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Drawings made on Starbuck's Sleeve

Loris Grillet is a graphic and web designer from Geneva, Switzerland. Last year he was in Japan learning japonese and used to stopped by Starbucks before going to classes and as he loves to draw he decided to start doing some drawings on Starbucks cup sleeves. We really liked that idea and that's why we are sharing some of the drawings here with you I had 10 weeks japanese classes in Fukuoka on Kyushu island, Japan. The morning, I often stopped by the Starbucks. At first, I tried to re-use my sleeves by bringing it back the next morning and some day I started to keep them and ask for a new one every day to draw on it. On my last day, I offered my small collection to the Starbucks' employees I spoke with every day. For more information about Loris, visit his Web site at