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30 Amazing Retro Posters and Flyers

This week I ran into some cool retro designs for posters, fliers and brochures. I thought I would share them for my next Retrography Post. I love the style and feel of this ‘old paper look’ they all kind of have. I keep seeing the coolest gig posters and club flyers with this style. There’s some awesome typography, some propaganda influences and some really cool colors! Enjoy! Retro style design has always been around. Yet it seems that in the last few years it really has jumped off quite a bit. There are tons off awesome typographics coming out now as well as really cool gig posters and fliers like in this post. If you have any retro designs that you'd like to share with Retrography please send them with your username to Adam the Velcro Suit Scott Hansen Jonathan Haggard Horacio Lorente About Author I'm Alec Schmidt - a graphic designer from the US. I have an obsession with type, color and creativity. I hope to share tons of cool stuff with you here at Abduzeedo! You can also find me on Twitter:@Anepic .

Beautiful Flyer Designs by Super Silo

In the last daily inspiration I featured a very beautiful image of a robot, it was from a Flyer designed by Martijn van Dam, AKA Super Silo, a very talented graphic designer from Amsterdam. I highly recommend that you check out his portfolio, it's very inspiring with lots of great Flyer and Poster designs. Hi! I'm Martijn, a 27 year old graphic designer at Momkai, an independent, interactive agency based in Amsterdam. Don't forget to check our Behance page as well. In my free time I like to make music related graphic designs and illustrations for flyers, posters and sleeves which can be found here. Super Silo is the alias I use for making artwork outside of my daytime job at Momkai. My real name is Martijn van Dam and I'm a 27 year old Dutch graphic designer living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. For more information visit his website at or his Behance page at