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Elegant Waves of Light by Maria Grønlund

Maria Grønlund has shared an elegant series titled: Waves of Light. This is a return to her insanely popular and game-changing project 'I speak fluid colors' she published back in 2013. Still in the atmosphere of a study in colors and Illustrator techniques based on Illustrator blends tweaked in Photoshop. The results are just as mesmerizing as she originally worked which is pretty upscaling.

Beautiful and Harmonious Fine Arts by Elicia Edijanto

Elicia Edijanto is an artist from Jakarta, Indonesia with some incredible work shared on her Behance profile. I love simple, black and white illustration and what Elicia's done here with drawings is exactly what I love. The subject and style of composition makes you think or imagining yourself in that situation. It is like the Limbo game, very similar style with most of the compositions having a central character, a child in eerie locations. Again, at least for me, the work takes me away in my imagination.

Fantastic Worlds by Jon Foster

Jon Foster is an illustrator, painter and fine artist from Rhode Island, NY. I came across his work while I was looking for some inspiration at Behance. In his Behance profile there was only one project called Fantastic Worlds with some truly fantastic pieces. For more information about Jon Foster visit his Behance profile at

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