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Object Sans Typeface - A Geometric Font

It's Friday, happy Friday all. As a tradition to the good old days, I wanted to pay homage to fonts. More particularly to our series Friday Fresh Free Fonts, we used to publish every Friday, what we called the FFFF which were pretty popular back in the days.

Contemporary FH Ronaldson™ Font Display Family

It's been a little over a week since my last article, It's always a pleasure to write about things that we do enjoy featuring on abdz. As a comeback, I would like to feature the work of Fatih Hardal and his font display family titled: FH Ronaldson™ Display. It's a beautiful, stylish, and modern (to its small details) display font.

Cerebri Sans Pro™, a geometric-grotesk sans serif typeface

Continuing in the same atmosphere with fonts & typefaces, I stumbled across this lovely 'geometric-grotesk' (their naming) sans serif typeface named Cerebri Sans Pro™. At first glance, it's totally a font I would use of any of my 'interface design' projects, they have about 600+ per style and 20 styles. It's quite a lot and supported in more than 30+ languages. Designed by Hanken Design Co., a design shop based in Batangas City, Philippines.

Typography: Exploring the Soft World of 3d with Smooth Alphabet

Smooth Alphabet is a typography project created and shared by Jose Carlos on his Behance profile. As the title suggests, it's about it's all about a 36 letter alphabet done in 3D with very smooth forms. The most fascinating thing besides the typography design itself, is the fact that Jose created a letter per day. In addition to that, it wasn't the first time he challenged himself to achieve that feat, it's actually the 4th edition of this personal challenge.

Typography and Font Design: Biotif Typeface

Biotif Typeface is a typography project shared by Deni Anggara, on his Behance profile. It's a beautiful modern grotesque san serif font optimized for screens. BIOTIF is a modern Grotesque sans serif with a geometric typical characters, Inspired by Modern Style & Industrial Era Typographic and Graphic design, comes in 16 Fonts +Italic from Light to Black, BIOTIF is was manually hinted and optimized in small sizes for screens.

The Typography Work of Anthony James

Anthony James is a multidisciplinary designer currently based In Manchester, UK. His expertise comes from graphic design background, afterwards he decided to specialize into vector-based design and running his own Type Foundry initiative. Anybody who knows the work of Anthony knows that what he produce of the state of the art in Typography.

Awesome FTRT Typeface Design by George Strouzas

Behance is an amazing site for inspiration. We use it all the time and I have, in particular, used it for some type design research. I decided to finish the Abduzeedo font but we need some improvements and that's where Behance comes to save us and we will list the whole process starting with references. In this case the FTRT Typeface design by George Strouzas. The FTRT typeface is the result of a 3-month research and design.

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