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Stunning Girls Illustrations

I feel like it's been a really long time since we had a post with some illustrations of beautiful girls. I not being sexist or anything, but illustrations look so much better when there's a beautiful girl in it, don't you think? And all of these are great... the cute ones, the nerdy ones, the warriors ones... every single one of them got their share of awesomeness. I love these artists for making these pieces, seriously. I totally recommend you guys to visit their portfolio by clicking each image, 'cause you're gonna find much more great illustrations there. I really hope you enjoy these as much as I do... and you can bet I REALLY enjoy these (I'm kinda intense today). Cheers! ;) wakkawa Yasmine Putri Artgerm Adonihs Matteo De Longis BENQWEK Wen-Xi Chen Keron Grant Nekro Erik Jones Lokman Lam Lois van Baarle alex deadbear Matteo De Longis Anastasja Erlenda Irma Y Serge Birault Serge Birault Serge Birault Jana Schirmer

Great Girl Manipulations by Digital Artist Michael O.

Michael Oswald - short Michael O. - is a great digital artist from California. His skills brought him on the cover of Advanced Photoshop Magazine. We show you numerous of our favourite girl manipulations. Michael O. does professional redesigns of pictures. On his website he shows a before-after-preview of his manipulations. He is also available for digital photo editing. See a before-after-preview of photos he had retouched. visit Michael O. on Deviantart or his website

Beautiful Girls Illustrations by Brian Viveros

Yeah, I'm a big sucker for girls illustrations. Add some ingredients like blood, cigarettes and alcohol and you got yourself a real treat. That's what Brian M. Viveros' work is all about, and you must check these girls out. You gotta love these illustrations. It's all really well done... and of course, Brian is well known internationally for his work, and we couldn't just forget about this great artist. So, here are his girls... and of course, for more of his work, and if you'd like to buy prints, visit his portfolio at Hope you like 'em. Cheers! ;) El Carnivora Dirty Land III Evil Last Last Rites Fight Klub Head Butt Cheerz Bitch After Midnight New Blood Lazy Eye See You When Your Sleeping

Superb Illustrations by the Stuntkid

Jason Levesque, also know as the Stuntkid, is an awesome american illustrator and he's got an awesome style. He illustrates girls! Yes, tons of 'em... and all kinds. His trace is totally cool and I really love to look at these images. Most of them, if not all, are from a book he has published called "Girls are Pretty". Yes, Stuntkid, your girls are pretty! I'm totally making plans of buying this colorful book, which I bet, will be worth every cent. So here are the girls! I know you'll enjoy these. Cheers! ;)