maybe it's best to just let the work do the talking. I think that's the true essence of being an artist--communicating and showing yourself through your work without this obscure necessity of words that we hold so much value on. Visual rather than verbal communication is what it's all about. Anyway, I'm being hypocritical right now by rambling on about this so I'm just gonna leave you with this collection of Basilio's work instead. Check out the rest here and, actually, I'd really like to hear your opinion on this whole elusive-artist thing (for lack of better word). Consider the topic officially open for debate. Tweet your take on it to me - @amlight.

Beautiful Photography by Leonard Gren

Last week we received a suggestion from one of our readers about Leonard Gren's beautiful fashion photography. And beautiful it is! I was going through his site last night and found other great non-fashion related photos that definitely deserved a mention as well! I think what I love the most about Leonard's work is that it's so clean, as in, not overally processed with textures and what have you. All I've been seeing lately is incredibly overdone photos so this is a nice break from all of that. Anyway, don't forget to check out his portfolio and let me know what you think via twitter or facebook!

Stunning Underwater Fashion Photography

Continuing my research about photography and its different formats I found some pretty nice underwater fashion photos that I would like to share here. I really like this technique because it shows the photographers talent and also the model capacity of standing still to provide the best close to the image. My modeling experience is nonexistent, but I believe that taking a photo underwater must be a hard task. :) Please check out further images, making of videos and techniques details at Mick Gleissner website ( You can also find several other photos, information and curiosity about this way of photographing at the following websites I've used to find some of these great work. So, check them out: As Mick Gleissner mention at his website: " Combine one man's passion for diving and photography with his fascination for fashion and beautiful women..." and you will have great underwater fashion photography.

Inspiration: Phillip Toledano

This is the Fashion project recently posted by Phillip Toledano on Behance Network, this is a must see, just like every other work from him, so don't waste any time and check this out! This is just one of his projects called 'FASHION'. For more of him visit and

Stylish Fashion Illustration Inspiration

When it comes to traditional art, one of the techniques that most come to our minds is watercolor. It is a great beautiful technique that come handy for digital illustrations: it just gets awesome!! Some artists out there have been doing some great stuff, and their inspiration are from many fields, like fashion! So check out these awesome works, and if you got any of your own, please, drop a link!! thanks. Bruno Fujii - Christian Ward - Margot Mace - Raphaël My Dead Pony - Sophie Varela - Stephane Tartelin - Stina Person - TORIL BÆKMARK 2005 - Yoshi Tajima -

Awesome Nature Inspiration

Trendinista brings us beautifully how nature influences our life. People may use it as reference to make/build near anything. In this case, the fashion world gets inspired by it. Nature has it all. Shapes, color, textures and whole other bunch of things that would inspire us. Cars, home appliances from all kind, clothes. It's a never ending source of ideas. But it may not last forever... so people, do you share in order to preserve our home planet. It is the only place you can live afteral. For the full article, please, visit Trendinista. I bet you'll like it very much! ;) Author: Paulo Antunes | If you want to write an article and have it published here send it via email to abduzeedo[at]