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Geological Photography - Twelve Apostles

So, are you super rich and you are trying to figure where to travel next? Your search is over. Here's a super awesome place to visit, take tons of cool pictures and appreciate the breathtaking scenario. It's the Twelve Apostles. These are rock formations in Victoria, Australia, about 190 kilometres south-west of Melbourne. It's amazing how the ocean has shaped these to the point where they're completely separated from the mounts there. If you happen to have your own pictures of this amazing spot, attach to your comment! Don't forget to visit each photographer for more great pictures! Cheers. ;) Chris Faithfull ka.hi brsfldmn roB_meL Gane Kumaraswamy Troy Hutchinson Skunkabilly Troy Hutchinson Jason Hilsdon YenTing Loo YenTing Loo Petter Sandell Steve Parish Anthony Grognuz ?????Radio Salahuddin Ahmad Dobbs77 goneforawander Lionel Brian Aslak

Geological Photography - Trolltunga

Ever wanted to play Superman and have the feeling you're flying? Well, in Trolltunga, a small rock formation in Norway, you just may accomplish your child's dream. These are some pictures of this amazing spot. Trolltunga, which means Troll's Tongue, is a cold-blooded only tourist spot which I would most definitely enjoy visiting, although I would be freaking out at the same time. Here you have some amazing pictures captured by great photographers. You may check their portfolios by clicking each picture. I hope you enjoy these, and if you got your own Trolltunga pics, attach it to your comment. Cheers! ;) t1ll Opplev Odda Hardanger t1ll Daniel Kearns t1ll Toni Brugués Torfinn Rosfjord Toffi_Fee Opplev Odda Hardanger t1ll Jay Patel Tustago Tormod Fauskrud

Geological Photography - Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon

Some geological formations in Earth are simply spectacular. The way our planet adjusts its continents creating breath-taking landscapes all around the world is simply fantastic, such as the Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon, in Iceland. Another place I'd love to visit. It seems to be somewhere in Middle Earth. The cool thing is that Iceland has many of landscapes such as this. Probably I'll be visiting this place sometime soon, since my wife (I got married on April 7th 2012) simply loves Iceland. It would be a perfect gift for her. Anyways, these where taken by some great photographers, and you should really check their portfolios out for more great pictures. I hope you enjoy these, and if you got your own pictures taken in this place, show us in the comments area! Cheers. ;) Guilhem DE COOMAN Abdulmajeed Al Juhani Kristján Unnar Kristjánsson Raymond Bosma Tómas Kristjánsson Sindri Þorsteinn V. Jónsson Andri Elfarsson Þorsteinn V. Jónsson Saemundur Valdimarsson Arnold van Wijk Marketa Kalvachova Joel Metlen Tony Prower Joel Metlen Zanthia Thorleifur Gunnar Gislason Hallgrimur Gudmundsson Tony Prower Guðjón Ottó Bjarnason Guðjón Ottó Bjarnason Hallgrimur Gudmundsson Guðjón Ottó Bjarnason Guðjón Ottó Bjarnason Arnold van Wijk Rebekah Saskia Waterman Lumenatic

Geological Photography: Meteora, Greece

There's some places in out planet that are truly magical and breathtaking. Meteora, in Thessaly, Greece, is one of those places. The geological formations plus the buildings you can find at the top of these formations are an amazing subject for photography. Meteora mountains are filled with monasteries in places that you may find difficult to figure how they're were built. It's a perfect scenario for beautiful photographies, like these below, taken by some fantastic photographers, which I really recommend you to visit. You may check their portfolios simply by clicking each image, so please, show them your love. I hope you enjoy these! Also, if you got suggestions for these posts, drop a word. Cheers! ;) Alexandros Maragos Stelios Ioannou Varvara Varda Geanina Alexandros Maragos Carlos Sanchez Alexander Pappas IngridaG photoloi Varvara Varda Sakis Dazanis Carlos Sanchez Tan Yilmaz Sean and Anne Edison-Albright zotosi Otterman56 kzappaster zotosi Iwo Wasilew - peperoni - Carlos Sanchez Thanassis Fournarakos Thanassis Fournarakos

