Garbage Pail Kids

One of my most vivid childhood memories is about collection those awesome Garbage Pail Kids cards. The art was pretty funny, even though it was gross most of the time. It's always nice to remember those times. Here in Brazil, it was called "Gang do Lixo" meaning "Garbage Gang"... and it was amazingly found in lots of countries back then. The GPK was release in 1985 and was a big hit... it mocked the Cabbage Patch Kids, which was the cute version of GPK. Unfortunally, it is REALLY hard to find the card arts... I found some new art at Luis Diaz' site, one of the artists behind GPK, but the sites with the original series images got only low quality pieces. So, check these out! Hope you remember these. Cheers! Update: You may check cards from the original series (with names and all that) clicking here!! Update 2: For those wondering if is there a new series of cards, YES! THERE IS! Check out the official PDK site. ;)