World Cup 2018 Illustrations: Félicitations les Bleus (France)

In case you have been outside this beautiful planet, today marked the day where France won the World Cup 2018 against the superb team of Croatia in Luzhniki Stadium, Russia. This is their second World Cup title since 1998, well Félicitations les Bleus! For the occasion, we are sharing the work of Yann Dalon who is an illustrator from Paris, France. We are honouring his work for the French Football Federation (FFF) the decoration of the Russian Hotel for the World Cup 2018 in the town of Istra, Russia.

Creative Paper Sculptures Works by Zim & Zou

Zim and Zou is a studio based in Nancy, France that primary works in paper sculptures installation, graphic design and illustration. Behind Zim and Zou, we have a team composed of Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann and together they provided a rich and yet very creative quality of works. We are pretty sure that you will recognize the choice of colours within their installations. All Rights to Zim and Zou

Soles of the Week Series by Romain Trystram

Romain Trystram is a freelance illustrator based in Paris, France. Romain is really good at illustrating and mixing bright colours merged into dark tones. Kind of reminding us the aspiring years of the 80s. He recently released the first chapter of his series “Soles of the Week” and it simply gorgeous to look at. Hope you will enjoy these. Sneakers, sneakers & sneakers again

Interview with Freak City

Freak City is a skillfull illustrator from Bordeaux, France borned in the mid 80's. With a great taste for punk rock and skateboard imagery, you probably already saw some of his illustrations thru the web. Today we're glad to receive this written interview with him, hope you guys enjoy it. You can see more from Freak City on the following links: Website Behance

Interview with Short

Davy Le Chevance aka. Short is a illustrator / graphic designer from Saint-Brieuc, France well known for his interesting and precisely crafted typography and characters. Today we're glad to receive this written interview with him, hope you guys enjoy it. You can see more from Short on the following links: Website Behance Facebook

Badass Vector Works by 123Klan

123Klan is a French graffiti crew now based in Montreal, Qc of Canada. Since 1994, 123Klan have worked and have been specializing in character illustration, branding, toy design, and touring the world one wall after another. Their client list includes big brands like Nike, Adidas, Lamborghini, Coca Cola, Stussy, Sony, Nasdaq to name a few. We are showcasing just a glimpse of their entire portfolio, check out their website for more. Find out more about the crew 123Klan and their pretty diverse works at

Famous Characters by Crabamoustache

Today I'm introducing to you some awesome cartoonish illustrations made by Arnauld Hilmarcher aka. Crabamoustache. Arnauld is a french illustrator and animator based in Paris with a really interesting and almost geometric retro style, check it out. You can see more artworks from our pal Arnauld at his DevianArt Gallery.

Awesome Collection Of Asterix Fan Art

Aterix and Obelix is probably the most well known french comic book ever, everyone already saw these two gauls friends somewhere as the series ranges from the famous comic books to videogames and even live action movies. As a kid I had part of my childhood filled with Asterix comics, so it's quite nostalgic to me to make this compilation, I hope you guys share the same feeling as me.. You can see more information about this outstanding characters at their Official Website.

Illustrative and Surreal Work of Takeshi

Emeric Trahand also known as Takeshi is a New York based art director and artist from Saint Etienne, France. Emeric's illustrative work is renowned for its surreal feel, the quality of its photomontages as well as the light treatments and colourful compositions.

Worldwide Photography #13: Toulouse

Worldwide Photography is a series of posts where every week we're going to show a city or location around the globe bringing the coolest photography samples of it. The photographs authors are all credited right above their pictures. Today feature: Toulouse. For the next week we're going to feature Kingston, Jamaica, so if you want to send your submissions for the next Worldwide Photography, please tweet the tag #wwphoto and the link of the photo(s) on twitter. I'll be wainting for your submissions :)

Geometric Illustrations by Guillaumit

Guillaumit is an illustrator, graphic designer and motion designer from France. His work combine geometric forms , rigid color scheme and and funny cartoons characters, trying to build an universe both ludic and meaningful. For more information about Guillaumit visit his Web site at

Awesome Illustrations by KOA

Cramm Olivier is a graphic designer and illustrator from France. After a long time of self-education he attended to graphic design school for 3 years and then school of communication. Cramm also worked in a french agency as Art Director, where he made 2D animations, web design, graphic design and other creative projects for over 5 years. For more information about KOA, Olivier's nickname, we highly recommend that you check out his Web site at

Graphic Design Work of Xavier Bourdil

Xavier Bourdil is a young graphic and web designer from Paris, France. After studying literature in Bordeaux he decided to changed the direction of his career and become a graphic designer.

Incredible and Creepy Photo Manipulations by Aja Jones

I was surfing on Behance when I found one incredible image of a monster. It was quite creepy but really well done, so I decided to check out the author's portfolio. Aja Jones is a digital artists from France with a incredible set of monsters and macabre creatures design. All of them are creative photo manipulations, mixed with paintings and illustration.

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