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Featured Studio: BOXeight Studios

About a month ago a friend of mine (Aaram Safai) had told me about this studio that he had gotten in contact with. He raved on and on about it. I immediately became interested. So he finally decided to tell me the name, BOXeight Studios... Now at this point my overly large ego kicked in. I mean I had never heard of it, so it obviously can’t be that important or big. With that mentality I acted like any idiot would and just blew it off. Aaram still kept raving on and on about it to me and finally convinced me to go out to one of their events. So I went online, looked them up and got the address. Hmmmm where was this place? Well this place was in the heart of Los Angeles, California. That didn’t really give them any points in my book. Especially since I had grown up in the San Fernando Valley my whole life and had watched movies like Training Day and thought that Los Angeles was just gang wars every second. So I finally got myself to go. I didn’t bring my camera or anything with me. Driving through this area gave me the chills. I had finally arrived and boy was I wrong. This place was unbelievable. I mean words can’t describe how I felt. This place is an artists dream. I felt a huge rush of creative inspiration as I walked in. So the night went on. All I thought to myself was “man I wish I had brought my camera”. My ego had disappeared as soon as I walked in. I could barely get myself to talk to ANYONE. I was the shy little kid now. Aaram then introduced me to a girl by the name of Crystal Lauderdale. Crystal has to be one of the coolest persons I have ever met. As the night went on, I ended up meeting Peter Eaton Gurnz and Dirk Mai. I had soon figured out what BOXeight really was about. It is a community of artists. Instantly it hit me that I wanted to be part of it. Peter Eaton Gurnz: Dirk Mai About a month passed after that. I was eager to do anything to become part of the community. However, school and working seemed to get in the way. Until last week, I hadn’t talked to Crystal. I just remember Aaram constantly saying how this happened and that happened and frankly I just really wanted to be part of that. I love art and I love photography so I mean I felt like this was the perfect home for me. But I digress. So I contact her and ask her if anything was happening with BOXeight this weekend. She tells me it’s fashion week. Wow was I stoked. Crystal got me a media pass and had me shoot for BOXeight. Words really can’t describe how I felt. It’s like a kid walking into a candy shop. So I go for Saturday and Sunday. I shot all day without even taking so much as a break. I went home exhausted and beat. The day still wasn’t over; I still have to process the photos. I ended up going to bed at around 6:30am on both days. However the weird part is that I really enjoyed it. I loved coming home completely dead tired without any strength because I know I was doing something I love. So in conclusion, thank you BOXeight and PROPRstyle for giving me this opportunity. And if there are any artists out there in the Los Angeles area, I highly recommend you check out BOXeight. If you want to see my pictures, go to LA Fashion Week by Cameron Rad