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Old School Game Cover Arts

Back in the day, the Master System, the Sega Genesis (a.k.a. Mega Drive), and the Super Nintendo would just make us over our heads... 16 and 32 bits were HOT stuff back then. Those bits would make us spend whole afternoons playing Mickey's Castle of Illusion, Desert Strike and many other games... and a great way to remember those days, is taking a look at game cover arts. While writing the Michael Jackson's Inpiration post, I ran into the old Moonwalker game cover art, and memories began to flow like crazy... then we connected the dots and just thought: why not posting about it? I'm totally in!! It was a wonderful experience searching for these covers and selecting cool ones. Today we get to see really amazing cover arts. Compared to the Genesis, Super Nintendo has 500% better graphics, but since Sega's console is even more old school, we're gonna stick just to it. For those of you who are older than 22, this post will probably lit that childhood sparkle once more. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I do. Cheers!

First International Trailer for Max Payne

It's been some time since I got this hyped in a morning. During my regular visits to First Showing (a must visit for all movie freaks), I ran into something I wasn't expecting: the 1st friggin' international trailer for the Max Payne movie. And I know the preview picture isn't from the movie, but from the game, but it's totally cool. I don't know if you guys realize who big this is. For those who were out to Venus for the past 8 years, Max Payne is a video game character, from a game called, uhn, Max Payne. It was out in 2001, and was absolutily STUNNING... It had the bullet time from Matrix, and still 2 years later, when the Enter the Matrix game was released, it wasn't as good as the original Max Payne. Max Payne is everything we expected ETM to be, and wasn't. And now, I also got to know that they are about to release friggin' Max Payne 3 for PC. Geeeez!!! Alright, I'm REALLY hyped. LOL. About the movie, Mark Wahlberg is playing our hero, and the trailer looks awesome. Well, check out the trailer already... [Javascript required to view Flash movie, please turn it on and refresh this page] Another thing I didn't know is that there were some other Max Payne movies release in Poland! I so wanna see those... unfortunately, there aren't any torrent files online... or at least I didn't find any. You can see below these other movies posters. Again, these are not the new movie posters. If you're not familiar with the Max Payne feel, I must say it reminds a lot Sin City comics... something noir, and still got all that bullet time kicking ass sweetness, pretty much as a Matrix movie. I must insist, if you've never played any of Max Payne's games before, YOU MUST PLAY THEM. It's totally awesome. :]

Awesome LEGOd Video Games

Yesterday we found about this 16 years old kid who made nice pics of old games in the real world, and it was quite funny. Today, following a potential series of game related posts, some cool pictures of "Legod Video Games". Ronn (or skinny coder), a dude from LA came up with the idea of building old games scenes with Lego, and the result is really something. Check these out! And we've also found a Flickr pool full of these... Hope you all like it. Cheers! :) Metal Gear (NES) Metal Gear (NES) Duck Hunt (NES) Duck Hunt (NES) Excitebike (NES) Bionic Commando (NES) Contra (NES) Mortal Kombat (Arcade) Castlevania (NES) Shadow of the Colossus (PS2)

Old Games in the Real World

Probably one of the greatest things about design is when someone comes up with a good idea do revive old, cool games. What about a Mario Kart race going on in highway somewhere, or maybe Donkey Kong throwing stuff at Mario and Luigi from a real skyscraper? It was a really awesome idea, the person who came up with these is a real genius. Does anyone knows who did it? If you do, drop a comment! Enjoy and cheers! Update: Thanks to our reader Oli Kenobi, we got to know the mastermind behind these pieces: Lee Vidal, aka RETROnoob. And we couldn't go that far to find such a creative artist... he's got a DeviantArt account, of course. I've updated all pictures to bigger versions. Enjoy! Update 2: Check out our new post - Awesome LEGOd Video Games! Street Fighter Mario Bros 3 Street Fighter Advance Wars Yoshi's Island Advance Wars Donkey Kong Excitebike Ice Climbers Mario Kart Outrun Yoshi's Island Advance Wars Mario Bros 3

Bucking Fuggy

When it comes to the web, everybody is pretty much used to flash. However there’s a new technology which allows us to play 3D games in our browsers with somewhat close to Playstation 2 graphic quality. Some weeks ago I met some guys that were developing a game using a 3D plugin called Virtools. They were willing to create a website to publish and promote the game. So I joined them helping to create the web site and a blog.I have to say, the game looks fantastic, much better than anything that I’ve seen in terms of web games. It’s called Bucking Fuggy (yeah the spelling is correct) and it’s a time trial racing game. The gameplay is a bit hard but with some practice you will feel very comfortable driving the little buggy. The textures and lights are amazing, the sound is really good, and the best thing is that it loads really fast.Check out some screenshots and if you want to play it just go to