Geological Photography: Bryce Canyon

Searching for nice geological formations I ran into the amazing Bryce Canyon, located in Utah. This place looks amazing, with lots of pointy formations, that greatly populate the area. It gotta be worth a visit. No only made of rocks, the forrest around it is the class touch needed, which make this Canyon look simply amazing. Have you ever been there? If so, we'd love to see your pictures. Also, these were taking by great photographers, which will most likely enjoy your visit! So don't forget to do it, simply by clicking each image, ok? I hope you enjoy these! Cheers! ;) Rüdiger Robinsegg Raffaele Nicolussi v1rotate Diego Alvarez Lao de jakke Robby Edwards Kristen Ortwerth-Jewell Moyan Brenn Moyan Brenn Paul Fundenburg Moyan Brenn Paul Fundenburg migraines2000 pegleg000 Josh Hirschi Gabrielle Holowacz Josh Hirschi Josh Hirschi Josh Hirschi JM Clark Photography just Mark Keith Draycott Alexey Trenikhin Daniel Oh Nancy Lehrer andy p m

Geological Photography: Antelope Canyon

Following our brief series of geological photography, today I present you a place bursting with colors and shapes. It's the Antelope Canyon, located in the Navajo Nation Parks, in Arizona. This place is surreal. What find most amazing about this rock formations is the amazing palette of natural colors seen during the day. Fulfilled with warm colors, it actually reaches shades of purple, which is unbelievable. The sun beans reaching the ground through the ceiling are definitely a great detail that years of (water) erosion have carved in stoned through out millions of years. This place is special and amazing for photographers, like the talented ones presented to you here. I really recommend you to visit their portfolio for more pictures! They'll appreciate it. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did. Cheers! ;) Dave77459 Elvin Michael L Peterson Shankar Iyer George Kaiser Mike.Trent John Fowler Dave Vessey Amitanjan Moyan Brenn Hadrien Moyan Brenn Koen Schepers Mike Cilliers Frank Kovalchek Koen Schepers n433dp Doug Pankaj Kulkarni Pankaj Kulkarni Elvin Mike Cilliers Doc Gibson Blake Mallery

Geological Photography - Zhangjiajie National Forest Park Mountains

This is stunning. In the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, in China, are found many huge quartz-sandstone pillars, which actually have inspired the creation of Avatar's Hallelujah Mountains. This place is truly magical, and worth the visit. Unfortunately, I guess there's not so much visiting points to check these mountains in the park, so you'll see many pictures that seem to be taken from the same angle, but you have to concentrate on what on focus in each picture. I tried to get the most different pictures among so many look-a-likes. I think I've managed to select really good ones, from really good photographers, which I really recommend you to visit. They'll appreciate your visit. I hope you enjoy these! Cheers! ;) Lao Wu Zei Jing Jing Jing Ajaxxxx Ardy Hadinata Kurniawan Ardy Hadinata Kurniawan Mary Bell Kristoffer Feng Wei Vincent Yang hk_traveller lacitadelle hk_traveller Nick Leonard Berend Puts Cecilia Zhang Judy Chen Tony Rocha milnikus Yves ANDRE Yves ANDRE Yves ANDRE Yves ANDRE Yves ANDRE Daniel Villoldo b80399 b80399 Daniel Villoldo Daniel Villoldo b80399 b80399 Daniel Villoldo

Geological Photography: Grand Canyon

One of these days I was watching on television an awesome show about geological matters, how gold was made and stuff, and I thought it would be interesting to make a quick search for geological wonders, and man, it was worth the idea. So, I imagined it would be great to post a series of fantastic places all around the planet that present amazing formations and other geological marvels. It probably won't be a weekly post, but it's definitely a good way to share with you great locations like our first subject: the Grand Canyon. We simply had to begin this in great style and proportions, so here you go. These were taken by some seriously good photographers, and I really recommend you to visit their pages simply by clicking each photo. If you got your own GC pics, post them in your comment, 'cause we'd love to see it. I hope you enjoy these! Cheers! ;) Cath Walker Romeo Heger Robert Stein Russ D Trevor Jolley Romain Venet Phillip L. Jones Derek Olson sausyn Janice and Nolan Braud Right Brain Photography Paul Fernandez Gleb Tarassenko Christopher Jarvis Moyan Brenn Jeff Dyck QQQQcon caleb_scott Bruno