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Create an Adventure Time Scene in Illustrator

Adventure Time has become one of most interesting and captivating animated series in the last 5 years. The stories and journeys of Finn and Jake are entertainment for both kids and adults, with a mix of nonsense, classic comedy and "fluffiness". Today we're going to make just a scene based on this show that I designed recently. I hope you guys enjoy it. This is an intermediary tutorial, so some people may find themselves a bit lost in some parts. I also advise you to use a tablet to make things easier. Sketch First I decided to do some studies for each character. I thought of a scene with the Ice King face as a background, Finn and Jake jumping and Beemo thrown in the air. So, I started with the most simple of them, Beemo is basically a portable video game console with a cute expression. He has a body similar to a classic Game Boy, it's a rectangle with a screen and buttons (and cute little arms and legs). The next one draw was Jake, he's a shape shifting dog with some really weird (but at the same time cute) eyes. Most of the time his body resembles an egg, it's like a ellipse with two big eyes. Finn is the main character of the show, he's a 14 years old boy with funny hat and a green backpack. Finn's body resembles me a round rectangle (almost a sausage, to be honest). And finally there's Ice King who is the original villain of the show, I decided to don't use him on his original size as I wanted a more epic layout, similar to a movie poster, so that's why I made a close up on his head. But his head elements are clearly simple, the eyes are ellipses and his beard and teeth are simple triangles. So, after I decided what was the best pose, I just put it all together to get a preview. Ice King So, let's open Adobe Illustrator and make perfectly squared canvas. Let's make some layers (command + L / ctrl + L) and divide them like this. Copy and paste the Ice King sketch (actually it's already on the illustrator file at the bottom of this tutorial). Here's the color palette I used for this big bud, there'' a descriptive of each area it should be used. Using the pen tool (P) I started tot trace the king's face. Them I duplicated it and reflected it to the other side. DId the same thing with the previous tool for the yellow part of the crowd. Here's a good trick to draw over: duplicate the sketch layer and put it over the others and use a lower opacity. I used the round rectangle tool to make the eyes and the eyebrows Access the pathfinder panel and choose the unite option to get the paths together. Later I just copied and flipped it to the other side. I made those wrinckles using the pen tool (P), then just duplicated and flipped them. Using the pen tool (P) I draw the thick nose. I used the previous tool to create the triangles of Ice King's crowd, then jus duplicated them. Later I made another triangle on the other half using a lighter color, then just duplicate it. I selected all the paths with the selection tool (V) and then accessed the pathfinder panel and choose the unite option to make all paths one. Using the ellipse tool (L) I created the mouth hole and the tongue. Then just added the appropriated fill colors. Using the pen tool (P) I draw these triangles to create the sharp teeth. Later I duplicate the mouth hole layer, sent it to front, select it and the teeth, then made a clipping mask (command + 7 / ctrl + 7). Then I selected all the paths and added a black stroke on it. You can see the configuration on the panel bellow. Finn Ok, now we can proceed to the next character. First select Finn's layer then paste the sketch (it's already on the .ai file at the bottom of the post). Here's the color palette used on Finn, he's a more detailed character. I liked the idea that Finn's body resemble a sausage, so using the round rectangle tool I made this shape and using the direct selection tool (A) I adjusted it to make his body. I suggest you to repeat the same trick we used with the Ice King sketch, it make things easier to preview. Using again the rounded rectangle tool I made the bear ears he have on his hat. Then using the ellipse tool (L) I did the hole for this face on the hat. Using the pencil tool (N) I draw the mouth of it and made the eyes and back pack with ellipse tool (L). I used the direct selection tool (A) to adjust a feel things here and there. Using the pen tool (P) I draw his pants following the sketch line. Again, it's time to select all the shapes I want to turn into one and use the Unite option at the pathfinder panel. I duplicated the body layer and sent it to front then made a special layer for his shirt and made a clipping mask over it, this will make sense further. Now let's just add color to the layers. I duplicated the back pack layer and made a lighter green path, then just made a clipping path with both. Using the ellipse tool (L) I made Finn's teeth, then duplicated the mouth layer and made a clipping mask (command + 7/ctrl+7). Later I added a tongue layer using the ellipse tool (L). I made the backpack stripes and arms using the pen tool (P). Here's what I was talking before: I made a clipping mask for the shirt then adjusted the mask. And here's another arm. Using the ellipse tool (L) I made the shorts hole. Then using the pen tool (P) I made both legs. Use the ellipse tool (L) to make the socks. Using the pencil tool (N) you can draw his shoes, they are pretty basic. Now select all Finn's layers nad choose a black stroke for it. Using the brush tool (B) create this part of the arm that was missing. That's it, let's move to Jake now Jake So, I pasted Jake's sketch on other layer. Jake got a short color palette as you can see. I used a round rectangle to create Jake's body, as he's almost oval. Now let's make it easier to see the sketch as we did on the previous illustration. I used the ellipse tool (L) to make the ears, nose and eyes. The same thing for his sort of cheeks. And sent it to back. Now draw the mouth using the pen tool (P). As you can see, I did the same procedure I used the pencil tool (N) to draw both legs and the arm. Them I selected the paths I wanted to unite using the pathfinder tool. You can see it below: Ok, no just select all paths and put a black outline on them. Using the pencil tool (N), draw his arm, his tail and the wrinckles on his leg and ear. Beemo Ok, so let's draw the cute Beemo. Ipasted the sketch but later I decided to do it a bit different. HIs color palette may seem a bit intricate, but it's quite simple. Using the pen tool (P), make his 3D squared body like this. Also do the same thing for the screen. Use the pencil tool (N) to design his little cute arms and legs. Use the ellipse tool (L) and the pencil tool (N) to draw his cute face, kust like this :) . Using a mix of the previous tools I created the buttons and letters on his body. Ok, let's add some color as the color palette. You can see on the screen-grabs bellow: Now using the selection tool (V) position Beemo in the middle of the scene. Using the brush tool (B), make this movement lines bellow him. And now we have the scene. Shading (Beemo) Ok guys, so the following it's actually necessary with your not used to practice shading on your drawings, but as you can see, this is pretty logic. The main light come from the center of Ice King's head, from there you can figure out how to do it by yourself, basically used the same methods and tool used before, so there should not be any difficulty besides time. Bellow is a how I organized my layers. I posted the screen-grabs so you could use as a guide, but please feel comfortable to do any change you may feel necessary. The best way to create the shades it's to use a gray fill and ue blending mode called Multiply, so in that way it will adapt to each color, that's it, good luck guys. Shading (Jake) Shading (Finn) Shading (Ice King) Conclusion Hope you guys had a nice time doing it and even though you didn't the whole tutorial, I still hope you learned some tricks and ideas from this exercise. See you next time. Download the Adobe Illustrator File Download the Adobe Illustrator file used for this tutorial