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Soothing Forest Photography

You know when the daily pressures strike you and all that you want is some hours offline? Well, I think that being offline at home is one thing, but being offline in a forest in a whole different deal. Forest are indeed a soothing ambient, full of peace... eerie peace. You might be scared of being alone in a place like this, but no one would challenge you to say that forests, by itself, are not peaceful places. I'd really love to go camping someday in a forest like the ones below. These pictures were taken by some awesome photographers, and you should really check their work out for more great pictures, simply by clicking in each picture. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did. Cheers! ;) Rudolf Vlcek John Persson Chris Taleye Anton Raath Olli Malmivaara BlueRidgeKitties Ignacio Lizarraga David Irons Jr Ross Bilton sabrina_8639 Rudolf Vlcek Rudolf Vlcek Rudolf Vlcek Rudolf Vlcek Andrew Luyten