Freebie: Fashion Influencer UI Kit for Adobe XD

I have been playing more and more with Adobe XD, especially with their latest auto-animate feature. We will definitely release new tutorials about their killer new feature on ABDZ. By the meantime, we are sharing this free UI Kit by Zhenya Rynzhuk called: Fashion Influencer UI Kit for Adobe XD.

Introducing Form: a free wireframe kit from InVision

Our friends from InVision have launched two things recently! First of all, they are introducing a new design of their blog now called: Inside Design. They are also sharing a free wireframe kit, to celebrate their launch as well, how cool is that?! Introducing Form: a free wireframe kit from InVision, it's 190 templates ready-to-use for your next/current design project.

Freebie: A collection of mesh gradients by LS Graphics

Again, the awesome folks from Lstore Graphics have been pulling together another rad freebie that we would love to share on ABDZ. For those who don't know about Lstore Graphics, they are amazing at handcrafting goodies us designers with premium quality goods for presentations, mockups and so forth. Today they are sharing a collection of 100 free mesh gradients coming in formats like Sketch, AI (Adobe Illustrator), .eps, .jpg and .png. Check it out!

Web Design: Super Stylish Free Template

I remember when I started my design career in Brazil in the 90s and one of the biggest challenges, if not the biggest was to find good resources. There were imported magazines like HOW and catalogs we would request from Emigre, T-26 and FontFont. But for web design things were even more scarce. The internet changed everything and with that we now have access to a plethora of resources. In addition to that, everyone can become a creator.

Design Freebies: Icons and Website Templates

Once more comes that time to update your resources library and bookmarks with some of the hottest design items out there! Today we're featuring a lot of awesome icons and some great PSD website templates for your next project! These are really great items for you to choose from. These icons will go smoothly with most projects you'll design and these templates will get you started right on track. Don't forget to share this post with your fellow designers! I hope you enjoy this selection! Cheers. ;)

A Collection of Freebies from LS Graphics

We usually share freebies on Friday but how about today to kick-off the week! A beautiful collection coming from the folks over LS Graphics, it's packed with mockups, wireframe prototyping system, UI concepts and more. It's definitely worth a look and we can't never say no to freebies, please enjoy!

MNML: a Free iOS UI Kit for Sketch, PS and XD

I know it's not Friday yet but how about a freebie packed UI patterns, UI components, customizable illustrations, icons, symbols and more. On top of all that, it's a iOS UI Kit for Sketch, PS and XD. The mighty folks at UI8 Design just shared what they called: MNML just for us and let's not forget that is available for personal and commercial use. Definitely check it out and if you wanna skip some scrolling from the very end, click here to download your kit.

Design Freebies - Fonts, Mockups and Icons

It's time for that beloved time of the month when we bring to you some sweet design freebies! It's always great to keep your resources updated with awesome items, so that when you need one, you know where to go! Today we've got a selection of fonts, mockups and icons. We hope you enjoy these! Cheers. ;) Fonts Cartel Deux - Sharp Style

Free Phone Mockup for your next Presentation

Currently celebrating a long Weekend in Canada, for the occasion I wanted to share a cool free phone mockup by the folks from LStore Graphics; to start off the week right. I've always enjoyed the high level of design work they provide into their goods whatever it is free or for purchase. For this case, you are introduced to a super minimal mockup where you can really focus on the content instead on the phone details. Get it now and it's available for Sketch and Photoshop.

Design Freebies: Icons, UI Kits, Website Templates and more

Time to update your resource library with some amazing design freebies, fresh from the oven for you. Today we're sharing with you icons, UI Kits, fonts, PSD Website templates and Mockups! So hurry and grab these awesome assets for your next great project!

Free iPhone 7 Mockup

As many of you will start getting your hype on or even lining up for the launch in stores of the anticipated iPhone 7, well I remember back at the announcement day which was just a couple days ago. I remember thinking that is also the tradition (funny) to update our set of mockups with the latest and greatest mobile devices to follow the current trend of keeping things updated.

Design Resources: Mockups, Icons, Patterns and more

It's that time of the month to update our design resource libraries! We've selected from a nice range of freebies, going from mockups and branding kits to patterns and fonts. These are pretty dope items for you list, so we hope you make the best use of these! Enjoy! Cheers! ;)

Withings iOS Concept Design

It's Friday and we have a nice little freebie for you, it's a visual concept of the design of Withings and there's quite a lot to love in terms of design but the most important for me is the fact that it provides us with more resources for our arsenal. The work was created by Lorenzo Bocchi, from Sydney, Australia.

Free UI Kit: Relate by Invision

This week, our friends over at Invision are offering a free UI kit called: Relate for us to play around and mostly create prototypes and experiments. Offered in Sketch and Photoshop files, you can't really go wrong with this kit. I am seeing a great opportunity to dig it out and basically try a few things with the main features and experiment with what's currently out there in the industry in terms of interactions.

Design Resources: Brushes, Mobile UI Kits and More

Time to update your design resources library! From time to time we get to share with you some super neat items that will look amazing in your next project. From icons to mobile UI kits, here's a nice list that will get any designer inspired for a cool new job! I hope you enjoy our picks! Cheers! ;)

Design Freebies: Mockups, GUIs, Fonts and More

Time to update your design resource library! It's always good to keep it filled with all of the latest goods found around the web. We've searched for some good freebies for you. Here are some super cool items for you, including mockups, GUIs, UI Kits, Fonts, Icons, Textures and Backgrounds! There's a little something for everyone. I hope you enjoy our picks, and if you got any suggestions, don't forget to comment on Facebook. Cheers. ;)

Animated Photoshop Mockups

In the past couple of years we have seen an explosion of mockups to be used for presentations, from phone frames to posters and billboards. These assets really help designers to showcase their work in a more professional way, especially personal projects that might never see the really shippable version. I am a fan of mockups and I have been using them for quite a long time, usually static but it seems that animated version will become reality very soon.

Free Design Resources: PSD Templates, Icons and more

From time to time we search for some sweet design resources for you. It's always great to keep our resource libraries up to date, so here are some cool items you might find useful, like some beautiful icons, awesome fonts, amazing PSD templates and more! Also, if you got any links to share with us, leave a comment in our comments on Facebook. Cheers! ;)

Design Freebies Tips

Time to update your freebies library! We've come to find some sweet items for you, from fonts to web templates, we've got you covered with many great pieces for your next project. Gotta catch 'em all! Cheers. ;) Vectors T-Shirt Template Pack: PSD & Vector Files

Great Design Freebies Selection

It's always good to update our design library with good, useful items. For that, there are tons of awesome freebies out there, just waiting to be found! Here's a brief selection of some sweet items that you might use in your next project! Check out the selection we've made for you: 15 vector patterns

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